Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 286 – Battle of Lusis Plains III (3/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 286 – Battle of Lusis Plains III (3/3)

The Battle of Lusis Plains seemed as though it was about to end, but Altigand regrouped after their retreat and launched another offensive with the hero, Gulland, at the lead, marking the start of the second act. The Kingdom of the Black Sun(Arlodena) had captured the enemy general and was about to leave Lusis Plains, but with the city of Lusis before them, the Crown on the Sun’s(Rondmel’s) flag fluttered once again.

“They had more?”

Upon getting word of the enemy’s movements from their scouts, the Goblin King immediately fixed their formation and became thoughtful while caressing his thick chin.

“According to our intel, they shouldn’t have any decent forces left…”

Pale stood by his side, but she didn’t appear confident either.

“That gate disappearing is concerning too.”

A gate had appeared in the outskirts Lusis. It was so big that they could see it even from a distance, but now it was gone.

“But there’s no reason for us to retreat either. Because we’re winning!”

Gi Gu Verbena, who led the Axe and Sword Army(Felduk), matter-of-factly said. Gi Gu’s reaction wasn’t wrong as long as common sense was concerned.

“Is the enemy’s total number accurate?”

Gi Ga Rax asked, and the person in charge of the scouts, Gi Ji Arsil turned a sharp look at him and nodded.

“There’s no mistake. There’s roughly 30,000 of them. Enemy reinforcements must have arrived.”

As for how and from where, the Goblin King found such questions meaningless and just turned to Pale.

“The enemy stands before us. We must break through.”

“As you will.”

“The consecutive battles must have everyone tired, but even then, I expect everyone to give their best.”

As his subordinates simultaneously bowed to him, the Goblin King couldn’t help but reflexively turn his eyes toward the enemy camp. The closer they got to the enemy, the more his soul screamed.

But he did not understand what that voice meant.

“…I will take the lead.”

When the Goblin King declared that, the shoulders of his generals all shook.

“Once again, the Goddess of Victory and Glory(Hekaterina’s) song shall resound above us.”

“As you will!”

As the generals nodded with power, they returned to their respective armies.

“Morale seems to have improved.”

“There is fatigue, though. We’ll have to rely on the allied armies.”

With the generals gone, Pale and the Goblin King were alone. They watched the enemy camp as they spoke.

“I don’t have any idea what the enemy is planning, but we must be careful not to let our guard down,” Pale said.

“But of course, no matter what might await us beyond this,” the Goblin King said.

Fortunately, the supply lines built by Arlodena were functioning at full capacity. Supplies also arrived from the Bow and Arrow Army(Fanzel), that was keeping Bandigam, Yaksha and Berkel in the rear.

They sent weapons, armor, supplies, and about 500 soldiers. When the wounded withdraw, they would be sending the prisoners with them too. The plan was originally to accompany the prisoners of war to force Lusis to open their gates, but there’s been a drastic change of plans.

They now had to fight at least one more battle to force the enemy to surrender.

At the center was the king’s cavalry led by the Goblin King himself, and to the right of that was the Tiger and Spear Army(Aransain), while to the left was Felduk. With the allied forces at the rightmost were Felduk and the special unit next to them. As for the left flank, there was Gi Jii Yubu’s army(Regiol), Gi Zu Ruo’s Thousand-Demon Army(Sazanorga), the Gi Jii’s regiol tribe, and Gi Do Buruga’s druids. And then at the leftmost was Gi Gi Orudo’s Twin-Headed Beast and Axe Army(Zeilduk).

If the king were the center, then their current formation was Alrodena with her left wing spread out, and fighting against her was an Altigand in an Arrow-Point Formation. That formation was clearly eyeing to break through the center, and standing at the head of it was Gulland and the margrave’s army.

Both forces approached under the cloudy sky.

As the distance closed, Altigand eventually stopped, and Gulland alone stepped forward.

Those around the Goblin King stirred, but the Goblin King’s eyes just narrowed as he watched the valiant figure.

“…Does he intend to be a truce bearer?” Pale asked.

“…No,” the Goblin King said.

Pale tilted her head in doubt, but didn’t let go of her bow. She made sure she could shoot at a moment’s notice as she ascertained where the man was headed.

And then under the attention of both armies, Gulland raised his Great Sword of Blue Lightning toward the heavens, and in the next moment, a streak of lightning fell from the heavy clouds and struck the great sword before entangling itself around him, then Gulland swung that toward the ground, and seven streaks of lightning whips lashed out to scramble across the ground.

Both armies stirred at the sight of that light and its impact, and as the land was scorched, the hero pointed his sword at the goblins and bellowed out.

“──He’s asking for me.”

A fierce smile appeared upon the Goblin King’s lips.

“Perhaps, but is there a reason for you to go?”

“Pale… It was because they attacked me in the Forest of Darkness that I started fighting. I fought him twice in person when he was in Germion Kingdom and once in the southern deserts. In a sense, you could call us arch-enemies.”

The Terrifying Carnivorous Horse(Andrewarchus) growled in response to the king’s fighting spirit.

“That enemy of mine is inviting me. As a king, as a warrior… How could I not accept?”

“What if that’s part of the enemy’s scheme.”

“But even then! I must fight.”

Pale sighed a little and then nodded.

“It can’t be helped. But should the unthinkable happen, even if it’s a duel, I will intervene.”

The king’s blood-colored eyes glared at Pale, but Pale did not falter and returned that glare.

“Do as you please. For now, I’ll leave the command of the army to you.”

“As you will.”

The Goblin King loosened his hold over the reins and rode onward to that archenemy waiting for him.

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