Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 302: Epilogue: Alrodena (1/2)

That was an event buried in the far reaches of history, one that occurred more than 2,000 years ago.

In the late autumn of the 5th year of the King’s Calendar, two warriors fell during the Battle of Heaven and Hell that took place right at the center of Altigand. Alrodena lost their king, while Altigand lost their royal family and hero.

However, Alrodena’s advance did not stop, and within ten days they captured the capital of Altigand, bringing an end to the great struggle for supremacy known as the Eastern Expedition.

After that Alrodena carved a history of a thousand years upon the continent.

The first prime minister, Pale Symphoria, displayed great acumen and successfully built a foundation for the nation. Her success in overcoming civil wars, such as the War of Succession, and establishing a peaceful era without war was noteworthy even within Alrodena’s thousand-year history.

But even after overcoming the War of Succession and reigning at the top of the nation both in name and in substance, never did she try to take Alrodena’s throne for herself.

“Only one man is qualified to sit on this throne.”

—Was the reason she gave.

Prime Minister Pale was always dressed in black clothes akin to a mourning dress and would always kneel before the throne when deciding national policy. Her decision to maintain the attitude of a vassal might have been out of consideration for the warriors that ruled over the military, but it succeeded nonetheless in earning her a reputation for integrity and fairness.

She turned over her position as prime minister on the 47th year of Alrodena after laying a foundation for the nation.

The next generation was succeeded by Shunaria Forni, a renowned talented sylph woman, who became the second Prime Minister of Alrodena. The enthusiasm to construct new buildings and develop the unexplored lands yet filled the country, and the next 25 years were spent in a frenzy of rapid internal developments.

On the 72nd year of Alrodena’s calendar began the reign of Prime Minister Selena Fagarmia, an adventurer with a deep knowledge of city management. By the time she became Prime Minister, her husband has already passed. She put her talents to good use, and as the enthusiasm for development cooled, focused on the development of various laws and the improvement of public facilities.

She served as Prime Minister for 33 years until Alrodena’s 105th year and succeeded in consolidating their control over the continent. Within this century, Alrodena’s rule was immovable.

In honor of these women’s achievements, this century came to be known as the Century of the Empresses.

A long, long time ago, one king triumphed amidst the frenzy of wars and founding of nations.

After 300 years of darkness in the middle ages, then another 700 years until the present time, the name of that king has long been forgotten and not even his portrait remains, but then a great discovery was made, one that could even be called the discovery of the century.

The history as recorded by the Great Historian, Gi Do Buruga, was found, and the tales spoken of by the minorities were proven true.

The age enveloped in the darkness of myths was slowly being uncovered. How to interpret it was a matter left up to the historians, but there was no doubt that the people that lived then could be described with these words.

“We have established an epitaph no one can bore through. It is higher than the mountains the ryuus dwell, more precious than the divine metals forged by the gods. It was that sort of epitaph.

O people of the future. Our descendants. Should you ever set out on a pilgrimage for the King’s Mausoleum in Arensia, let it be known. That our flag has reached the ends of the world.

O king. Our king. Our great king.

Our king who rests there.

The Great King of──”

Although a part of it couldn’t be read because of the damage, it was a remarkable piece of literature that revealed its author’s proud and unsophisticated character. Gi Do Buruga, as described in the various pieces of history, was someone who served the King of Alrodena. The unsophisticated and poignant tone of his composition, akin to an unrequited love letter, must be the result of his people’s reverence and sincerity.

Alrodena has long faded into history, and the excavation of Revea Su, the eternal, millennial city began just a year ago.

What kinds of lives did these people, who lived with their pride on their chest, live? I hope to understand just that upon acquiring a piece of their history. Just like my grandparents, who were fascinated by them and traveled all over the world.

──Written by the historian, Ibn Anthony Rentuta 『 A person fascinated by Gi Do Buruga’s ‘History’ 』


The Fate of the Characters (Age According to Alrodena’s Calendar)

Gi Ga Rax (~46 Years)

Aransain’s cavalry general. Alrodena’s chief general who conquered the continent. Despite his victory in the War of Succession, he retired and left the center stage.

