Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 268 – The Unexplored Lands of the West (1/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 268 – The Unexplored Lands of the West (1/3)

In the absence of the Goblin King, it was Pale Symphoria who managed both the government and the military of The City Where the King Sits(Revea Su). She wasn’t only the tactician of Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena Kingdom), she also participated in the internal affairs of the kingdom as the king’s aide.

The way Pale saw it, the conditions needed to conquer the continent have already been fulfilled. A powerful nation ruled by a decisive and courageous king controlled half of the continent. What’s more that very nation was supported by loyal and easily replaceable soldiers. If things were to go smoothly, the continent might just offer itself to Alrodena.

If tactics was the pursuit of efficiency in the killing of enemies and allies alike on the battlefield, then strategy was the pursuit of making the battlefield as advantageous to one’s side as possible before the battle begins; hence, strategically speaking, Arlodena held an overwhelming advantage over the world.

But while Pale might be one of the best tacticians in the continent, in terms of strategy, there were two others ahead of her. The tactician of the Red King, Carlion Quinn Kirks, and Blanche Ririnoie the War Princess of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom.

In the battle for hegemony in the vast south, Carlion’s vast perspective allowed him to weave strategies that ascertained victory even before battles were fought, while the Conqueror of the Plains, the War Princess of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom, weaved truth and lies to outwit her opponents and swing the advantage to her favor with such degree that victory was essentially secured. Both styles were genius, not something that others could imitate, but it was precisely because Pale knew that she was inferior to them that she decided to take on a stable approach.

She would ensure that her generals were able to perform to their full potential by always keeping them supplied. At the same time, she would also continue sending soldiers to the front lines to ensure that they would always be stronger than their enemies. That was Pale’s idea of a stable approach.

In other words, the empowerment of national power and the enrichment of military strength.

The improvement of the economy led by the humans and the long-term urban construction plans led by the elves were prime examples of that. The promotion of agricultural policies to cope with the growing population was also worth mentioning. Originally, the goblins were a minority, but their population has been steadily increasing, and now, the momentum of their population growth was beginning to rival even that of the humans.

That is in spite of their numbers continuously being reduced due to the war and other harsh trials. The goblins considered meat to be above all, but they were capable of eating other food as well, such as bread. Gi Go Amatsuki the Sword King and the Goblin King himself are proof of that.

The main forces were still fighting in the east, but the regions from the center of the continent to the west were already beginning to calm down. Once the situation fully calms down and peace is restored, the human population will once again begin to climb.

The reforms led by Yoshu Fagarmia, Governor-General of the Western Capital, and Elbert Noen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Elrain, made it a requirement for family registers to be entered into the books of the tax collectors.

But frankly, no statistics were needed to know that the population of the prosperous western city was growing at a rapid pace.

As the population increased, so did the wheels of economy spin quicker, and taxes increased, and the national power grew. At this rate the previously unreachable southern barbarian lands and unexplored areas in the south will finally be within reach and even developing them won’t be impossible anymore.

The development of new mines and the discovery and conquest of dungeons were key to the prosperity of Arlodena, and the enhancement of its national power. On the government’s side, the shortage of civilian officials like Yoshu has finally calmed down, while on the military’s side, Pale was working to raise more human resources to further empower the four goblin generals.

By taking into account the specialties and aptitude of each general, she designed the army in such a way that they would be able to maximize their power under the leadership of the king. These specialties include mobility, offense, reckless bravery, and interracial harmony. The Bow and Arrow Army(Fanzel), which did not join the Eastern Expedition, was of course given some other role.

Regardless, Pale demanded even more from the army of the generals. First, she demanded that they be flexible enough to be able to conquer a country on their own. Second, she demanded that they expand their vision so that they may be able to rule as well. So far, it was Gi Gu Verbena’s Axe and Sword Army(Felduk) that has retained that flexibility, while it was Gi Ga Rax Tiger and Spear Army(Aransain) who was able to meet her second requirement.

For now, her goal was to have them take charge of one area and equip them with enough potential generals to devour a minor nation. To that end, she would give them enough authority, and even if they fail, she could consider supplementing their losses. Just the fact that Alrodena could consider even that was proof that their national power has already far exceeded that of other nations.

After checking the movements of the army on all fronts, she took a breath, and then sipped her tea, her willow brows knitted into a frown.

“…It’s gone cold.”

To a former adventurer such as herself, this sort of black tea was a luxury. It is said that the War Princess, who herself was a great noble, also loved tea, but while Blanche Ririnoie sought the finest tea leaves, Pale was not as picky. She wouldn’t mind even cold tea, she would down it all the same.

As her gaze fell on the documents again, the situation in the eastern countries unfolded before her.

“The Holy Kingdom Alsas has shown movements to support the minor nations. Hmm…”

The document included the identities of the leaders and the movements of their forces. It was compiled by Sophia, and was based off the information gathered by the Flight to Freedom(Elks) and the merchants affiliated with them.

When she recalled how she explained to the Goblin King that Alsas was an ‘old power’ that has been maintaining its monarchy for over 400 years, she became a little bitter. Alsas did not try to rule over its neighbors like the Holy Shushunu Kingdom. It didn’t even try to dominate in economy, choosing to leave that to the Oceanic Kingdom Yarma, and even its military was just the bare minimum it needed to defend its territories.

Reports had it that they’ve been resting on their laurels because of their stable diplomatic situation, so the kingdom was rife with internal conflicts, but for some reason, they were able to move quickly.

“…The Reformists, the Timur Faction?”

The people petitioning the king to support the minor nations were factions made up of mostly young nobles. Behind them could be glimpsed traces of the ‘church’. The congregation that worship the Ancestor God that Birthed Nations, Ativ, was unified because of their roots in the east, which is said to be the birthplace of humanity, and it was the church, the largest religious organization in the east that consolidated them.

The existence of the church, which continues to maintain its influence by spreading myths, is the reason Pale called Alsas an old power.

“There’s no such thing as a theocracy, not even in Alsanzark.”

The Holy Kingdom Alsas was able to maintain its legitimacy in some respects because the king also held religious authority through the church. Theirs was a religion that claimed humans to be above all. Naturally, as an elf, Pale was not happy with that.

“…I’ll have to deal with them sooner or later.”

If there are factions in favor, then there must also be factions against; hence, she would begin by ascertaining those factions. After acknowledging the instructions she prepared for Sophia, she took a glance at the situation in the neighboring country of Yarma.

Founded in the easternmost part of the continent, Yarma thrived on trade with distant maritime nations. This was a trading nation that gained wealth by connecting the continent to the archipelago. But that wasn’t all, it was also a major power with interests through maritime trade with the minor nations along the coast.

However, the source of its power was not the continent, but the maritime trade, and that was what made it troublesome.

That trade network naturally extended to the Holy Kingdom of Alsas too.

“If we can exhaust them before the battle begins, no one will be able to stand against this.”

As Pale instructed the merchants affiliated with them through Yoshu to expand their business to Yarma, her cold gaze turned to the minor nations. As of yet, only the western group of the minor nations have been invaded by Alrodena, but the effects were steadily becoming apparent.

As though it were the Goddess of Destiny herself pulling the strings, Pale spun her schemes around the remaining countries in the continent.

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