Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 301: And Then, Death (1/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 301 – And Then, Death (1/3)

When the sky was torn open, a sea of clouds so dense it was ominous was revealed. It was a space filled with enormous heat, where blue flames danced and electricity ran amidst the rift between clouds.

With the entrance still too narrow, the denizens of the otherworld were nowhere to be seen, but the bellows of their incomprehensible voices transformed into thunder clouds that shook the surroundings.

Ether flowed in and spewed out from the entrance, splitting the earth and pulling it into the underworld. Rocks were crumpled and crushed and sent flying to flow into the sea of clouds. Then like a child greedy for everything, the underworld opened its maws and devoured it all.

That held true not just for the earth.

The door to the opened world spread itself around Ativ and the man. Corpses, humans and monsters alike, were sucked into the entrance without any power to resist. It was a sight reminiscent of the end of the world, but no one had the time to pay it heed.

The enemy was right in front. The enemy that must be slain!

What terrified Ativ was not that which his adversary tore open, but the fact that the device to define the principle of the world, Deetna, had activated. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t complete. That was something that only the gods should have been privy to, but his adversary, this man before him, knew the method.

The principle of the world could only be completed after sacrificing tens of thousands of souls and only after a mind-bogglingly long time. A long-cherished wish that could be completed only after sacrificing even the souls of the humans which he loved so dearly.

“Before the hero would appear the demon king.”

“A monster cannot slay a god.”

“The gods cannot interfere with the surface.”

Those were laws akin to the truths of the world, something completely different from the true words(magic) in the words of the gods. A principle decided during the war that occurred 400 years ago. A principle decided through Ativ’s cooperation with Altesia, who at the time was the strongest, before he schemed against her to exile her to the underworld.

All of that was made possible by Deetna’s power.

Even Altesia, despite amassing her power in the underworld, was helpless before it.

He even turned his back on ‘cooperation’, the very definition of his godhood, to attain a paradise that belonged only to humans, but all of that was now collapsing from right before him.


It was supposed to be perfect this time.

It wasn’t possible 400 years ago because he had to suppress Altesia, but this time, it was supposed to be done perfectly. Even if he had to betray everything… For the sake of creating a peaceful world for humans and humans alone──

“…You bastard!”

Wrath took his thoughts as he beheld his adversary, who stood before him with his great sword thrust into the ground, breathing raggedly.

“Enough! No longer will I hold back! Even if it takes another 400 years, even if it takes an eternity, for the sake of the humans I love, for the sake of the world!”

He would kill the enemy that stood before him.

With the power of a god and all the power of a hero, he would slay his adversary, his greatest threat, which stood before him.

In the hands of this god appeared a red pattern, then a sword found its way into his hand. It was the God-Slaying Sword(Zirnag).


The sound is distant.

So are the heat from the flames I exhale.

I can’t even tell if my pulse is strong or weak.

My vision is hazy. I can’t even see the ground well.

But I’m sure I succeeded.

It was such a reckless plan, like the character in a story rebelling against its author.

But I succeeded. I managed to twist the ambition of a god and create a world where races other than humans could exist. The humans won’t have an unfair advantage anymore, and we will gain a peace worthy of the blood we’ve shed.

The god before me will eventually disappear.

I’ve already opened a path to the underworld. That woman won’t just quietly watch, so I can just leave the rest to her.

I’ve already fulfilled my duty as their king.

There are still some things on my back, but I’m sure… It will go well if I just leave the rest to them.

They’ll be fine even without me.

That’s why… I’m going to rest for a bit…

I’ve done enough.

I can’t even tell if I’m in pain or not. My torn arms ache every time I breathe. I’ve been cut so many times it’s stupid.

I’ve already died once anyway.

It wasn’t just once or twice that my heart has been pierced through. It happened many times during my battle with this god.

The violent pain assaulting me was so intense it rushed up my bones and numbed my nerves. Every breath I took would cause my strength to leave me through my wounds.

But that too will end.

Even if I fall now, nothing will change.

I should just kneel and look up at the sky. This god can’t win anymore. I should at least be allowed to rest during my death.

I produced some results, after all.

……Ahh, I’m so tired.

So tired……




……Ah, but why?

Won’t my hands let go of my sword?

Why do my trembling legs refuse to yield?

Why do my eyes insist on glaring at him? Why is the breath – that I don’t even know if I’m hearing – so ragged?

Why do I refuse to fall?

I don’t understand.

I really… really don’t.

It’s true. I don’t understand. Why do I have to face off against this god so desperately despite the pain? I already know that the outcome won’t change.

Even if I fall, this god before me will just vanish on his own.

I don’t understand.

──No, there’s no way I wouldn’t know why. I’ve just forgotten.


Remember the weight of that which I’ve forgotten.

The name of my beloved. The name of that person I have to save no matter the price.


The magnitude of the burden I carry.

That pledge.

That bitter experience when I lost. That remorse, that despair.

That unforgettable weakness.

Just a little bit, a little bit more, and my hands will reach it.

Even if I have to cross the stormy seas a thousand times over for that ‘little bit’… I’ve already made it this far, yet…

I’ve yet to get anything back!

if i fall now, just who would save her?──

The enemy I should defeat is still standing before me.

He is still breathing. The pulse that didn’t know if it should keep beating or not suddenly started violently beating and rebuked my body. The legs that refused to yield stepped forward.

And these hands… I’m still holding tightly with them, aren’t I?

Everything that made me encouraged my weakened heart.

I, I, I… I’ve yet to!!!

My clenched teeth creaked. The breath I exhaled was scorching hot. Within my soul shone an indomitable soul. Something has been growing inside me every time I survived death. And with every life I took, a weight was added onto my shoulders.

Therefore, I──


──For what reason did I ran through that battlefield!? For what reason!?

──For what reason did my subjects come!?


──For what reason was that victory!?

──For what reason does this monstrous body exist!!?


──For what reason did I overcome death(defeat)!!

──Right now, with this sword in these hands of mine!!


“──Ativ!!! I am taking back everything you took from me!!!!”

──Yes, everything was for the sake of getting it all back.

His crumbling body, his wounds that refused to close, his strength and life turned blood that continued to pour.

Despite all that, the man stood up with his sword.

The god whose dreams have been shattered fought to regain his dream, while the man whose existence had been stolen fought to get it all back.

For the sake of regaining that which they had lost, a man and a god crossed blades.

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