Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 278 – Swirling Destinies (1/5)

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TL Note: Changed Hal to Haroo.

Volume 4: Chapter 277 – Swirling Destinies (1/5)

The news of Elfa’s defeat was reported by a soldier that managed to escape from the capital that fell to the Goblin King’s attack. That information immediately found its way to the young commander, Rasdil, who was currently facing the tiger and spear army(Aransain) in the north.

At the same time, they had received reports that the volunteer soldiers led by Gulland were protecting the people of Elfa and moving north.

“…This is bad.”

Rasdil, who was leading the last of Elfa’s forces, muttered to himself as he kept Aransain in his sights as they rode through the mountain range and gave rise to clouds of dust.

Aransain’s fighting style was clever indeed. They never challenged them to a decisive battle and instead focused on buying time. When the heavy knights advanced, they would retreat. When the heavy knights retreated, they would advance. What’s more was that they moved quickly regardless of if it was day or night. That was something that the human forces could never imitate.

To the side of the stranded Rasdil was the imperial capital that has already been devoured by the demon king’s army.

Even if they continued to resist after this, there could not continue to fight without supplies. As such, Rasdir had to consider retreat.

But that would naturally bring the qusetion of ‘to where’? Their motherland has already fallen, and the nations of the west have already been swallowed up by the Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena Kingdom).

Moreover, the heavy knights alone would already struggle to retreat, but they also had to protect the slow-moving citizens led by Gulland.

“So we’ve finally been driven into a corner, huh.”

Fortunately, the main forces of the Demon King’s army that’s approaching from the south was not ready to give chase right away.

The best possible outcome here was to be able to protect the citizens while they themselves retreated to Altigand.

“Don’t give them an opening. We’re retreating.”

The Iron Bull Knights slowly retreated, while keeping tabs on Aransain’s movements and making sure to keep their large shields up. As for Aransain, they moved just like a predator trying to corner its prey as they tried to surround the Iron Bull Knights.

“Commander! A messenger from the south!”

“We haven’t shaken them off yet, I’ll have you know!”

Clicking his tongue, Rasdir looked around at his men and ordered them to flee to the forest. At the same time, he and the guards that watched the back glared at Aransain.

“We’ll meet up with the volunteer soldiers in the forest. Hurry! Ganosh Squad, Mash Squad! Suppress the enemy with me!”

When Gi Ga Rax saw the Iron Bull Knights split their army into two, he pointed his spear at the forest.

“After them! The riders of Paradua will take the lead!”

“So be it!”

Haroo, the great chieftain of Paradua, raised his spirit as he rode ahead. As 300 black tigers followed him, they disappeared into the forest.

“The enemy isn’t that bad either, huh.”

Zaurosh the vice clan leader of the Proud Clan(Leon Heart) said when he saw the heavy knights’ lack of reaction despite the detached force moving out.

“I’ll leave the attack to you.”

The clan leader of the Short Sword Battle Maiden(Valkyria), Far, also just looked sharply at the enemy.

Had they responded to Haroo’s detached force, Fal the footman slayer would have taken the lead to attack the heavy knights.

“What? We’re not doing it?”

“Having to wait for the enemy to respond truly is a test of patience.”

Mido, chieftain of the fangs, a tribe known for their speed even among the demihumans, exchanged words with Tianos, the chieftain of the centaurs.

Among the demihumans, the achievements of these two had no equal. It was mostly thanks to them that the demihumans were able to maintain their voice within Alrodena.

“It’s true that they’re still acting with composure, but… Once Haroo-dono attacks, they may very well fall into chaos. When that happens there will be another opportunity.”

Gi Ga Rax maintained a certain distance from the enemy as he carefully watched them make their move.

A battle was currently unfolding in the forest between the freely moving rider-beasts of Paradua and the heavy knights that have tightened their formation to minimize their losses. Sometimes that black tiger would leap atop the twisting trees, then use them to lift itself even higher into the sky. Other times it would suddenly fall from between the treetops of the abundant forest. Regardless what the freely moving black tiger did, it carried on its back the powerful goblin of Paradua.

A powerful goblin that has followed the Goblin King since he united the Forest of Darkness.

As the tip of his spear pierced through the gap in a knight’s full-plate armor, it tore through the flesh, and the knight fell down with a cry of anguish. And then before the enemy could even organize a counterattack, the black tiger would groan, and with a leap, flee to the trees. Though the goblins that accompanied him numbered a mere 300, the threat they posed was immeasurable.

Moreover, such tactics were being done in an organized manner under the command of Haroo, who has risen to the position of Great Chief after many battles.

Already, the forest was the domain of humans no more, it has been transformed into the hunting grounds of Paradua.

As powerful as the heavy knights were, the reality that they could not even fight back and were being killed one by one was enough to make them scream. A heavy knight was human too. Hence, it comes to no surprise that there were some who’d much rather gamble everything on a single fight rather than continue in this manner, not knowing when or how they will die.

“The situation is only getting worse! We need to go out and fight our way to survival!”

As time went on, it was inevitable that the voice of this group would only grow bigger.

When a senior knight, who had been desperately trying to suppress his agitation, fell, the knights that entered the forest mobilized with hysteria.

“This battle is mine! I’ll teach these humans how to hunt!”

Haroo declared with the corners of his mouth twisted, and the surrounding Paradua goblins raised their spears in agreement.

100 knights staked everything on a single fight, but though their numbers weren’t that far off from Paradua’s 300 goblins, they stood no chance as they were easily wiped out. The knights split into many small platoons, and they attacked the goblins one after another.

To the north, to the east, to the west, to the south… The small platoons that moved as they pleased turned into mere corpses before the goblins.

Some knights tried to meet up with the volunteer soldiers while their allies were being killed, but the goblins immediately caught up to them and they found themselves unable to move any further.

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