Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 298: Ever Changing Battle Flag (3/4)

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Volume 4: Chapter 298 – Ever Changing Battle Flag (3/4)

“Destroy them.”

The hero raised up his sword and pointed toward the heavens, where the flying warships have just finished circling the battlefield. They began to bombard the land again with magic bullets that looked like thick spears. This was him getting back at the goblins for the trap that they’d laid for him.

Energy filled their weapons, but just when they were about to unleash unprecedented power on the surface—

“──Lightning Hammer of Wrath(Megiddo)!”

Lightning filled with the wrath of the heavens pierced through them, and though the anti-magic barrier kept them from getting damaged, the impact still managed to get through, causing the magic bullets meant for Goblin King to shoot where the hero was instead.

The air shook, the ground was hollowed, and even the very geography was transformed as magic bullets of destruction rained upon the hero.


The hero clicked his tongue and raised his sword to block, but there was no reason for the Goblin King to let this opportunity pass.

The king’s figure as he ran into the rain of magic bullets was a display of courage that not even the most courageous men could replicate. Occasionally, misfortune would strike and magic bullets would hit him, but he paid them no heed, and the black flames that immediately burst out of his wounds would take away the pain and heal his wounds. As he came in from the side, he delivered a series of blows to the hero.

“You’re annoying!”

The hero spat as he held his long sword with his right and raised his left to release a colorless spell.


It was a shockwave attack, and the Goblin King saw it clearly, so he swung down with his Aldia and cut it in a single stroke, causing the bisected shock wave to gouge out the earth. But the Goblin King was not about to stop. After tearing apart the shockwave, the Goblin King once again moved and swung his sword for the hero.

Metals clashed and sparks scattered. Though the Goblin King had imbued his weapon with ether, its essence remained. His great sword was just like a storm, but the same could be said for the hero who leaped in the midst of that storm. And when storms clashed, the surrounding area would of course be ravaged.

Cracks broke on the earth, revealing new rocks only for them to be crushed. The earth shook, and even the wind gathered to create more cracks. Already, this was a battle that far surpassed common sense, and even the incarnations of black flames had no choice but to return to the great sword held by the king.

If that was all they could do to participate, what more the imperial guards?

But even the imperial guards had their role to fill. It was a role that only they, who protected the battle of the king, could fulfill. The banner they held up high continued to flutter in the aftermath of the clash between the king and the hero.

Above which, the ryuus led by the Wingless Sky Snake(Gawain) have began their war with the flying warships, but the odds were poor.

For the Goddess of Destiny, who manipulated destiny with her thousand hands was standing comfortably at the bow of one of the ships. She looked nice on the eyes, but the overwhelming presence she exuded was frightening to say the least. As powerful as the ryuus were, they proved no exception to that rule, and all the ryuus other than Gawain moved sluggishly, while the spears of the wyvern knights shot out like comets for them.

The battle-hardened druids summoned a barrage of bullets to intercept them. Blades of winds would graze past wyvern wings, while bullets fashioned into spears tore them apart. But the wyverns led by the dragon-man, Rafa, continued to fearlessly attack.

They slipped through the gaps between the dark clouds, from which Gawain called forth the lightnings, and bit down with their fangs on the scales of the frightened wyverns.

With the fangs of the dragons that they once fought, the children of men drove the ryuus into a corner.

If the balance of the battle in the skies were to be tipped, then the battle down below of the tens of thousands of soldiers fighting would naturally be affected. And with strength to spare, the flying warships titled their hull and turned their port side toward the ground, then unleashed a barrage of magic bullets.

It was truly divine punishment.

An attack that did not distinguish between enemies or allies, one that single mindedly pushed Alrodena toward a disadvantage. Knowing neither fear nor agitation despite staining their hands in the blood of their own, Altigand’s attack had long gone past madness. Indeed, their actions could only make sense if they were being manipulated by something.

The more time passed, the more disadvantaged the Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena Kingdom) became. The Goblin King chased after the hero almost all by himself, but that was mostly because they were contesting a vastly bigger number with just a few soldiers of their own for the sake of a diversion.

The efforts of Gi Ga Rax’s Aransain were particularly awe-inspiring.

The way he dragged the enemy cavalry, which was almost ten times larger than his own, was just that amazing. Not even the attacks from the flying warships could obstruct them in their path. Magic bullets rained down in front, and to their flanks moved the enemy army that was several times their allies’ number, yet the peerless commander spoke.

“Hear my words, my iron legged cavalry! We are the king’s spear! There is nothing we cannot do on this battlefield! The word, impossible, does not exist for Aransain! So follow me!!”

As soon as he said that, he bravely led the charge and rode headfirst for the rain of bullets. At his behest, the cavalry roared like a hundred lions and plunged straight into the magic bullets that poured down like spears.

Yet despite all the powers that rained upon them, Aransain’s charge was properly rewarded, and they managed to get through with little damage, allowing them to bite into the weakest flank of the enemy cavalry to devour them.

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