Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Intermission: Hibiscus Love (3/5)

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Volume 3: Intermission – Hibiscus Love (3/5)

Felbi chased after Rishan and beat down four crooks along the way, proving just how strong he was as he safely sent the girl home.

“I’ll give you passing marks, I suppose,” Pale said.

Despite Pale’s harsh scoring, Felbi was still able to serve as Rishan’s guard for two years.

That much time had passed since Elrain Kingdom was returned to the Goblin King.

And after two years since Felbi’s meeting with Rishan…

In a breezy garden, where tables and chairs were lined up.

“Uncle Dordias!”

“Oh, if it isn’t Rishan.”

Elbert had an exceptional career as an official and was able to lock down the position of prime minister. His achievements had no equal, and from that, one could see just how much the Goblin King expected from his abilities. In 2 years he was able to lead his group of officials to become the central pillar of Elrain Kingdom.

Although there were factions opposing them as well, the ones ruling over the military affairs of Elrain Kingdom were the goblins. So long as the goblins, who have sworn absolute fealty to the king, were around, there was no room for thoughtless actions.

But the biggest reason why these factions could not grow bigger was because the policies implemented by Elbert benefited Elrain Kingdom and steadily brought it toward a good direction. The crooks prowling in the alleys grew less and less at the hands of the goblins and the guards.

Contrast to that, the officials found themselves with more and more work.

Despite the increase work, Dordias continued his routine of going to and fro the region. He was an indispensable person in bringing Elbert information of the situation of the region, who was cooped up inside his office working. But more than that, he was also a good friend of his.

It was the same for Elbert’s daughter, Rishan, who herself was acquainted with Dordias.

“I can’t believe you’re this big already.”

Dordias nodded with deep emotions as Rishan smiled like a flower blooming.

“I’ve gotten really good at the sword!”

“Ha ha ha. What a reliable lass you are!”

Dordias slapped his protruding stomach and laughed. He might look like a bandit, but he is actually a civil official.

Though Rishan would try to show off her biceps, in the two years that passed, the womanly parts of her body has grown by leaps and bounds. She was also wearing a lovely dress, so on this day, she was the very picture of a sweet young girl.

Only, on the legs beneath that dress of hers were many fine wounds unfit for the daughter of the prime minister. Yet her smile that bloomed like a flower was more than enough to compensate for that.

“Anyway, there was something I wanted to talk to you about, uncle.”

“Oh? What is it? You can talk about anything with me, you know?”

Rishan poured tea for her uncle as she confided in him. It was the kind of worry one would expect from a maiden in her youth. Unfortunately, Dordias was in the middle portion of his adulthood and was also a man. No one would think that he would be able to answer her questions.

It was simply more likely that he would find himself tongue-tied before this maiden.

But he was an official who has gone through countless adversities. So long as there was the slightest chance of being able to answer, his confidence would not waver.

Rishan was relying on him, who was an adult.

As an adult who was being relied upon, he had to give her an answer.

Dordias enjoyed the cup of tea he had been poured as he waited for Rishan to speak.

“Say, if I wanted to push down a gentleman? Would it be more effective to call him to the bedroom?”

Dordias spat out his tea, then proceeded to violently cough.

The unwavering confidence of a veteran official, the composure of an adult… In one fell swoop, all of that was blown away all the way to the other end of the world. That was how powerful that question was. The horizon known as common sense had already devoured whatever calmness Dordias had.

“P-Push down!?”

Dordias’ voice cracked as he leaned his body closer to hear her. He too had a daughter. She was still only 10, but she was very very cute. She was his daughter. Hearing such words come from a young girl just four years older than his own possessed so great a firepower that he could not help but forget everything as he asked that question.


The way Rishan made a firm fist in front of her chest was undoubtedly that of a lovely maiden.

If the prime minister, who was his close friend, were walking around donned in common sense. If that serious man were to hear such words coming out from his beloved daughter’s mouth, those words would surely be enough to break through three layers of common sense.

Those words that would instantly knock Elbert down were he to hear them came out so easily from Rishan’s lips as she nodded.

Before he knew it, Dordias, who was staring at Rishan, noticed that a bead of sweat had formed on his forehead. ‘Calm down, calm down,’ he told himself. He folded his arms to keep calm.

He was an official who has gone through countless adversities. Dordias who fought influential people that abused their powers matter-of-factly, who fought officials devoted to corruption, whose methods were as fierce as clashing and blocking swords… And yet, as of this moment, that brilliant mind of his had just gone blank.

Push down.

A young girl will… a man.

In the bedroom.

Those words echoed repeatedly within his spinning mind as if he were in a maze of some sort. So complex were the paths in this maze that one would need a hundred years just to find the exit.

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  1. After 2 years shouldn’t she be 16 and therefore six years older? Imagining a 14 year old girl saying that would make me lose all common sense too.

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