I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter I – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-09: Romance, Weapons, Wild Dance I (3/3)

“Wait, wait!! I know they’re dangerous and all, but you were the ones who handled them so carelessly!”

It was a terrifying thing to be on the other end of the barrel of the school’s two top students, but Werner still stood in their way.

That was how much he treasured these weapons he painstakingly built.

Although he did seem to lose nerve almost immediately after, as the unsmiling smiling faces of those two girls were just that terrifying.

“The one who brought those weapons out where anyone could touch them without explaining anything first was you, though?” Aristel said.

“It’s true that I didn’t explain enough, but I did say they were incomplete, didn’t I!?” Werner said.

“Even then don’t you think you should be more careful when choosing what weapons to show people?” Myuhi said.

“You used it before I could explain anything!” Werner said.

Despite that and the pressure weighing down on him from their smiles, he did not budge.

The girls were aware that they were partly at fault too, but they found the weapons too dangerous to be left alone.

Of course, the biggest reason was still that they were humiliated in front of Shinichi.

“In the first place— !?”


As the two sides glared at each other, a giant snake of steel suddenly appeared in front of them.

When they turned around, they saw a boy controlling(・・) the snake belly sword while smiling.

“Calm down, you three.”

“As if you have the right to say that!” Werner said.

“Why did you use that thing again, Icchi!?”

“Exactly! An uncontrollable weapon like that shouldn— Huh?”

The snake belly sword had finally stopped moving and yet Shinichi just had to pull it out again. Just as they were about to argue that, they suddenly realized it.

In the first place, just how was the snake sword put under control? Anger and relief had caused them to miss that part, but when they inadvertently followed the movements of the large snake, they gulped.


The blade that passed between them and flew into the sky was so precise it did not at all resemble that rampaging snake from earlier.

The snake seemed to be gliding over the earth, dashing against the waves as it ran across the sky and entangled itself around a tree.

And then like the giant steel snake it was, it constricted the tree and easily crushed it.

Everyone gulped. To them the snake belly sword looked just like a snake-shaped drone or a raybeast.

That was how lively Shinichi’s snake belly sword was.

Although it did look somewhat awkward what with the yo-yo still stuck in it.

“Something like that, I guess.”

“…How? I mean you did it earlier too, but just how?” Werner asked.

The snake that could now properly be controlled returned to its double-edged sword form.

Upon seeing all of that, Werner couldn’t help but ask Shinichi that question.

There was some fear in his eyes too, but curiosity won out.

“Hmm… How do I explain? I guess you could say I just read the wrong patterns? If you observe it a little, you can figure out how you’re supposed to move to make it move properly,” Shinichi said.

“So, in other words, you’re compensating for the snake’s broken movements by figuring out what ‘wrong’ movement is needed to make it move properly?” Myuhi asked.

“I-I couldn’t do anything at all, and yet in such a short period of time, you’re already able to control it to that extent!?” Aristel said.

“Ah, yes, yes, Ari-chan, you calm down over there,” Myuhi said.

“That’s impossible,” the developer muttered, while Aristel’s eyes sparkled.

As for Myuhi, she did think it was amazing, but she just asked Aristel to behave.

At the same time, however, there was also a questioning look in her eyes.

She couldn’t be obvious about it, but the way she was treating Shinichi was clearly different from normal.

“I don’t think it’s feasible, but you made it happen, so I can’t really complain. Regardless, though, the reason why it can’t controlled remains a mystery.”

“Hmm? Isn’t it because the movement of the blade and the photons are slightly off?”


“I don’t know the specifics, but the movement of the photon layer and the sword doesn’t match. It’s a really minute difference, though. The edge of the sword being light could also be the culprit.”

The idea itself wasn’t wrong.

But the balance of the sword wrapped in photon was too shallow.

The weight of the blade, the movement from the elasticity, and the expansion and contraction from the photon wrapped around it.

There was a slight gap between all of them that made it hard to control.

When Werner heard that, he fell down to the ground and held his head.

“Even though that was the part I was most careful with!”

Looks like the biggest reason why the sword couldn’t be completed was that Werner himself was so sure that he’d made the sword perfectly.

Truly the very picture of the saying ‘it is darkest under the lamppost’. After all, he had already known the reason but just didn’t realize it.

“Ah ha ha, that’s just the difference between a creator and a user. The stone weight(・・) at the end of the sword helps balance it too, so it should be a lot easier to handle now.”

Shinichi wryly smiled upon seeing Werner so distraught, but he still clearly explained to him how to improve the weapon.

But unlike Werner who recovered from his depression with a few pointers, Myuhi was sullen.

After all, this changed the reason why he saved her from the toy.

“So you saved me just by happenstance? Because you might as well?”

“Fu fu… Who knows? You can see it whichever way you prefer.”

