Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 269 – Chance Meeting With a Dragon (Ryuu) (1/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 269 – Chance Meeting With a Dragon (Ryuu) (1/3)

While the Holy Kingdom of Alsas was in chaos, the Kingdom of the Black Sun (Alrodena) has been making great strides toward its dominion over the continent. The one who made that possible was the Baron Class goblin, Gi Ga Rax, who upon regaining his rate of advance, succeeded in dramatically accelerating the advance of the Eastern Expedition. The Tiger and Spear Army(Aransain) struggled against the enemy because of their formation and their fortresses, but with the cooperation of the new staff, they were able to speed up their conquest so much seemed as though their earlier struggle was but a lie.

Coincidentally, the turning point in their way of thinking was Gi Gu Verbena’s steady advance. Gi Gu’s advance with his Axe and Sword Army(Felduk) and his flexible tactics was even faster than Aransain.

Already, three countries and fifteen fortresses have fallen to their army.

The reason they were able to make so much progress was not only because their army was the biggest among the goblins, but also because everyone in his army fulfilled their role.

For example, the army of Gu Long was responsible for throwing stones and fighting with swords. In a similar vein, Gu Big’s army was in charge of spears, while Gu Tough’s army fought alongside the battle slaves. In so doing, they were able to bring to life something akin to a small Alrodena army.

Among their forces were also combat engineers that could use the siege weapons. That’s why Felduk was capable of breaking through any situation.

The reason the inherently clumsy goblins could use something as complicated as siege weapons was largely in part because of the battle slaves, though of course, experience was a problem. The storm of Felduk once raged in the south and in Germion. The battle slaves were sourced from those who fought against them during their battles, but Gi Gu still showed them some compassion, es small as it may be.

“You have fallen into slavery and are now no more than battle slaves, but if you can survive three battles, you will be able to use the siege weapons.”

Even Gi Gu could not be stubborn about it despite being a goblin supremacist.

The goblins might dominate the continent, but they still had things they were suited or unsuited for. And it was precisely because he could be this flexible that the Goblin King entrusted him with the position of general.

Though the major powers might still prove a match, the minor powers could no longer stop Felduk’s march. And the more he fought and won, the more polished his tactics became, and the number of battle slaves that survived increased.

To risk their lives in the battlefield is the very pride of the goblins. But Gi Gu still wished to minimize needless casualties.

With his unparalleled leadership, Felduk was on the verge of becoming an indispensable and powerful existence in the Kingdom of Alrodena.

And as Gi Ga beheld his wondrous progress, he couldn’t help but to think.

It was impossible for Aransain to become as flexible as Felduk. For in Aransain, everyone was cavalry, and even the lowest-ranked soldiers handled a steed.

But along with the Goblin King, Gi Ga Rax was also a general successful enough to be considered unconquerable. It was thanks to having an existence like the king near him that he was able to keep his mind flexible. And he also wasn’t the jealous sort.

“As expected of Gi Gu-dono. That’s not something I can imitate,” Gi Ga said.

“I’m sure. Your armies are too different. But there’s no need to be depressed. Because in the end all that really matters is that you win.”

Zaurosh said in consolation after getting word of Gi Ga’s remarkable progress.

“…Win, huh.”

The tall-statured Far muttered meaningfully before touching her chin with her slender figures and becoming thoughtful.

Many humans had gathered in Gi Ga’s camp.

Zaurosh of the Proud Clan(Leon Heart), Far with her Short Sword Battle Maiden(Valkyria), the late Shushunu’s lance knights and archer knights, the Paradua goblins, and even the the centaur and the fang tribe (werewolf) of the demihumans.

When armies are organized according to peculiar traits and they are able to claim one victory after another, factions are bound to form. That was especially true for Gi Gu and Gi Ga, who were in charge of the eastern expedition.

There were many reasons for this rivalry, but the main reason was because of the implied question of who would lead the eastern expedition in the absence of the king. After the king, the next most powerful person was either Gi Gu or Gi Ga. Hence, with mutterings of the king’s poor health, it was only natural that the attention would turn to them.

Would it be Gi Gu, the goblin general with the biggest goblin army, or Gi Ga, the goblin who could make even human subservient to him. The issue that had never come to light while the king was fighting in the front lines was now beginning to attract attention.

This was especially so for the humans gathered at Gi Ga’s camp.

But they were by no means trying to sow seeds of discord. And despite the diversity of the people in his camp, the air was by no means bad. At most, this competitiveness would only spur them on to conquer more castles than Felduk.

Everyone knew that Gi Ga was the first knight to swear fealty to the Goblin King, and that his policy was ‘forbearance’. Even for the humans fighting with the monsters, they favored Gi Ga over Gi Gu, but that was only natural.

“If only that wall weren’t there, then they wouldn’t be able to catch up with us.”

The chief of the fangs, Mido, said, and everyone wryly smiled. If they could make the wall disappear, they indeed wouldn’t be suffering so much.

“…If the wall weren’t there, huh.”

In other words, everything would turn out fine if they could somehow make that wall disappear.

Between the groups of fortresses, there existed what could be called a series of fortified walls, and as long as they were not overcome, there was absolutely no opportunity for Aransain to demonstrate her power.

“That’s the advantage of a mountainous country.”

Almost everyone nodded when Zaurosh said that. The small country of Balchiga, which Gi Ga was trying to conquer, covered an area at the foot of the north ridge mountains.

“As expected of the Great Shield of Ranserg.”

Once upon a time, there was a nation that ruled this land known as Ranserg, a nation that could stand side-by-side with the Holy Shushunu Kingdom. And this was a key point that has been standing since its dominion.

“We can’t leave them out to dry either since trade with the eastern Machel has been going really well too,” Gi Ga muttered.

In his ponderings, that line of thought suddenly enlightened him.

“…So they shouldn’t be as guarded in the east then.”

When Gi Ga said that, almost everyone’s eyes opened wide. Balchiga was like a country surrounded by castle walls. Hence, to conquer it was no easy task. That was especially so for Aransain, which did not possess any siege weapons.

So they could only rely on a plan to break through.

“…We need to move east without them noticing. Yes, let’s leave that to the Valkyria and the Leon Heart Clan,” Gi Ga said.

“I suppose our main objective would be to open the gates?”

Gi Ga folded his arms, and Zaurosh asked to confirm. A silent nod was the answer.

“Wonderful, just like thieves, right?”

Far sarcastically said, causing Gi Ga to frown.

“It’s better than becoming real bandits, right?” Zauroh said.

“Obviously. But do come up with a good reward, won’t you?”

Far smiled fearlessly, then left with Zaurosh.

“Thieves that steal nations. Doesn’t sound so bad, no?”

Zaurosh frivolously said, and Far’s lips twisted into a smile.

“I suppose even a rotten name might reach that person if loud enough…”

As Far said that, she looked up at the sky.

From the relatively unguarded eastern side of Balchiga, Valkyria and Leonhart entered the city walls disguised as merchants, and quickly disabled the walls.

Ten days later, Aransain succeeded in bringing Balchiga, the country surrounded by castles wall, also known as the “Great Shield of Ranserg,” into the war.

And then not even two hours after the battle began, the Balchiga army was defeated. It was in that way that Gi Ga Rax conquered the Great Shield of Ranserg with nothing but the cavalry of Aransain.

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