I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter I – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-09: Romance, Weapons, Wild Dance I (1/3)

“So, what should we do while waiting?”

After Aristel and Werner recovered from their fear and shock, Frire told them to wait since she’ll be sending someone over.

As soon as the call ended, Shinichi matter-of-factly asked everyone that question.

“Huh? But it’s Doneju Sensei we’re talking about. She won’t even take 2 minutes,” Aristel said.

“Even if it were someone else, they’ll take only 10 minutes to get here with an exoskeleton. And even if Doneju Sensei takes a while to decide who to send, it’ll still take only 15 minutes at most,” Werner said.

But the ojousama and the engineer who knew more about this school’s common sense didn’t understand why he would ask that.

Of the four people gathered here, the ones with the most common sense were the top student of the academy and the engineer that brought to life an anime robot. Something probably should be said about that, but it wasn’t the time.

“Naive. You’re too naive, you two. There’s no way that Fudonecchi could handle the situation that flawlessly,” Myuhi said.

“Exactly. I’m sure she’ll do her best deciding who to pick, but her relationship with her colleagues isn’t that good, and all the more so when they’re just barely able to hold the exams as is. There’s no way they’ll be able to spare anyone,” Shinichi said.

The teachers keeping watch at the campus could help out if the problem wasn’t so violent, but the problem was violent, and in fact both teacher and student alike have gone berserk for unknown reasons. To make things worse, they were being held in the fields.

In the worst case scenario, they would need to dispatch several people that could use an exoskeleton.

“She’ll cross them out one by one, and then say to herself, ‘There’s no choice. I’ll have to do it myself!’ That’s 10 minutes. And then she’ll need another 10 minutes to explain everything to the people around her. Add another 5 minutes for her to persuade them. Of course, they won’t be able to just stand by without doing anything, so it will be another 20 minutes before the main force arrives. That girl really doesn’t have any sense of planning, you see,” Shinichi said.


“I-I feel like Doneju Sensei’s image is crumbling…”

She was the strongest teacher of the school, the Sword Saint [1], and the overall supervisor of the exam, and yet from what Shinichi was saying, she sounded like an unfortunate person who couldn’t get along with others and was terrible at giving orders.

The engineer didn’t believe him, but the ojousama trusted him and was shocked.

“Ah ha ha, you’re both dreaming too much. Fudone-Sensei is just an unfortunate beauty who’s desperately trying to appear capable,” Myuhi said.

“Don’t say that. She may be like that, but she’s really doing her best to play the part of the scary teacher,” Shinichi said.

“D-Did one of my goals vanish just like that!?” Aristel asked.

A heroic woman who would lend a hand to the defense of the city while firmly teaching her students.

With her fame and ability as a former soldier coupled with her beauty, Aristel had admired her all this time, but who would’ve thought that she would be like this? The shock behind Aristel’s words could audibly be felt.


“…You’re about the same as her, though. In a good sense. Well, she’s still a lot stronger than you, though, so you should still aim to be like her,” Shinichi said.

“Dude, I really can’t keep up with you! Anyway, you better not tell her that face to face, okay!?” Werner said.

“Ha ha ha, of course, of course,” Shinichi said.

Shinichi was patting Aristel on the shoulders after she fell to the ground, distraught, but his words were really akin to a finishing blow, and Werner couldn’t be more glad that Doneju Sensei wasn’t here in person.

Unfortunately, the translator device couldn’t properly translate what Shinichi was saying, and no one here could really understand what he meant.

“Sigh… Anyway, I don’t really have any toys on me to kill time with, so…”

But you’ve always been making stuff like this(・・・・・・・), right?”

Shinichi said as he patted the Grandfizer lying drown.

Werner wryly smiled at that since he understood exactly what Shinichi was getting at.

“…You like to play dumb, but you’re actually really quick on the uptake, huh,” Werner said.

Werner wasn’t really lying though since he was planning on explaining his circumstance first.

He had a habit of quickly building stuff talked about in class and submitting them. As for the ones left with him, he would use them for his hobbies.

“But the only ones I have left on me are the ones I didn’t use for our exam. And they’re all incomplete stuff…” Werner said.

“But you do have something interesting on you, don’t you?” Shinichi said.

Werner frowned since the stuff he had on him were all incomplete products, but Shinichi looked straight at him with eyes full of conviction and said that.

Werner wanted to ask why he was so sure when he hasn’t seen them yet, but it was exactly as he said(・・・・).

Werner had the pride of someone who’s made something interesting. It just so happened that he was clueless when it came to what other people were thinking.

The exam of the technology class had a slightly different direction compared to the other classes.

What was being tested wasn’t them themselves but their creations and the method of using them.

To that end they are tasked to make several things that will allow them to clear the three topics they’ve been given beforehand.

First, was a unit(robot) useful in battle.

From direct combat to scouting to base defense. As long as it was related to battle, the objective was irrelevant.

It didn’t matter whether it was a self-operated type, a remote-controlled type, a piloted type, or an unmanned type. It didn’t matter if it was a big type or a small type either.