Gi Gu Verbena (~21 Years)

One of the four generals, and Felduk’s General. He died during the War of Succession. His death was mourned by many warriors.

Gi Go Amatsuki (Unknown)

After the Battle of Heaven and Hell, he roamed the continent as a wandering swordsman.

Gi Za Zakuend (~5 years)

Died during the Battle of Heaven and Hell.

Gi Gi Orudo (~42 years)

After the Battle of Heaven and Hell, he left the military and secluded himself in the fief he was given. He returned to the military when he joined Alrodena’s standing army during the War of Succession and made achievements.

Gi Ji Arsil (~43 years)

After the Battle of Heaven and Hell, he remained active as one of the generals in charge of Alrodena’s intelligence. The information he procured are credited with many of the breakthroughs during the Century of the Empresses, including the expeditions to the unexplored territories.

Gi Zu Ruo (~45 years)

After the Battle of Heaven and Hell, he left the military and went back to his hometown to manage his territory. He didn’t join the War of Succession and lived the rest of his life quietly.

Gi Jii Yubu (~71 years)

After the Battle of Heaven and Hell, he was given rank equaling the four generals. He led Alrodena’s standing army during the War of Succession and made achievements. He continued to serve as Gi Ga Rax’s adviser before becoming a pillar of Alrodena and a shield for the country after Gi Ga Rax passed away.

Gi Do Buruga (~66 Years)

His ‘History’ speaks volumes of his reputation as an historian, but even within Alrodena’s army, he displayed plenty of talent as a military commander. Other than his ‘History’, he also wrote ‘Flower Song’, which spoke of feelings of love. He had apparently gifted it to a sylph, but the identity of the exact person is yet under research.

Gi Bii (~21 Years)

He died during the War of Succession.

Gi Bu Rakuta (~71 Years)

He is said to be the founder of the Rakuta family, a financial conglomerate, as well as the father of agriculture and livestock farming. He had many descendants.

Gi Be Slay (~21 Years)

He died during the War of Succession.

Gi Ah (~67 Years)

A proud adventurer of Alrodena. Contributed to the unraveling of the geography outside the continent and the mapping of the world with Gi Ii.

Gi Ii (~56 Years)

Left his mark on the world with Gi Ah. The “Encyclopedia of Islands’ he dictated and Gi Uu wrote became a bible for adventurers in ancient times.

Gi Uu (~72 Years)

Roamed the world with Gi Ah and Gi Ii. His ‘Encyclopedia of Islands’ and ‘Book For Adventurers’ were best sellers at the time.

Ra Gilmi Fishiga (~55 years)

After the Battle of Heaven and Hell, he married Princess Narsa. He officially succeeded the Ganra clan and assumed the position of chief, uniting the Paradua, the Gaidga, the Gordob, and the Ganra. He also had 5 boys and 3 girls with Princess Narsa.

Ra Narsa (~46 years)

Happily married to Ra Gilmi Fishiga, with whom she has five sons and three daughters.

Ru Rou (~70 years)

Chief of the Ganra clan after the death of Gilmi. He contributed to the prosperity of the clan for a long time.

Aluhaliha (~6 years)

After witnessing the Battle of Heaven and Hell, he suddenly died after the king. He was a great chief who was sorely missed by the tribes and the warriors.

Haroo (~39 Years)

Aransain’s second in command and the great chief of the Paradua clan. He managed Paradua well alongside Alashd.

Alashd (~36 years)

Elder of the Paradua after Aluhaliha died. He managed Paradua well alongside Haroo.

Rashka (~5 years)

Died in battle at Helms Canyon.

Dashka (~5 years)

Died with Rashka in battle.

Kuzan (~19 years)

Chief of Gordob, one of the four clans. After the Battle of Heaven and Hell, she returned to her own territory and brought prosperity to her own tribe.

Gisan (Unknown)

In charge of watching over Garm Su. When he died remains a mystery, but it is said that his friendship with Yuza, the head of the guards, lasted throughout his life.






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