Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 292 – Return of the Age of the Gods (1/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 292 – The Return of the Age of the Gods (1/3)

The moment the prime minister of Alrodena, Pale Symphoria, began their retreat, she had already resolved herself to abandon the border lands. Berkel and the other cities conquered by Ra Gilmi Fishiga’s Bow and Arrow Army(Fanzel) would have to be abandoned.

Immediately, a new order was given to them.

They were to provide support and help hasten the retreat of Alrodena’s forces. To be more precise, their two main objectives were to eliminate whatever enemies blocked the retreat and to provide support for Gi Gu Verbena’s Axe and Sword Army(Felduk), who were serving as the rearguard in Alrodena’s retreat. They were, of course, also to support the Gaidga Tribe and Gi Go Amatsuki’s swordmen, who were currently working as a raid unit to help Felduk.

However, those fighting in the rear were stronger in terms of combat power, so Gilmi and his Fanzel had to look for another way to be of use.

His solution was to help out by providing weapons, food, and bedding.

The half-destroyed forces of Gi Ga Rax’s Tiger and Spear Army(Aransain) and the imperial guards decisively retreated with the Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena Kingdom)to Elfa.

Vast roads have been built to support the massive kingdom of Alrodena, and it was only thanks to these high speed road networks that Alrodena could be supported while they continued their march eastward. These roads that at times of peace would allow merchants quick travel were currently being used to allow Alrodena’s army to flee at the fastest speed possible.

But even with the help of the so-called highways, there was a limit to how fast they could run without falling asleep. And even if sleep was not an issue, they had exerted most of their strength just to flee from the enemy.

Ra Gilmi Fishiga understood that, so he prepared accordingly. He picked up those in need of medical treatment and prepared improvised carriages for them, then had the monster beasts of the Twin-Headed Beast and Axe Army(Zeilduk) pull them.

He never forgot what it was like to be chased around in the burning sands of the great desert by the Red King and the Blue Knights of the Merchant Country of Pena.

Neither the frustration of being driven away nor the regret of having to abandon soldiers have faded, yet none of that became a burden to him and instead allowed him to prepare the necessary goods and support Alrodena’s forces effectively, proving that he was indeed one of the most brilliant commanders of Alrodena. Of course, that also spoke volumes of Pale’s insight for having tasked him with the support.

Though Alrodena’s forces may have suffered a bitter defeat, the food they received wherever they ended up maintained their morale.

──We haven’t lost yet. As long as the king is with us, we can still win!

Even as they retreated, not a single person in Alrodena’s army thought of giving up, and the threat of the hero and the extraordinary strength of Altigand’s army was unable to discourage the Goblin King’s loyal army.


The hero tried to crush the retreating forces of Alrodena with his flying warships, but Gawain the Wingless Sky Snake and his servants interfered, so this time, he mobilized his army to suppress the God of War(Vaishura), who had yet to lose her strength, and Gawain, who had just entered the fray.


But a light suddenly appeared and his gaze was drawn.

That light illuminated the land and overturned the fate of death.

“Fufuhahahahaha! Goddess of Healing(Zenobia), my beloved daughter!”

As his lips twisted in delight, Ativ laughed madly and turned, his canine teeth baring themselves.

“So you’ve finally returned to me at long last! I see you couldn’t wa──”

“──Perish(Da Roth)fate(me).”

Then a girl with black hair appeared from behind the hero with a beaming smile.

She had an appearance too perfectly arranged for a human, doll-white skin, and black hair that extended down to her waist. With her brilliant red eyes, she looked down condescendingly at the kneeling Vaishura.

“So you have come, my adorable fated person(Liuryuna)!”

That was none other than the girl that appeared behind a hero once, but she felt different now than before.

At first glance, this little girl appeared to merely be an unforgettable beauty, but she exuded an allure that a young girl her age could never possibly possess. Her slender limbs and frail physique as though they could break with a touch, yet the aura she exuded was like that of an ominous great tree.

“Ah, my beloved. My threads will entangle everything if you so wish.”

The hand of the hero reached out to the girl, then it stroked her head, caressed her beautiful face, and wrapped itself around her neck, then brought her to his chest. Despite his movements sometimes being rough, the girl’s entranced expression never changed.

Goddess of Destiny(Liuryuna)!!!”

That voice full of wrath resounded from the skies. The lord of the heavens that has lost his rival yelled angrily as he rained magic down on them.

A thunderous roar resounded throughout heaven and earth, and lightning gathered from the swirling clouds of lightning to bind together and form whips thick enough to swallow a giant tree whole.

Powerful lightning hammers engulfed Ativ and Liuryuna as they rained down on them. Liuryuna immediately moved to protect Ativ, and right after the giant lightning hammers were unleashed, ice bullets found their way to pierce Gawain’s open side, allowing the hammer of lightnings raining from the heavens to cease and reveal the hero and the goddess of destiny unharmed.

“These annoying arks!”

Gawain was full of anger as he glared at the flying warships. Immediately, he ordered the ryuus to unleash their great magic on them, while he turned to the Goddess of Destiny.

“My cute fated person(Liuryuna). Do you mind if I leave this to you?”

“…Not at all.”

“Feel free to use them if you so wish.”

Ativ and Liuryuna exchanged glances with each and whispered intimately. When she followed the gaze of the hero, she saw some saints that were particularly close with the hero.

Liza, a green-haired swordsman, that has crossed swords with Gi Go Amatsuki and come out evenly. Rafa, the girl that manipulates time and space and could open the gate to another world. Judith the Zealot, who could break through Gi Gu Verbena’s command in a straight up battle. There was even a girl that should have been turned into ash by the attack of the ryuus earlier: Misha, a girl that had been turned into a half-dragon and had wings growing out of her back.

“In that case, I shall gratefully use them.”

Liuryuna narrowed her eyes and smiled, but what a sad**tic smile it was.

Then the hero turned his gaze away from the Goddess of Destiny to gaze at that which he so desired: the saint kneeling beside Douhet the Flame Ryuu.

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