Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 279 – Encounter (3/5)

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Volume 4: Chapter 279 – Encounter (3/5)

The relationship between the military and the prostitutes was one that could never be cut.

As one might expect, there were many men among the strong. Because while magic and skill might exist, men were still overwhelmingly powerful when it came to pure muscle strength. With the military overflowing with men, it cannot be helped that they would come to have an inseparable relationship with the prostitutes. As such, even Fort Bandigam had a brothel licensed by the country to operate.

Brothels were stores too, so naturally, they had ‘classes’ too.

Before the military reform of the hero, there were brothels for nobles and brothels for soldiers, but after the reform, they were now just segregated into ones for the officers and ones for the soldiers.

Within one of the private rooms of one such brothel was Gulland, who was drinking ale all by himself.

The Margrave’s army has already been dismissed from the duty of leading the volunteer army. and Elfa has also fallen, to no one’s surprise. Although the people were able to flee and find refuge in Altigand, their main objective of rescuing a neighboring nation has ended in failure.


The present situation was such that even Gulland has been used like a disposable pawn.

But it was not because he was used and thrown away that he was so angry. In the first place, battles were not something that should end without incurring damage, so it was a given that they would be treated like disposable pawns. Frankly, anyone who died in battle either had bad luck or was just lacking in skill.

But the problem was that even after using those disposable pawns, they couldn’t do much damage against the goblins.

The leading figure responsible for dispatching the volunteer army was the hero.

“Hmph, hero…”

How hilarious would it be if the volunteer army was actually a plot meant to shave away at the power of the nobles?

Does the hero really think he could beat the goblins like that? At the very least, the Goblin King would never use such tactics. His soldiers are strong and tough.

If quarrels between Altigand’s factions and a shallow foresight of just that level are all that Altigand has to offer, then sooner or later, they too will be trampled over by the goblins.

Gulland unhappily emptied his cup into the back of his throat.

“…Excuse me.”

But then a frightened voice resounded in his ears. Unfortunately for Gulland, he could not get even a little drunk no matter how much he drank.

When he turned to the open door with his eyes, a girl still too young to be called a woman was there.

“I don’t remember calling you, though.”

“…The mistress told me to accompany you.”

Gulland narrowed his eyes, and the girl cast down her eyes.



She was so skinny that you couldn’t call her slender even as flattery.

She wore an expression so dark it was as though all the misery of the world was upon her, while her dark deep green hair fell over her downcast face to hide her expression.



Dragging her legs, she approached Gulland and sat beside him.

“Excuse me.”

As she sat beside Gulland, who quietly continued to drink, she looked at him with a fearful gaze. Were she a high-class prostitute, she would have spoken with him about a suitable topic, but she didn’t do anything of the sort. She just quietly poured Gulland his cup.

“…So you were originally from a warrior family.”

As Gulland looked down at the girl, the girl found herself inadvertently stiffening up, and she ended up spilling the liquor onto Gulland’s knees.

“M-My deepest apologies.”

The girl panicked and tried to dry his wet clothes, but her panicked movements reeked of that of a terrified slave.

“I’m going back.”


As the girl bit her lips in frustration, Gulland turned his back on her and left the private room.

“Hey, Mistress.”

On his way back, he called out to the mistress of the store and tossed five gold coins at her.

“Give it to that girl as her tip.”

That was an exorbitant amount of money to give to a mere prostitute, so the middle-aged mistress was understandably shocked, but Gulland ignored her and just continued along his way.

“Pointless, all so pointless.”

As he returned to the lodging that has been arranged for him, he took out his great sword and practiced his swings in the empty training grounds of the military.


“And the outcome?”

“It went well.”

Behind Rashka’s suggestion that the Gaidga Tribe undertake the mission to divert the enemy’s attention was Gi Za Zakuend.

Rashka and Gi Za glanced sharply at each other, and then Gi Za confirmed with Rashka that the Gaidga Tribe was able to successfully undertake the mission.

“Hmm, as expected of someone said to be sagacious. You are very detailed.”

“Hmph. But of course.”

Ever since Pale became the prime minister, she’s rarely had the opportunity to work as a tactician of the battlefield. Seeing that, Gi Za started studying up on his own regarding the art of war. He proposed a reconnaissance mission to Rashka as a place to showcase the fruits of his studies, as well as to further refine them in combat.

Of course, Rashka was more than happy to agree.

Rashka has always wanted to find a place to exhibit the strength of his clan now that their numbers have increased.

Presently, the ones with the greatest achievements were the four generals under the banner of the king. Ra Gilmi Fishiga narrowly managed to be among those high achievers, but as someone entrusted with the duty of protecting the rear, it was difficult for him to make contributions. With the low population of his tribe, even Rashka knew that it was difficult for him to become one of the four great generals, given that a position like that required a large army.

But it was precisely because of that that Rashka desired a place that would allow him to achieve something.

His ancestor once carved his own name into the history of Gaidga to be remembered forever. But that was only possible because he could die honorably. It was precisely because he fought honorably until the bitter end that his name could be passed down generation after generation in the tribe.

“The humans are sure to fight back hard. Are you ready for that?”

Gi Za asked, and Rashka nodded.

“Of course. It wouldn’t do otherwise anyway.”

As a ferocious smile appeared on Rashka, Gi Za snorted and looked away.

“Good if so.”

As the two goblins’ expectations overlapped, they set out with Rashka as the general and Gi Za as the aide.

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