Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 293 – Rashka of Gaidga (2/5)

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Volume 4: Chapter 293 – Rashka of Gaidka (2/5)

At Gu Long’s behest, the goblins in the frontmost line raised up their shields and brandished their swords to attack the approaching enemy.

“──Break through!!”

But this was the hero’s army that feared no death and was led by a Rasdir that has been turned saint. Even without the saintification, the influence of the hero alone has already raised their strength three times, yet on top of that, Rasdir was indeed here to lead the army himself and could do so even while swinging his spear in the front lines.

The Iron Bull Knights hid their whole body behind their large shields as they gave rise to a cloud of dust and charged straight for the goblins. Whatever resolve the rearguard of the goblins might have mustered was blown away just like that.

It was as though the first line of swordsmen had taken on the brunt of a monster beast charge. They were either blown away or trampled underfoot. But as cruel as this might be, Gu Long had actually already taken such a result into account.

“Second line!”

The enemy was a force made up of heavy knights in full armor. It was all too clear what would happen if they threw themselves into that, but Gu Long did not have any other plans.

The Iron Bull Knights barely slowed down even after sending flying the first line.


Gu Long grit his teeth as he watched his brethren trampled underfoot or blown away.

“Onwards! Exterminate these monsters and reclaim our land!!”

The southern goblins literally used their bodies as shields to try and stop the advance of the enemy, but there was no stopping Rasdir’s fierce charge with his short spear.

When the second line had been broken through, most of the momentum of Rasdir’s forces have already been expended, but the young knight commander remained passionate in reclaiming their old country and skillfully swept with his short spear to mow down the goblins.

At this point, Gu Long had reached the end of his patience. He was originally the sort who preferred to fight in the front lines. With the subordinates he treated as his siblings trampled underfoot from right before him, there was no way he could remain calm. As he ground his teeth, he bellowed out in anger and drew his sword.

“I will deal with the human! Second line, let’s go!”

The goblins under his command yelled in response, but right before his third line could clash with Rasdir’s Iron Bull Knights, the blades Pale designed at their flanks finally cut into the back of the Iron Bull Knights.

“──Cut them through!”

Gi Go Amatsuki the Sword Saint and his swordsmen were the most powerful force in Alrodena’s army when similarly sized.

“Attack! Break them!”

Rashka the Chief of the Gaidga, the one-eyed demon, led his tribe of giant goblins with a loud bellow. This was the same Gaidga that not too long ago defeated the Iron Bull Knights at the border, and they too started a fierce assault against them.

It was a three-pronged attack. A normal army would be sure to collapse, but the hero’s appearance has greatly bolstered the strength of these soldiers, and Rasdir was leading them too; hence, it was a given that they would perform beyond expectations.

“I can see them! Gazun Squad, to the left! Ganosh Squad, to the right!”

With just those words, Rasdir’s subordinates started moving. Theirs was an army made up of heavy infantry, a type of soldier that tended to move duller, yet they moved as nimbly as a cavalry.

“Mash Squad, onwards!”

“Stop them! Swordsmen!”

Rasdir’s spear headed for Gu Long, who has taken command. He skillfully handled his shield to avoid it, but Rasdir’s charge that would not even allow him to fight back sent him flying.

“Break through them! Ignore the small-fries!”

Despite their rear being taken from both flanks, Rasdir’s Iron Bull Knights were able to respond.

“Don’t look down on me!”

But it was then that Rashka began to show his real ability. If not for the Goblin King, Gaidga himself might have been the strongest goblin.

As he crushed the heavy infantry blocking his way, he realized that it would be difficult for their forces to break through individually and so tuned the direction of their charge. Gaidga and Gi Go’s swordsmen worked with each other as they chased after Rasdir as he broke through Felduk.

“Running away!? Is there no hero among you who would dare challenge me!?”

Rashka bellowed out as his Gaidga Tribe trampled the Iron Bull Knights underfoot. Gi Go picked up on Rashka’s intentions and wordlessly pointed the direction of their charge with his sword.

“Chase after Gi Go-dono!”

Yustia, the beautiful chief that led the Snow Demons(Yugushiva), swung her sword to rid it of blood and encouraged her subordinates.

Rasdir knew that they had been attacked from behind, but turning around would only increase their casualties, so he had no choice but to advance.

“It’s that guy again!”

Rasdir was furious upon seeing Rashka stand in his way for the third time, but there was nothing he could do. Even as they insulted him from behind, he had no choice but to hasten their movement.

“Azde Squad, Mash Squad!”

When they’d opened up some distance, two squads gradually fell back to protect their rear, then Rasdir ignored Gu Long’s rearguard and moved for Alrodena’s main force.

“…This is bad.”

Gi Go frowned. He could see the Iron Bull Knights gradually pulling away.

Rage, my wrath(Slash)!”

A black light that whittled away at the ground struck the rearguard of the Iron Bull Knights. Rashka’s goal was to stop the Iron Bull Knights from approaching the main force. He had intended to make a successful charge with Gi Go and bring chaos to the enemy forces, but that didn’t go well, so now, they had to change their plans.

Their attacks were akin to poking someone with a needle from behind, whittling away at the strength of the Iron Bull Knights. It was a terribly frustrating matter for Rasdir, but their main goal was the main force of Alrodena. There was no reason to waste their strength to wipe out the Gaidga Tribe and the swordsmen.

Indeed, Rasdir in his normal state would have agreed with that.

Despite being made up of heavy infantry, they were faster than the enemy. And while Rashka’s Slash would indeed occasionally make contact, even the threat from that would cease once they were out of range.

That’s why there was no reason to turn around and fight back. Alas, that was a decision that Rasdir could have made only if he had not been brainwashed by the hero.

“Turn around! Turn around now and kill those gobs! Kill every single one of them!”

The moment the second Slash made contact, Rasdir suddenly ordered his entire army to turn around. The Azde Squad and the Mash Squad that withdrew to the rear took the lead and began the charge against the Gaidga Tribe and the swordsmen.

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