Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 291 – Attack of the Sky Snake (2/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 291 – Attack of the Sky Snake (2/3)

“A barrier, huh.”

The hero was a little impressed and laughed.

“You actually cast it without even chanting… I see you’re resolved to disappear.”


The moment those words were uttered, Vaishura disappeared.

“You thought I wouldn’t see you!?”

The hero swung his sword at an empty space, but a hard sound resounded as his sword clashed with Vaishura’s. With nowhere to go, the resulting impact from their clash broke the ground and stirred the air, cutting even the clouds up above while the blades of the gods danced once more.

Yet despite how powerful their clashes were, the wall of flames surrounding them remained unaffected. True to its description of a barrier, it mitigated all the impact that crashed into it.

Vaishura’s step crushed the ground, while the hero that received her attack sank.

“Burn to death.”

Black flames surged out of the black flame blade and covered the hero. That was a portion of the Language of the Gods(Magic) that burned the soldiers.

This Body is Invincible(Shield)!”

But Ativ was quick to respond.

The moment he was covered in black flames, he immediately unleashed a storm of swords to snuff out the flames.

“Seven Slash, One Stroke.”

Seven streaks of silver lines shot out to tear Vaishura apart, but she refused to stop.

Dwell in My Sword, Calamity(Dizae Rugo)!”

The sword of black flames met the seven silver streaks.

At the same time, the hero’s sword was deflected, and he found himself inadvertently distancing himself as the God of War pressed him.

O Black Flames, Burst.(Burst).”


The hero cried out in a surprise.

An enormous amount of ether instantly gathered in Vaishura’s palms, and the compressed black flames broke past even the wall of time to transform into a torrent of black light and twist around the hero’s body, then as the Goddess’ words declared, the moment the hero could not escape, those black flames turned into a powerful explosion, unleashing Shockwaves all around as the earth was gouged out.

A cloud of dust rose up, but the hero cut it after distancing himself and glared at the War God.

His arm had almost been torn off, his legs were bent in the wrong direction, his face and even his neck had been peeled of, yet the War God’s expression showed no signs of relaxing as she watched for his next move.

My Body is Immortal(Regen).”

As though time had rewound, the shredded limbs healed, and the hero’s appearance was restored.

“As expected of the God of War, but… Now what? Just that much won’t be able to kill this body.”

Vaishura smiled.

“So what?”

“Sad… I’m telling you that you can’t kill me, but you can’t even accept that.”

The hero held his sword with both hands, and Vaishura smiled.


Wrath Balls floated around Vaishura. Those were the same masses of magic that Grimoa the Dragon King specialized in. They exposed the primordial form of ether itself, and there were twelve of them all in all.

Fireline(Lo de)!”

The moment she uttered those words, black flames poured out from the Wrath Balls to attack the hero. Each of them unleashed a higher dimensional light and heat that could make even the air vibrate. 12 lines of fire compressed shot out for the hero, but…


While the hero was surprised, that did not affect his ability to respond.

O world, exist for me..(Enchant)!”

Once again, he filled his sword with his element, and with a step, he brushed away the pillars of black flames. Alas, the 12 flames were shot out at almost the same time. No matter how fast the hero might be able to swing his sword, some of them were still bound to hit, and every one of those twelve possessed enough power to blow everything away.

Yet that was not what surprised the hero.

After all, this was a god that cast aside her own divinity in order to manifest into this world. The gods were given enough time to pass for an eternity, yet her time was now at hand. It was with such a great price paid that she challenged him. Hence, the power behind these twelve attacks was nothing to be surprised about.

What surprised Ativ was that this god, who was supposed to be the incarnation of black flames, carried within her the true element of flames. She has been hiding it skillfully until now, but the last attack she used could not be done with just black flames.

Because those black flames were the flames of the underworld. They were truly nothing more than the ether of the underworld given shape.

So just how could she possibly use a flame other than the black flames?

Ativ was shocked. It was an unexpected attack, and they landed on his right leg and left shoulder, sending him to fly violently into the barrier and vanish.

My Body is Immortal(Regen).”

But the hero restored his body once again, frowning at the mysteriousness of the enemy before him.

“So you weren’t just the incarnation of black flames.”

Did she absorb the power of the other gods? Or perhaps…

“I need to ascertain it.”

Brimming with composure, the hero pointed his sword at Vaishura. It was the first time the hero assumed such a stance, but Vaishura assumed a forward-bent posture once again.

Accept Divine Punishment(Der Ist).”

Even time seemed to slow as that stroke was drawn completely to unleash a blow that did not rely on number. It was a single stroke, yet before it, even the Dragon King’s head would be lopped off. But a moment before Ativ could draw out that attack, Vaishura already sensed what he was about to do and moved to dodge.

An incarnation of a black flame she might be, but there were divine attacks that even she could not afford to receive.

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