“Y-You’re so annoying! Even though you’re just Icchi!”

There was some irritation behind her words, and when Shinichi retorted, she became even more sullen.

She bellowed at him like a sore loser, but sure enough, Shinichi just laughed it off.

Meanwhile, Werner and Aristel looked like they were seeing something strange.

“I never thought Ruona-san could become angry enough for it to show on her face…” Aristel said.

“Such a precious expression,” Werner said.

It was rare to see Myuhi make another expression aside from her smiles.

Making other expressions should have been a normal thing, but in her case, it was so rare that Aristel and Werner were actually astonished.

“I’m really pissed, so I’m going to blow those toys away after all.”

“Y-You’re just venting your anger!”

It was curious if she noticed their gazes, but Hina pointed her gun at the chest again.

Werner cried out and desperately protected his box..

The things inside it may all be incomplete products, but they were still his precious children as a creator.

“Werbra-chan, move aside, I won’t destroy your box.” [2]

“Aren’t you a Garestonian!? How in the world did you learn that reference!? Wait, that’s not the time for that. Look, it’s true that there are dangerous stuff mixed in, but there are some that are almost complete!”

Werner took out one weapon after another as if to advertise their brilliance, but—

“This giant shear could cut and crush its target even with just a little bit of strength…” Werner said.

“That looks hard to move with,” Myuhi said.

“Won’t that get in the way since it’s blocking both of your hands,” Aristel said.

“That’s just a giant scissors, no? If you’re going to make it automatic, the least you could’ve done is to make it equipable on one arm,” Shinichi said.

“T-Then how about this vicious weapon that combines a chainsaw and a great sword! Via the high-speed rotation of the photon blade, it can even cut the hard bedrock! Of course, because of that the foster supplied to the students can’t keep up with the photon consumption,” Werner said.

“That’s useless then,” Myuhi said.

“That sounds like a scary weapon to fight against, but I don’t really see myself ever wanting to swing something like that around,” Aristel said.

“How about compensating for the lack of photon with imitation photon? Either way it’s too big. You have to make it smaller or friendly fire is likely,” Shinichi said.

—The results were mixed.

Even Shinichi who understood his romance to some extent gave a harsh opinion.

Although he showed understanding regarding why Werner would want to make those things, they simply weren’t effective enough as weapons.

“E-Even my comrade has betrayed me… But I’ll accept your ideas!”

“What a shameless man… Anyway, can I shoot already?”

After receiving their harsh criticisms, Werner was down for a moment, but before long he switched gears and started taking down notes. He was a tenacious man.

Myuhi laughed while making a fed up face, and she pointed her gun at the box again.

“W-Wait! I’m confident in this one! At least take a look at it!”

Werner sounded like he was pleading one last time as he presented a red gun.

It was small enough that it could be carried with one hand, but it was at least twice as big as conventional pistols.

Especially, the gun barrel, which was so thick it seemed like it could be used as a blunt weapon.

Its shape and boorish design was closer to conventional weapons and felt realer than the toy-like designs of Garesto’s weapons.

“This is a compressed air gun designed to use as little photon as possible!”

“…Oh?” Myuhi said.

“C-Compressed air gun? What is that?” Aristel asked.

“It’s a gun that shoots bullets using compressed air. Now that Earth’s weapons are considered obsolete, you’re remaking them with Garesto technology?”

Unlike Shinichi who could roughly understand the sequence of words, the girls had no idea what he was saying.

It could be said to be the correct perspective. It was the boy who took that with a different meaning who was wrong.

But Werner who panicked because of that started explaining by pointing the gun at a nearby tree.

“Normally, you’d be correct, but this gun uses compressed air as its bullets. It consumes a lot less energy that the normal shooters that use photons for their bullets. You can also adjust the firepower by adjusting the compressed volume and focus rate. Let’s start with the normal mode that shoots air bullets the size of normal bullets. Normal mode!”

A light sound resounded followed by a belated fierce sound that tore the air.

In the next instant, a small hole appeared on the tree Werner shot at. If one were to peek through it, one would be able to see through the tree.

That was proof that the air bullet had shot all the way through it.

“Wow! A real wind gun! Now that’s something! A real compressed air gun(air gun) has to shoot with air bullets, after all. Shooting just by using air can’t be called an air gun at all!”

“Exactly. I knew you’d understand! I share your opinion 100%!”

“I don’t really get it, but… Its penetrative strength is a lot greater than what I was expecting,” Aristel said.

The girls wryly smiled because they couldn’t understand why the two men were so excited, but they were impressed nonetheless.

The technology that could turn the ever present air into a bullet was the real thing.

This weapon was indeed a lot more complete than the rest.

“If you increase the focus, you can focus the air into a single point, and shooting through a tree like this won’t be difficult at all. Another way to use it is by increasing the volume compressed and reducing the focus rate. Scatter Mode!”

