Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 275 – The King Moves (1/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 275 – The King Moves (1/3)

In order to conquer the Iron Country of Elfa, Gi Gi Orudo attacked its neighboring nations. He advanced his army to take down a fortress, and was currently half way to defeating it.

However, as he continued to attack the fortress, a black spot appeared in the sky, and then spread out like dark clouds.

When he squinted his eyes, he saw that it was actually a black army that covered the skies.

The flag they raised was that of a Crown on the Sun(Rondmel)

When Gi Gi Orudo saw that for the first time, a sense of crisis immediately ran up his back, and he quickly turned his army around.

“This won’t do.”

His close friend, Gi Ji Arsil, yelled at him, asking what was wrong. Gi Gi’s change had come just too sudden, but it didn’t take long for Gi Gi’s worries to happen.

For what appeared next was a young human girl.

Yes, on his eyes enhanced by his duke class was reflected a small girl riding on a wyvern .

“Humans are riding those!?”

Being surprised was a given. They had believed that humans weren’t capable of handling monster beasts. They thought for sure that they were the only ones who could. And yet at this very moment, right before their eyes, humans were riding wyverns to soar the skies.

As someone who put together the monster army and was entrusted one of the armies by the Goblin King, this was no different from a defeat. But that wasn’t all. Because he immediately realized that monsters on the ground couldn’t beat the monsters in the skies.

Losing the high ground was a fatal disadvantage to wild animals. Gi Gi knew that from experience, so he immediately turned his army around.

“We’ll flee to the forests.”

Despite frowning and arching his back, Gi Gi’s resolve remained firm. The advantage of flying creatures was their mobility and vast line of sight.

Regardless where, how many, and where the enemies attacked from, so long as it’s someone who’s studied military strategy even a little, he would immediately be able to pinpoint the weakness of a formation and ascertain where to attack to break it.

On top of that, flying creatures did not suffer terrain penalties. No swamps, no rocky areas with bad footing, no meadows, and no deserts either. The only things obstructing flying creatures were clouds and stronger predators.

But regardless of whether Gi Gi was able to think that far, his intuition would quickly be proven correct. The girl riding at the head of the army started swooping down from the skies as though the 100 wyverns were an extension of her limbs.

When the wyverns expanded their wings, they measured about 10 meters big and weighed as heavy as two horses. It was that kind of monster beast that rapidly descended from the sky. Just them alone was already plenty threatening, but what was more was that humans wielding throwing spears rode on their backs.

It only took Gi Ji Arsil, the head of the scouts, a moment to see through all of that.

Any monster beasts that failed to escape were caught by the sharp claws of the wyverns and brought high up into the sky then dropped like a joke. When Gi Ji saw their monster beasts dropping from the sky, their fate left to gravity, he understandably paled.

“This is bad.”


The two goblins looked at each other, then exhorted their subordinates to flee to the forest.

They ran deep into the forest, and then after getting some breath, Gi Ji Arsil and Gi Gi Orudo peeked above them to see if the wyverns were still chasing after them, then huddled up together.

“Now what?”

“Insects can’t win against birds. But birds can be hunted by birds of prey.”

Gi Ji said that with a frown, and Gi Gi nodded with a meek face.

“In other words?”

“We need to bring someone who can beat them.”

The two goblins tilted their heads.

“What about that human tactician?”

“Not bad. There’s the wise Gi Za too.”

In the end, after discussing it among themselves, the two goblins decided to call Gi Za Zakuend. One reason was because the human tactician, Vilan Do Zul, was currently leading the mixed army. Another reason was because Gi Za wasn’t included in the king’s military expedition and was sulking.

Unlike Gi Ga Rax, commander of the Axe and Sword Army(Felduk), and Gi Gu Verbena, commander of the Axe and Sword Army(Felduk), Gi Gi and his group did not have a strong competitive spirit, so instead of competing for merits under the king, they preferred to show their loyalty by working hard.

That’s why they would immediately call for reinforcements as soon as they sensed that weren’t strong enough on their own.

The Goblin King wouldn’t reprimand Gi Gi Orudo for doing something like that. The army also had plenty of men to spare ever since the eastern expedition of the Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena Kingdom) began, so again there was no reason for the Goblin King to criticize Gi Gi’s behavior.

Both Prime Minister Pale and the Goblin King would agree that it was better to call for reinforcements than be too stubborn and be destroyed.

Be that as it may, Gi Za Zakuend, who was called out to the front lines, couldn’t help but groan when he saw the power of the 100 wyvern knights that he now had to deal with.

“They have mages among their riders too.”

All long-ranged magic attacks were being neutralized.

“One option is to wait for the weather to change, but that’s not really a solution.”

Attacking on a rainy weather would allow them to take down the fortress too. A storm of wind and rain would be best. But when would a weather like that come? How long were they supposed to wait? Without any answer to those questions, it wasn’t possible to use this option to weave a plan.

They needed a plan to neutralize the Wyvern Knights themselves.

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    1. I’m not sure what the Author will come up with, but from what I see the goblins have two choices. Either gain their own flying troops (seriously, how? where?), or attack when the enemy isn’t flying. Waiting for a storm is one option. But you have to wait for a storm.

      The obvious solution is a night attack. The wyvern might be able to see at night, but that is unlikely. The riders certainly can’t see at night. Also both need to sleep sometimes. Attacking the camp in the middle of the night affords the best chance to damage the enemy without them being able to take advantage of their flight.

      The problem becomes how to approach the Wyvern riders. There is no way the entire beast army can approach undetected. The scouts should be able to do a raid. If the goblins understood how the humans ‘tamed’ the wyverns the decision to attack the wyvern would be natural. There is no reason why the goblins would understand that the humans are using magic items to control them, so they might be tempted to go after the riders who are easier to kill. A scout only assassin squad isn’t suited to go after the wyvern. Even on the ground the wyvern are powerful monsters. A night raid probably won’t destroy the wyvern riders, but it will produce the best results the current goblin army can muster.

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