Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 289 – The Power of Divinity in Full Display (2/5)

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Volume 4: Chapter 289 – The Power of Divinity in Full Display (2/5)

Of the 500 wyvern knights, only 300 mobilized to deal with Douhet. Douhet formed a fire spear with his tail and swung it, but the Wyvern Knights pressed on with their numerical superiority. About 10 wyverns gathered together to lure Douhet’s attention while another group attacked him from his tail’s direction.

There was an overwhelming gap in power between them and Douhet, but the organized attacks of the wyverns was able to overcome that gap and toss Douhet about.

Gi Za Zakuend looked up at Douhet’s sorry sight from the ground, but there was nothing he could do other than furrow his brows.

The situation only changed when the special unit of Rashka’s Gaidga and Gi Go the Sword King’s swordsmen reached the front lines. As Felduk crossed spears at the left flank, and the allied forces kept their distance while suppressing the enemy, the special unit moved onwards, and with great power, they bore deep into the line of spears.

“Small fries shouldn’t stand in my way!”

Rashka, the incarnation of violence, bellowed out an angry roar, and with the black light blessed by the Goddess of the Underworld, mowed down the enemy soldiers.

“Aim for the neck. They’ll stop moving when their head’s been detached.”

As Gi Go lopped off the head of an enemy soldier, he gave out instructions while decapitating another.

The hole opened by the special unit became an opening for the rest of Alrodena to launch a greater offensive. Nothing could be done about Zeilduk’s deadlock at the right wing. Having judged that, the first one to react to the change of the battlefield was Gi Ga and his Aransain.

“Prepare to charge!”

He raised his spear and pointed to that area where the special unit had forced their way in.

“We hunt!”

The Short Sword Battle Maiden’s(Valkyria’s) Far was an excellent match against footmen, so she raised her sword and encouraged her soldiers, and in response, the Proud Clan’s(Leon Heart’s) Zaurosh also raised his sickle spear and rode alongside her.

Gi Ga led Aransain from the head, while Far and Zaurosh took his flanks. Clouds of dust rose as they assumed the Arrow-Point Formation, and when the enemy was close enough, Far swung down with her long sword, and at her behest, fire arrows rained from behind.


Riding past the rising flames, Aransain cut into the enemy formation. Like knife through butter, Aransain tore through the enemy forces, then changed direction at the center. The enemy formation was surprisingly tenacious and refused to collapse, so Gi Ga sent his flanks to opposite directions, while he himself led the main force to the back.

A normal enemy would have fallen apart with that.

Not only were they run through by a cavalry, the hole in their formation was also gouged out, and yet, the hero’s soldiers just refused to crumble.

Gi Ga changed directions again to regroup with Far and Zaurosh, but when he turned to the enemy forces, what he saw made him open his eyes wide.


They should have done plenty of damage, and yet they were actually chasing after Far and Zaurosh. It was as though the entire enemy army was a single mollusk of some sort, no matter how many times they were cut, they refused to fall apart. They would just keep on fighting as long as they haven’t been killed or haven’t lost the strength to attack.

For a moment, Gi Ga imagined the enemy army as a ghastly monster, but he immediately banished the thought as he mobilized his soldiers to rescue his two commanders.

However, while they may not have been able to end the battle right there and then, Aransain’s attack did manage to stir chaos near the center of the enemy forces, so for a moment, the pressure in the front lines was greatly weakened. Though it was only weaker compared to the earlier situation where the enemy would immediately cover any holes opened, the goblin generals were sensitive to the smell of opportunity.

“Don’t let the Gaidga hog all the glory!”

Gi Zu sprung about in the front lines, swinging his long spear, as he fully demonstrated the penetrative power that put him within the top three infantry commanders of Alrodena.

“Focus fire in front of Gi Zu!”

At Gi Za’s behest, the mage unit made up of druids gathered their wind bullets and concentrated their attacks into that area, raining wind bullets over the enemy forces to break their defense and their weapons; thus, supporting Gi Zu’s charge.

Upon seeing all that, Pale gave a brief order to Gi Be Slay.

“Rescue the king.”


Gi Be held the flag of the black sun up high, and the imperial guards of the king rode behind him.

“Ha ha ha, as expected, this isn’t going well.”

Despite seeing his own forces being pushed back, the hero just laughed.

The Goblin King attacked him with all his strength, but the hero laughed with leisure, then his smile turned to that of scorn, and he snapped his fingers.

“Alright, that’s enough. From here on, it’s my time.”

A giant magic formation appeared in the air. As red lines ran through the air, the formation changed shape and turned into a door. It was a spectacle that covered the battlefield, so there was no one who did not see it and was not dumbfounded. That was a portal hundreds of times bigger than the one back in Lusis.

From it came a sound akin to the bellows of a dragon, but when the gate opened, what appeared was a fleet of giant warships.

Vessels such as those ought to embark on the stormy seas, and yet, there they were with their sails up high in the wind with an imposing appearance that could even be described as heroic. Those were ships not meant to be paddled in the sea but in the skies. Those were ships not outfitted with cannons but with spears, but these spears could shoot out different kinds of magic bullets.

On their bridge could be found a cannon surrounded by lines of jewels filled with mana. With the dragon’s eye incorporated into its design, it is a legacy of the War of the Gods said to have existed during the Age of the Gods. The body of a dragon was a valuable weapon in and of itself, but nothing was more precious than the dragon’s eye.

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  1. so the ship wss for that!
    I thought the hero was a bastard that wanted to scape to another continent, not an avatar of a god

    1. And this is also why the ‘hero’ killed the Dragon, who should of been an ally. This god is an utter bastard.

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