Werner aimed the gun to the branches and leaves at the top of the tree and pulled the trigger.

The large volume of compressed air was released in a wide area. In just one shot, the branches and leaves that covered the tree were all blown away, while the tree itself bent, looking like it was about to break at any time.

“And that’s how it is! I lowered the firepower, but normally, it could blow the whole thing in just one shot!”

“Wow!” Myuhi said.

“Amazing!” Aristel said.

Werner raised his fist in pride, and the girls too nodded in admiration.

Although the gun didn’t fit Garesto’s aesthetics, these two girls were not the sort to wrongfully assess its value because of that.

“That’s stronger than the intermediate skill, Air Hammer. It’s also designed to conserve energy, so yeah, you can totally be proud!” Myuhi said.

“It’s also great that you could switch between an area-of-effect attack and burst damage without changing weapons. The bullets being invisible should also be difficult to deal with,” Aristel said.

The two top students of the academy didn’t hold back in giving him their praise, giving rise to a smile on Werner’s face.

Although he made it because it was his hobby, he realized for the first time that it was a wonderful thing to be understood by others.

“So, why is it considered incomplete?”

But then as if to pour cold water over his glee, Shinichi happily asked that question.

Werner’s satisfied expression quickly transformed to that of one being choked. Unfortunately, he couldn’t not answer.

After all, he was the one who made it, and he was also the one who said it was incomplete.

“…It has no durability. If the compression volume is set to more than 80%, it will blow up. If the focus rate is over 60%, then even at 70% compression volume, it will still explode. With both at 60%, you can shoot once, but the gun will crack.”

“Uwaah, so there really was a catch,” Myuhi said.

“It was only a what-if scenario,” Werner added, but this problem was fatal. In a sense, this durability problem actually made this weapon the worst of the defects so far.

A weapon that couldn’t be controlled was one thing, but a weapon that could break so easily while being used was out of the question.

“So in other words, it can only be used at half power to be safe?” Aristel asked.

“Yeah. Because of the design and the materials, I can’t increase the durability any more than this. I tried making it bulkier, but it was useless. I considered making it bigger, but doing that will make it difficult to use. But even with this problem, it’s still strong enough to take care of a B Rank raybeast,” Werner said.

“Huh? Isn’t that enough? What’s the point of speccing its firepower so high that it breaks?” Myuhi asked.

If this were meant only to deal with raybeasts, then it was already overspecced.

As far as Myuhi was concerned, the problem could easily be fixed if he just added a limiter that limited the output to half its current max.

Unfortunately, such common sense didn’t apply to this ‘hot’ engineer.

“What are you saying!? Having a limiter or an all-or-nothing function that would bring the power to the limits even at the cost of the gun itself breaking is the very concept of romance!”

Werner spread his arms wide as he orated feverously, “To hell with theory!”

It was at this moment that Myuhi, Shinichi, and Aristel realized why this poor student – the greatest of Technology Class B – was being shirked by his classmates.

“I don’t know anymore if this kid is stupid(a fool) or what,” Myuhi said.

“I think his zeal is worthy of praise…” Aristel said.

“Ahaha, I get how you feel, but I don’t really want to use a weapon like that.”

The girls wryly smiled, fed up, while Shinichi found himself unable to keep up with the passionate engineer.

After all, while they both shared the same romance, Shinichi was on the side of those that used weapons.

He couldn’t help but look harshly at a creator who acknowledged his weapon’s lack of durability.

“Even my comrade rejected me part 2!?”

“Don’t count it… Also, it’s because I value durability the most when it comes to weapon. That’s one thing I’ll never budge on.”

‘Of course, that’s also the most difficult part,’ Shinichi muttered in his mind.

As for why he valued durability so much, there were many reasons for it. For one, it was because he didn’t have a weapon with him while he was at Falandia. Another was because he could turn anything into a weapon, and then there’s also the fact that few weapons could actually handle his magic.

His Skill stat was too high. Because of that he could use weapons to an extent far beyond the norm. Moreover, in order to use his strength, the burden placed on the weapon by his Magic Raiment Battle Law demanded tremendous durability.

That’s why he never had a weapon on him. After all, they would always break after every battle.

Of course, part of the reason was also because there were a lot of situations where he had to use power near his full strength.

“How about wrapping the gun in photon and then using that to protect it? I don’t know if it’s possible technologically speaking, but I think that should solve the problem,” Shinichi said.


“Won’t the gun be able to hold itself if you cover the interior and exterior with some kind of barrier to protect from the air pressure or the shock?”

That was one of the most common ways Shinichi used to increase the durability of the weapon he had to ‘make-do’ with.

