Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Intermission: Study Time

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Volume 3: Intermission – Study Time

Name Gi Za Zakuend
Race Goblin
Level 97
Class Shaman Subleader
Possessed Skills Magic Manipulation; Three-Verse Chant; Chant Cancel; Wind Guard; Wind Control; Guidance of the Goddess of Knowledge; Adherent of the King; Ether Transference (Previously Ether Movement)
Divine Protection God of Wind
Attributes Wind
Abnormal Status Possessed


The king is generous as expected.

I tried asking for a private room to aid my research, partially sarcastic, but to my surprise, he actually gave me one. Moreover, he gave me a tenth of the western capital. That being said, this might have been for the best, as we goblins do not actually know how to make use of the city.

For example, Gi Ga Rax’s imperial guards.

Their loyalty to the king is admirable, but aside from Gi Ga, the strongest of them are rare classes.

For goblins like that, who have been living in the forest their whole life, it won’t be easy adapting to the city.

Of course, they can at least wash themselves, but other than that, they are hopeless… They leave the blood of the beasts they eat on the ground, and they wait for the rain to wash it away, causing the stench within the city to accumulate, giving rise to unprecedented levels of repulsiveness.

It was such a repulsive smell that even that elf called Fei couldn’t help but make a face that look like he’d eaten a fly.

“What do you think?” He asked.

It’s funny to watch, but it’s a hassle to get involved. The expression on my face was probably the same as Fei’s.

“…They need to be taught,” I said.

Please stop looking at me with those eyes that says you’ve found a comrade. I don’t like elves.

“As one would expect of Lord Gi Za. What about that one?” Fei pointed toward the direction of the araneae demihumans.

They were diligently wrapping the buildings in their spider threads.

His highness has indeed left the security to them, but he has never told them to cover the buildings in their own threads.

Lord Nikea is a serious woman, but some of the araneae under her can sometimes be irresponsible depending on their mood.

If I recall correctly, that should be where the messenger of the Leon Heart Clan is staying at.

“Do they… Eat buildings?” I asked, partly in sarcasm since they were originally supposed to be under him.

Fei replied without the slightest hint of timidity. “Lord Shure prefers to leave them to their own devices. It is actually quite troublesome.”

‘That’s your master you’re talking about there!’ I wanted to interject, but I swallowed those words and turned to the elves instead. They were currently bulldozing buildings via the minotaurs and growing trees in their place.

“Hey,” I called out.

“Yes?” Fei replied.

“What are they doing?”

If they want to grow trees, they should do it outside. We’ve finally acquired a human city after so much effort. What’s its point if we don’t make use of it?

“They are growing trees,” Fei said matter-of-factly. “Apparently, they were having difficulties getting sunlight.”

This one’s also a problem…

“Well, it is a city built by humans. We need to modify it, so that it can be easier for us to use,” he added.

Fei hummed as he watched the elves work.

“You elves don’t consider growing trees to be your raison d’etre, do you?” I asked.

“Raison d’etre doesn’t sound very good. I’d prefer you refer to it as our noble duty. Besides, the bigger the forests, the less room there is for humans to live in. The beasts will also increase, and your kind will find it easier to fight. Yes?”

That certainly sounds appealing, but it sounds fishy.

“Since when did you start thinking like that?”

“About 80 years ago. Anyway, I believe we should change this area into a wonderful forest as soon as possible.”

This elf’s frame of time is all over the place.

As I thought, I really don’t like elves.

After leaving Fei, as I was walking on my way, I noticed, from the corner of my eye, that the king’s beast was rubbing herself on a building.

“What in the world are you doing?” I asked her.

This is something I learned of just recently, but apparently, this big wolf can understand what people say.

“Can’t let the bad bugs near dad!”

In other words, it’s that. She’s marking her territory. I don’t understand it very well, but it seems, they have some sort of hierarchy they adhere to.

That being said, she doesn’t really need to worry about other wolves. The only wolf who’d try to approach his majesty is her, after all.

