Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Intermission – The Strongest Gaidga (2/3)

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Volume 4: Intermission – The Strongest Gaidga (2/3)

A Blue Orc ancestor, loyal to the goddess, was slain by a hero, and the orcs who followed him were pushed by the humans led by the hero as they tried to retreat.

Then a great fire that could scorch the land landed right at the center of that orc army. It radiated out rays of fire blessed by the God of Fire(Rodo).

That attack that was just like a sun had been dropped on the earth was an ancient magic known as Starfall(Meteor).

The hero that slayed the Blue Orc was one of the heroes of this generation, the Martial God, and the one who wiped out the army was another hero, the Saint of Flames.

The orcs that responded to the call of the Blue Orc had given rise to an army much stronger than the humans, but the cunningness of the humans allowed them to surpass the orcs.

The Blue Orc respected the brave ones who dared duel, so the humans prepared a battlefield for him that he couldn’t avoid, and then sent the Martial God to dispatch the Blue Orc. At the same time, the Saint of Flames casted Starfall(Meteor) at the orcs that were about to flee and brought victory to the humans.

Although the orcs had been equipped with the armor of the underworld, the power of the meteor was overwhelming, and it continued to burn even after the scorching the land, leaving the orcs in a complete disadvantage.

“The enemy is about to flee! Keep attacking!”

The Martial God’s black hair swayed from the aftermath of the meteor, but she pointed her dazzling sword at the back of the orc army.

The human army cried out in response to the Martial God’s call and advanced. The Martial God, who proffered to be able to move easily and was equipped with an armor that protected only certain parts, such as her chest, was still a young girl.

She too was about to continue chasing after the orcs, but before she knew it, the Saint of Flames had appeared behind her and grabbed her arm.

“…You’re already at your limit.”

“So what? I’ll still wipe them out.”

The saint shook her head and the Martial God glared at her.

“You’ve always been reckless. I’ll go, so you back off.”

“But you just used your spell, didn’t you!?”

“Let me throw your words back at you. So what? I am the Saint of Flames. With the titles of both hero and flame in my name, I will burn all my enemies.”

The Saint of Flames that wore an eyepatch over one of her eyes impishly laughed, and with the dignity and determination befitting a hero, her golden hair swayed as she stretched her hand up toward the heavens.

My tears will scorch the heavens(Fire Rain).”

Hundreds of magic formations with the color of flames appeared in the air, and the flames of arrows that they shot possessed the power of the human with the greatest mana. As she took off her eyepatch, she glared at heaven and earth with her red eyes, and she beheld the heavens dye itself in the color of flames as rains of fire descended upon their enemy.

In this moment, the orcs ceased to be an army, and what would’ve been a pursuing battle turned into a trifling subjugation quest.

“With this, you won’t have to go anymore. Now, go get some rest,” the Saint of Flame said.

“Stop pushing yourself like that! Do you want to die!?” the Martial God said.

“I wouldn’t mind dying for you.”


“It was just a joke. Anyway, it’s just a subjugation quest now, so feel free to take care of it if you want. I’m tired, so I’m going.”

After putting the eyepatch back on her eye, the saint turned heel, and so did the Martial God after she confirmed the humans chasing after the orcs.

While the humans chased after the fleeing orcs, the orcs were a mess. Some of them chose to fight, while others chose to run; which is why, whatever resistance they put up barely held in front of the organized humans, and so, they were taken out one after another.

The orcs escaped deep into the forests of the world, but the humans never stopped pursuing them. The humans wanted to use this opportunity to thoroughly weaken them.

“Hunt every last one of those pigs!”

The human at the lead was not a hero himself, but he was undoubtedly a powerful human. He buried his spear in the back of the orc in front of him and stomped it dead with the hooves of his steed.

“Attack, attack—!?”

The human at the lead of the army tried to encourage his soldiers, but stopped midway. An arrow had found its way into his chest, knocking him off of his steed, and then…

“To battle!”

A voice resounded, and goblins riding large monster beasts leaped out of the darkness and attacked the humans. At the same time, arrows rained on them, and after breaking through several lines of the human army, they fled back to the darkness.

It was a surprise attack within the depths of the forest. Moreover, with such excellent application of their mobility, the humans couldn’t follow the goblins at all. But the humans were no cowards. After all they were the favored children who rose to power when the Races of the Land were being pushed in the east.

“It’s the Demonic Children of Chaos(Goblins)! Intercept them!”

Encouraged by the voice of their brave commander, they took out their swords and spears, and then they hid their bodies behind their shields to protect themselves from the goblins running in the darkness while they waited for an opportunity to strike back.

But then in front of them quietly appeared a goblin from the direction that the orcs had fled in. It was a goblin too big for a goblin. It was even tall enough to stand among orcs. With its fangs reaching out for the heavens from its strong lower jaw, it was the picture of ferocity. Its gaze even gleamed with so much ferocity despite the dark of the forest that even the monster beasts feared it. His arms, his torso, and his legs… They were all twice as thick as normal goblins.

He was the famed Gaidga, the strongest among the goblins.

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