Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 279 – Encounter (1/5)

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Volume 4: Chapter 279 – Encounter (1/5)

“We need a diversion until the tunnel is ready.”

It was Rashka of Gaidga who voiced that opinion. Without exception, everyone in the meeting room stared at Rashka in disbelief. Even the Goblin King, who was always so detached, and even Pale, the shrewd and ever calm prime minister, doubted their ears.

“Rashka is talking about… strategy?”

Gi Zu Ruo said that without thinking about it, but those words actually expressed the opinion of everyone gathered in the room.

“Well, I do agree that there is a need for it, but…”

Even Pale, who was usually so decisive, couldn’t help but glance at the king as she mumbled those words.

“…But of course.”

The goblin king managed to maintain his dignity when he answered Rashka, but inwardly he too was tilting his head.

“Right, right, a diversionary team is a given!”

Rashka nodded in satisfaction, his mouth twisted into a broad grin as he looked around.

“And, of course, such a role would naturally require a small but elite and powerful team.”

Since that opinion was also quite reasonable, everyone but Rashka himself nodded their heads.

“And as far as a small but elite team goes, our Gaidga is the only one up to the task. In other words…”

Rashka has been working to increase Gaidga’s numbers as the king’s special forces, and now, they numbered nearly 1,000.

One reason behind their growth was the iron armor that they themselves made, for with it, their resiliency rose to such heights that they rarely ever died on the battlefield. Another reason was because Rashka himself did not proactively venture into the front lines while the Goblin King wasn’t there. Ever since the Eastern Expedition had begun, Rashka and the Gaidga Tribe have been focusing their strengths in increasing their numbers.

“There is no one else other than us—”

“No, that’s not true!”

Gi Zu Ruo glared sharply at Rashka, looking as though he was about to leap at the goblin.

“We Thousand-Demon Army(Sazanorga) would not lose out to the Gaidga Tribe!”

“Oh? So the little goblin dares to talk, does he?”

Only Rashka would dare treat Gi Zu Ruo like a little boy, a goblin blessed by the Mad God(Zu Oru) and one that displays unparalleled bravery in battle.

After a loud argument akin to two monsters butting horns, they decided to turn to the king to make a decision.

“We will entrust it to Rashka.”

“But why, Your Majesty? Do you doubt our strength!?”

Gi Zu Ruo never screamed in battle, and yet here he was, sounding as though he were screaming when he asked that question. The Goblin King couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

“I believe it was Rashka who recognized the necessity of this diversion first and was also the first to explain the need for it.”

“That’s, true…”

Despite his frustration, Gi Zu had to admit that Rashka had indeed made merit.

“That should mean that he is the one who understands this mission best.”

The king’s decision was with reason. Or at the very least, Gi Zu and the goblins under him thought so, as they bowed their heads.

“…Questioning the king’s judgment was a lack of wisdom on my part. Please forgive me, Your Majesty.”

“It is fine, Gi Zu. On behalf of your burning desire to do battle, I forgive you.”

“…Thank you.”

And so it was decided that the Gaidga Tribe led by Rashka would be leaving the Iron Country of Elfa to head to Altigand and execute a diversionary attack in the mountainous region. Around the same time, however, Gi Zu Ruo, accompanied by Zu Ved, visited Gi Jii Yubu.

“Teach me tactics!”

“I don’t particularly mind, but— Wait, what!?””

Zu Ved looked unmotivated, but Gi Zu was desperate, and he even went as far as to hit Zu Ved and have him prostrate to Gi Jii with him. They bowed their heads so deep their heads were rubbing the ground.

“Hmm, I’m sure it’ll be of great service to His Majesty if you are able to learn tactics. Very well, I shall cooperate with you.”

As someone who has worked with Gi Zu all throughout the eastern expedition, Gi Jii highly appraised his abilities. The management of their unlit was unrefined, but there was no denying that their ability to penetrate enemy forces was unrivaled by other human units and even other goblin units.

If their unit could start moving tactically, they would surely be a great boon to the Goblin King’s path to world domination.

That’s why Gi Jii Yubu decided to share everything he knew with them without holding back.

However, Gi Jii did not know then that there were things people were bad at and good at.

He patiently taught Gi Zu, but Gi Zu’s forces only grew weaker with every mock battle, and in the end, he found himself with a huge headache.

Distressed, he could only turn to Pale Symphoria for help, as he looked up to her as his tactical mentor.

“Pale-dono, please lend our army your wisdom.”

But despite his earnest pleading, Pale only gave a few advice.

“Is that really all?”

“That will likely be enough.”

Gi Jii was half-doubtful, but he still did as advised and instructed Gi Zu accordingly. When he did, Gi Zu’s forces underwent a remarkable change. Gi Zu and even Gi Jii, who was the one who’d taught him, were surprised at the transformation.

A few days later, while Gi Zu was enthused by the results, and even believed that they could now defeat Rashka, Gi Jii went to Pale to ask why the change was so drastic. She answered with a smile.

“It’s simple. Gi Zu-dono can’t understand complicated things. That’s true for the people under him too. That’s why…”

“The only commands you gave them were to attack and to retreat, and then had them chase Gi Zu-dono’s flag.”

“Yes. The simpler the order, the more effective. Especially for a general like Gi Zu-dono that always stands in the front lines. Generals like him can only give simple orders to their soldiers.”

“So, in other words, I’ve been teaching Gi Zu-dono too much?”


“I see.”

Gi Jii nodded deeply, but then, as if a thought suddenly occurred to him, he raised a question.

“But some of the men we have defeated fought in the front lines, and yet they were able to execute such complicated maneuverings with their armies.”

“There are always exceptions. They also say that the art of war lies in the threshold between logic and intuition.”

“Intuition, huh…”

“Gi Zu-dono was originally the intuitive type. Perhaps that’s the reason why you’re so lost?”


The concept of relying on savage valor and intuition to fight on the battlefield was a completely foreign concept to Gi Jii. He believed that it was the clear difference in power and the accumulation of theories that moved wars. It was precisely because he understood intense emotions that he understood how dangerous they could be. Gi Jii pondered on Pale’s words.

“Thank you for enlightening me.”

When Gi Jii left, he was happy, as though he had been enlightened.

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