“I see, do your best.”

“You bet!”

The gray wolf, that his majesty calls ‘Cynthia’, walked away with an air of composure.


Within the territory I was given was a place I could call my private room. It was fairly big and the piled up wooden boxes were useful for storing things. I could even change their height by moving them around. It was truly novel. We didn’t have such things back in the forest, so I had to ask Yoshu what it was called, and as it turns out, the humans call such places ‘storehouse’.

Humans sure come up with interesting things.

“Gi Za, are you in?”

While I was caught up reading the book I got from that old elf, Falun, I heard his highness call for me.

Apparently, he’d gone out of his way to personally visit me. Good grief, he could have just had someone call for me if he needed something. Well, he is an honest man, I suppose.

“Yes?” I greeted.

“Are you busy?” He asked.

The king tilted his head in puzzlement as he gazed into my room.

In response, I showed him the book in my hands and shrugged my shoulders.

“Reading, I see. My apologies.”

“It’s fine. Did you need something?”

“Yes, actually…”

For some reason, the king did not have that usual powerful aura about him. Even that chest of his that appears so big whenever he faced his enemies seemed so small. That ever confident smile of his was also missing. It was as if he was troubled by something and hadn’t the slightest bit of strength. He was frowning and seemed to be troubled. Even his tail was swaying all over the place.

What’s wrong, Your Majesty!?


His words were weak and powerless.

What in the world happened? Just where did my resolute king go!?

Is he sick? Could he have caught some sort of sickness that weakens one’s resolve? Gastair might have some medicine… No, maybe I should check with Kuzan first!?

“…I would like you to teach me.” The king said in a very thin voice.

I was taken aback for a moment, but soon afterwards, I nodded.

Apparently, the king wanted to learn how to read.

If that’s all he wanted, he should have just said so! Because of all that fidgeting of his, I ended up worrying about all sort of things.

“Yes, but it seems that I just can’t learn it…” The king said with a troubled face.

For the meantime, I decided to start with the basics.

“I see…”

Seeing his highness memorize all the basic characters in half a day left me with no other thoughts than ‘As expected of the king.’

“As expected, your memory is far and above the norm.”

“My teacher just happens to be good, that’s all.”

Hmm… Teacher, huh? That’s not bad!

Unfortunately, while I was feeling elated, someone just had to show up and rain on my parade. Of course, it was none other than that unlikeable elf, Fei, who came with a bundle of documents.

“Oh? What are you doing?” He asked.

“…It has nothing to do with you,” I sourly said.

“I’m learning how to read,” the Goblin King said.

Fei’s eyes opened wide as he left the bundle of documents on the desk.

“I see…”

The way he looked alternatingly between me and the king was just like that of a predator.

I need to get rid of this elf.

“It seems you’ve already grasped the basics,” Fei suddenly said. “In that case, you should start studying how to use them. In other words, literature. I think this subject might be a tad too difficult for Lord Gi Za, however.”

“…Bastard,” I snapped. “I’ve always wanted to settle scores with you. Let’s do it! You and me! Now!”

Get out, you blasted elf! Unconsciously, I called upon the power of the wind. For some reason, the wind spirits seemed to be cheering me on.

“Well, well, aren’t we quite gutsy? To think you’d actually challenge an elf to a contest of magic!” As Fei smiled, wind ether also started to gather around him.

“Enough! We’re taking a break! A break!” The king yelled.

As a result, we ended up putting off our duel for another day.

Still… That bastard, Fei.

Just you watch! One day I’ll break that nose of yours! I swear!

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    1. I dont see it that way. The King has desided to be a king after all. The fact that he was going to learn somthing so basic in running a kingdom as reading was expexted.

  1. So he’s have the Aranae District, the human district, the Elven District, etc, Also Yellow will be more then willing to give his precious daughter to be his Darkness’s Bed Warmer. Because concubines were invented for a reason 🙂

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