The first subject was to create a unit that could withstand the battles in the fields.

The second subject was to create a survival tool that could allow one to survive regardless of the environment.

A survival tool that could do everything from securing water to preparing the environment. Again, it didn’t matter how it was made.

Discerning what was needed and the functions to provide that were all elements for evaluation.

The last subject was a weapon that a person could use. It could be a blade, a blaster, a lance, a bazooka…

It didn’t matter what it was, not even if it were meant to be used with one’s bare body or with an exoskeleton, and not even its purpose. They just had to make one.

Two out of these three subjects would be assigned randomly to the students as their exam.

It wasn’t possible to choose a subject or choose to participate in all of them, so it wasn’t possible to focus in just one aspect of one’s studies.

That’s also the reason why this rule was made, to prevent students from just focusing on what they wanted and to get them to study up on the things they were bad at or weren’t interested in.

Regardless what field the students wish to enter in the future, the teachers hoped that they become skilled in a variety of fields.

That is the curriculum of the technology class of Garesto Academy.

Of course, there’s also a measure put in place to prevent students from getting the unlucky draw and having only subjects they’re bad at for their exam.

“Sigh, I was relieved when I didn’t have to take the weapon exam, but then an annoying teacher just had to catch me,” Werner said.

“That’s unfortunate,” Shinichi said.

“…Don’t say that while smiling. Rumors are so unreliable. Which part of you is supposed to be antisocial? You’re clearly the type that manhandles people! Ah, whatever, look, you asked for it!”

Shinichi smiled fearlessly as he urged Werner to bring his toys out. At that, the latter felt his head hurting, but he still activated his foster…

In the next moment, a ball of light shot out of his foster’s screen and a box appeared on the ground.

“Behold! The fruits of my obsession these past few years! The realization of ideas from a new bible(anime)!”

Werner said as he pointed at the box as big and as deep as a normal-sized bathtub.

Shinichi’s eyes sparkled, but the two girls just wryly smiled.

“So, which part of this exactly is supposed to be a weapon?” Aristel asked.

“It’s just a bunch of junk parts,” Myuhi said.

Those were the honest first impressions of the two girls. Whatever it was that Werner had brought out didn’t resemble any weapon one bit.

A mysteriouscone(drill), a L-Shaped Rod(tonfa), a kote with jet boosters attached(rocket punch)… etc.

It was natural that they reacted like that seeing as how there were so many things in there that they didn’t know how to use.

But for different reasons(・・・・・) Shinichi froze with a complicated expression.

“Impertinent! They may be incomplete, but they’re neither failures nor junk parts!” Werner said.

“So you say, but this isn’t a weapon at all, is it?” Aristel said.

Although these things were all incomplete, Werner had still poured his heart out making them, so he couldn’t just stand still and accept their baseless criticisms.

Unfortunately, as far as the Garestonian girls, who’ve handled many genuine Garesto weapons, were concerned, not a single one of these looked like a real weapon.

Especially, the ‘palm-sized flying saucer’, which Aristel pointed at. She vividly recalls seeing it from a document before, and that document wasn’t a document about weapons but of Japanese culture.

“If I recall correctly, that’s a ‘Yo-yo’, a toy from Earth,” Aristel said.

“Ah, now that you mention it. You play with it by pulling it up and down with the string on your finger, right?” Myuhi said.

As soon as Myuhi said that, she took the string of the flying saucer and set out to play with it.

To these two girls, these weren’t weapons but toys made in Earth.

And anyone who saw that flying saucer in Myuhi’s hands would also agree that it was a yo-yo.

For some reason, however, as soon as she set out to play with that yo-yo, Werner’s face paled.

“N-No! I told you they’re incomplete! Don’t use it! It’s true I designed that to be a yo-yo, but when that thing hits something hard, a spike will protrude out of it and destroy whatever it hits!”

“Hmm? You mean something like this?”


Half-way through his explanation, Myuhi threw the yo-yo. Werner was speechless.

While the girls were puzzled as to what would happen, the yo-yo violently hit a tree.

In the next moment, a protrusion made out of photons protruded out and smashed up the part it hit.

The part of a tree much thicker than the torso of a human body was crushed into pieces just like that and noisily fell into the ground.

“Oh, that’s pretty good,” Myuhi said.

“No! Don’t just watch! Dodge!!” Werner yelled.

“Huh?” Myuhi said.

While Myuhi was showing admiration for the surprising destructive power of the yo-yo, Werner desperately told her to dodge.

Alas, his warning fell on deaf ears, as she didn’t pay him any attention. No, she didn’t have the time to.

Which is why when she reacted and dodged, it was purely reflex.

“What? No way!?”

But just the fact that her reflexes kicked in was proof that something happened.

She didn’t think that the yo-yo she crushed the tree with just now would suddenly fly back at her.

Some projectile weapons were designed to returned to their wielder. That in itself wasn’t strange.

The problem was that this yo-yo was coming back at her at almost the same speed as when she threw it. To make matters worse, those conical spikes it smashed that tree with were still out.


Tl Note: Changed Sword Master to Holy Saint as suggested.


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