Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 281 – The Battle of Bandigam (1/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 281 – The Battle of Bandigam (1/4)

The third company of holy knights under the command of Eleanor and with Yuan at the lead lured the Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena Kingdom)‘s Axe and Sword Army(Felduk) down the hill.

The fact that the Holy Knights had cleverly feigned a retreat and were right on the verge of a truly crushing defeat played a big role in dragging Felduk out.

At the front lines was Gu Long, who led the swordsmen, Gu Tough, who led the long spearmen and the battle slaves, and Gu Big, who led the slingshots and the short spearmen. Since it was the three goblin siblings, each of which was a middle grade commander, that simultaneously decided this to be an opportunity, it was inevitable that the entire Felduk army would advance.

Gi Gu Verbena, one of the Four Generals, only saw the enemy running, so he couldn’t ascertain if it was a trap or not. And even if it was a trap, he was confident that they’d be able to break through, so there was no reason to stop his soldiers from giving chase.

“With Felduk’s 7,000 soldiers, perhaps even taking down a fortress would be child’s play.”

It would be a lie to say that Gi Gu did not hold such expectations.

As Gi Gu confirmed the vanguard chasing the enemy, he glanced at the Gaidga Tribe, that were waiting sharply to the side, and then gave the order to advance.

“I’m no Gi Zu, but we can’t let the Gaidga Tribe be the only ones to act so arrogantly!”

As a fierce smile surfaced on him, he gave his subordinates a loud pep talk and had them chase after the enemy.

And just as one would expect from one of the four generals, he did not forget to send a messenger to the Gaidga Tribe despite that.

Rashka watched as the Felduk chased after the enemy down the hill, and spoke sarcastically to Gi Za Zakuend, who stood beside him.

“You sure it’s okay not to give chase too?”

“…We can just chase after Felduk.”

“And let the opportunity for merit slip from right before our eyes?”

“The enemy was routed too quickly. They might have faked it.”


As Rashka narrowed his eyes and watched the enemy seemingly on the verge of destruction, he pondered Gi Za’s opinion.

“Well, whatever. You helped me last time and we have enough merit to keep the Gaidga Tribe’s honor for awhile anyway, so this time, I’ll listen to you.”


The wizard class goblin glanced sharply at Rashka for a moment before quickly turning to the fleeing holy knights and observing the Felduk giving chase.

“Don’t you have to inform that elven girl?”

“It’s not necessary.”

As Gi Za said that, he sent a messenger.

Rashka asked him with a look where he was sending the messenger, but Gi Za didn’t answer, his gaze remaining fixed on the fleeing enemy and their allies giving chase.

The moment they exited the mountainous region, however, everything suddenly changed.

“Nu… This is!”

It was Gu Naga and his swordsmen, who have been leading the charge, that inadvertently groaned. Spreading before them was a massive army of nearly 4,000 humans in position.

“But we have the momentum! Swordsmen!”

As he raised his sword and shield with those long arms peculiar to the southern goblins, Gu Long called out to his subordinates, that were too caught up in chasing after the enemy, and gave the order to gather into a formation. Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible for a scattered army to suddenly reorganize and establish a formation.

The goblins near enough to hear Gu Long’s voice did gather and try to establish a formation, but the enemy wasn’t about to just stand and watch.

“Mages, archers, advance!”

At the behest of Gerald Hohengam, the commander of the first company of holy knights, the human forces simultaneously mobilized. With perfect coordination, bows and staves were raised, and spell and arrows-alike were unleashed at Gu Long’s forces that were trying to reorganize.

Spells shot out in a straight line, while arrows rained on them from above.

In the face of those two wave-like attacks that came at them from two different directions, Gu Long’s soldiers were gradually defeated. Judging the situation too dire to change unless Gi Gu Verbena himself appeared, Gu Long gathered his allies and gradually retreated.

He couldn’t turn around and run because he believed that the enemy would immediately give chase if they did.

Just awhile ago he himself was chasing the enemy, so naturally he had to consider the possibility of the enemy doing the same thing to him.

But Gerald of the holy knights never had any intention of facing the goblins in close combat. In fact, he was even keeping the other generals that wanted to fight the goblins up close.

“There is no reason to needlessly expose ourselves to danger.”

The distance between them and Gu Long’s swordsmen, who was furthest ahead of the goblins, was over 100 meters.

“Gerald-dono still hasn’t given the signal?”

Judith narrowed her eyes as she watched the goblins gradually retreat. As she folded her arms, she spoke unamused.”

“It appears that god has yet to call for blood. All we can do is wait until the time god has decided on comes.”

As the goblins retreated, the humans continued to lessen their numbers from a distance. When their composition began to change, as expected, it was the veteran, Gulland, who noticed it first.

“…Tch, the main force is here.”

As he clicked his tongue, he glanced at his sides to warn his allies.

Gu Tough’ and Gu Big’s forces have descended from the hills to rescue the struggling Gu Long. Just the goblins under their banners already numbered 2,000, but even more clouds of dust rose from behind them as Gi Gu Verbena’s forces too marched to join the fray.

“…What terrifying power.”

Eleanor had managed to keep her face thanks to Yuan’s valiant charge, but she couldn’t help but say that when she saw Felduk’s main force.

“But our forces are no lesser than theirs.”

“I know…!”

When Yuan, who was covered in wounds all over, said that, Eleanor snapped back at him, but when she saw Yuan quietly bowing his head, she kept herself from saying anymore.

“…Looks like you succeeded at bringing them out.”

Despite having that massive goblin army right in front of him, Gerald’s composure remained steady.

“Now then, I believe it’s about time we showed them the true power of the holy knights… Give the signal!”

At Gerald’s behest, the soldiers under him waved a variety of flags.

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