But although an energy of the same kind as Magic Raiment Battle Law Form of Strength would be used, a machine would be the one applying it, so he couldn’t tell how difficult it would actually be to implement. Because of that it was just a suggestion.

“I see. In other words, I just need to turn it into an exoskeleton!”


“Umm, from the face your making, Icchi, you probably suggested it without knowing, so let me explain. The defensive power of the exoskeletons come from the durability of the armor itself and the thickness of the barrier that’s always activated, and what decides that is the amount of photon energy covering the surface of the armor,” Myuhi said.

“It’s not done for weapons since it’s too inefficient, but… I’m fairly sure this is taught to first years when learning about exoskeletons,” Aristel said.


After being told that by the girls with a wry smile and a fed-up expression, even Shinichi couldn’t help but groan.

Shinichi did remember there being such a class despite his boycotting.

It was just that there were too many specialized words, so when he couldn’t understand it at all, he just gave up.

The only parts he did understand were the basic usage and abilities. As for the mechanisms behind the exoskeletons, he didn’t understand it one bit.

But now that he knew about this, the exoskeletons could basically be said to be automatically applying Magic Raiment Battle Law.

“So that’s why I thought it felt strange when I touched it… That’s kind of unfair.”

That’s why his magic armor was affected like that, he muttered to himself.

He thought it was because their barrier used the same energy, but it turns out this was the reason.

Be that as it may, the fact that machines could easily replicate the spell that should normally require careful tuning – even if it was easy for him – and that everyone was benefiting from it annoyed him.

Even when he considered the similar and different points, he still thought they were having it too easy and wanted to complain.

“I could use this line for the energy adjustment and make minute adjustments for the barrier generation field. I could coat the interior of the gun with the least coating, and…”

Meanwhile, after being shown a path, Werner had gone off into his own world.

It was the work he was most confident in from that mountain of defects, so he wanted to complete it as soon as possible.

His fingers danced nimbly on the projected monitor and keyboard.

“Fu fu fu, with this the maximum output will become a reality. With the compression volume and the focus rate set to max, the resulting power should even be able to penetrate an exoskeleton. At that point it’ll be a hole the size of a needle’s eye, but with this, this penetrative prowess seen only in dreams will finally become a reality!”

Although his fingers moved delicately and gracefully, his expression grew more and more excited.

When Aristel heard Werner’s mumbles, a twitching smile appeared on her.

This was a smile born because she was the person with the most common sense among them.

“D-Doesn’t that go against the firepower limit? Like by a lot?”

The weapons the students could make in the academy have various limits placed on them.

The resources and equipment they’re given are a rank lower than those in Garesto, and even the firepower of their weapons are further limited on top of the general standards imposed by Garesto.

It was to prevent any major violence from the students or a massive leak of weapons and technology.

Breaking this rule could result in a punishment far worse than a mere demerit or demotion.

Which is why Aristel’s question was also a reminder and a warning, but…

“Nah, I ignored that already when I made this.”

As he said that he flicked a key and a black weapon with a mysterious shape appeared.

If one were to take his words at face value, then he had just intentionally and readily broken a rule that was nearly a law.

Aristel almost fainted at that, but her sense of responsibility kept her awake.

“Please don’t ignore it!”

Unfortunately, yelling that earned her no response. Not even from the other two.

“The one who won’t follow the rules is the bad one!” “I’m not wrong!”

She said again, but unfortunately, the other two didn’t care.



Myuhi just laughed as usual, while Shinichi just remained quiet and didn’t even meet her eyes.

Unfortunately for Aristel, these two students broke the rules on a daily basis.

Although in the boy’s case, something actually caught his eye that left him petrified.

“You guys!”

“Anyway, what kind of weapon do you have for us this time?”

Aristel was about to cry, but Myuhi just ignored her and turned her attention to the new weapon.

This weapon looked like a fusion of a shield and a kote (gauntlet) plus a conspicuous stake that would protrude out of the shield side.

Although Werner was focused on adjusting his air gun, he still gave Myuhi a brief answer.

“That’s the armament I designed after focusing only on firepower and ignoring everything else. A clean hit from that can punch through an exoskeleton along with the person inside!”

“And I told you that that’s illegal!”

They could all hear the dutiful ojousama’s yells, but they all ignored her.

As for Shinichi, whose eyes have been taken by that thing since earlier, he couldn’t even hear her.



Shinichi didn’t even respond to Myuhi as he stared deeply into that black luster, into that weapon that was a fusion of a shield and a weapon, and looked just like the lantern shield used during the Italian Renaissance.

But when Shinichi saw the overly thick stake and the shooting(・・・・) gimmick it was equipped with, he immediately had a hunch that it wasn’t something so simple.

“…Pile Bunker, huh.”

[2] – Most likely a reference to the following meme since Myuhi is talking just like the title ‘Onii-chan, move aside, I won’t kill her/him’


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