I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter I – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-10: Romance, Weapons, Wild Dance II (2/4)

Although Werner was acting like he was showing concern, he couldn’t keep his overflowing curiosity from showing.

Shinichi wanted to tell him to do a better job keeping a lid on it, but this was a deal, so he answered sincerely.

“Right, I have two suggestions. Basically, what you want to do is to make this pile bunker lighter, right?”

“W-Well yeah…”

“In that case, couldn’t you just use a float-type skill?”

Float-type skill.

As the name implies, float-type skills are skills that make an object float.

These skills are all collected under the float-type category since they are derived based on the size of the target.

They may be difficult to use for first years who have just started learning skills, but Garestonians who’ve been using them since young are already used to them.

They would use them for simple tasks such as carrying or putting things high up a shelf. They used them as a non-combat skill.


“T-That’s impossible. Float-Type skills weren’t designed to be able to lift something that heavy,” Aristel said.

Because of that they weren’t designed to lift anything too heavy.

At most, they could lift a normal adult man’s weight a few meters up the ground.

They weren’t that bad, but they definitely couldn’t lift something as heavy as the Pile Bunker.

“You might not be able to make it float, but the force attempting to will still be there.”

“Ah,” Werner said.

Shinichi nodded and pointed out that blind spot.

Even if the weapon couldn’t float completely, the force trying to make it float still existed.

And if the limit of the skill is to make an adult man float up, then that just meant more power would be needed to make something heavier float.

“I see. Using the float skill, it will be possible to reduce the weight. It will be easy to use too as long as I program it to activate automatically. But… This still won’t make the weapon light enough for people to swing around…”

“Then let’s talk about my second plan. I don’t know what the official name for it is, but how about applying the exoskeleton’s flight system to it?”

Werner acknowledged that Shinichi’s plan did have an effect, but the weapon was still too heavy. And then Shinichi suggested to apply the flight function of the exoskeleton.

If you can’t make it float, then just make it fly.

“You mean Inertia Control? Or wait, given the situation, you must be talking about the Anti-Gravity Stabilizer! Wait! What about the Gravity Control Device that has both functions!? Why didn’t I realize it sooner!? It’s possible! It’s definitely possible! If memory serves me right, I should still have that one I got from that scrap!”

Werner was saying something worrying, but he didn’t seem to care about it one bit as he searched through his chest box.

Meanwhile, as though Shinichi had done his work, he happily picked up the snake belly sword and the air gun.

The Garestonian girls were dumbfounded.

“I-I can’t believe it. He just keeps throwing one crazy idea after another. That technology hasn’t even been publicized in Garesto since it’s related to the military, and yet he wants to use it just to make a weapon lighter… Shocking,” Myuhi said.

“The exoskeletons do indeed weigh between 200 to 300 kg when fully deployed, and it’s only because of that system that its wielders are able to move easily while wearing it – just the Physical Reinforcement System won’t be enough, after all – so if you combine it with a float-type skill, that weapon should indeed become light enough, but… It goes against common sense,” Aristel said.

If you have to go that far, then you might as well just incorporate the weapon into the exoskeleton or make it a weapon to be used only with an exoskeleton.

Actually, even if Shinichi didn’t mention this idea, Werner would eventually have come to the same conclusion.

The reason why he was able to reach this point so quickly was because he had a tendency to prioritize what he could use ‘now’.

“I’m not so sure anymore if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that he doesn’t know the common sense here… By the way, the translator device couldn’t quite translate it for me, but what does ‘scrap’, mean?” Aristel asked.

“Oh, so your translation software isn’t good at dealing with colloquial words, huh. But it’s not really anything important, so I don’t think you really need to know.”


Aristel backed off with that, and Myuhi thought to herself how nice it was that she was such a nice girl.

Had Aristel known what the word meant, she probably wouldn’t have let it go.

It was strange though. Normally, she’s supposed to be making a mess of things, and yet here she was making things go smoother for someone else.

“Alright, it’s done!” Werner said.

“That’s fast!”

“This thing has a simple design, so there’s a lot of extra space left. The settings for the float and the foster also doesn’t take long. At long last, it’s finally complete!” Werner said with a smile as he easily lifted up the weapon.

He was just like a kid who received a toy he’s been looking forward to.

Shinichi smiled. “Looks like it’s gotten a lot lighter.”

“Fu fu fu, that’s not all. Since it’s light just for the wielder, all that weight can be unloaded to the target!”

“Wow,” Shinichi said.

“…Uwaah, I know it’s a bit late to be saying this, but that’s really starting to look like a terrifying weapon,” Myuhi said.

“Ahahaha… I most certainly wouldn’t want to take a blow from that,” Aristel said.

Werner almost looked insane with his smile, while the two girls’ faces were twitching.

Especially, Aristel since she knew just how heavy that weapon was. She even paled at the thought of receiving a blow with all that weight behind it.

The men quickly proceeded with the transfer of weapons.

“—And that should about do it. Any problems?”

“It’s good. It’s not as light as a feather or anything, but it’s within acceptable limits.”

Shinichi wore the pile bunker on his left hand(・・), covering his foster, and swung his arm around to get a feel for the weapon and its weight.

His right hand was his dominant hand, but he didn’t need much dexterity when using pile bunker, and he would end up taking a wide swing anyway when using it, so he put it on his left hand to free his right hand. That was about as far as he could imitate the sister (nun) in his memories.

“In that case… Can you test it out on that large stone over there? You can rely on the automatic function or do it manually, anything is fine just hit that thing. Show the me the destructive power of kinetic energy born from photons!”


Shinichi turned to the stone 5 meters away that was about 2 meters lengthwise and crosswise, then he aimed his pile bunker at the center, and then chanted a skill.

” ‘Accel’ ”

With a support-skill reinforcing his legs, Shinichi kicked off the ground and appeared near the stone in a single step. His left hand extended, when the tip of the stake violently collided with the stone, the stake shot out, penetrating the rock and pulverizing it as a rumbling explosive sound resounded.

“…It didn’t just pierce it, it even pulverized it. Hmm, maybe…”

While the pieces of the rocks scattered about after being blown away, Shinichi looked alternatingly between the released stake and the rock that had been blown up from inside.

The stake was able to stab into the rock, but the rock endured the impact before the terrifying explosion from photon energy erupted. That stimulated Shinichi’s imagination.

“Hmm, were the settings for Photon Burst too strong? Or was a rock like that just too weak?” Werner muttered to himself.

It was a result brought about by one of his proud creations, but he was more observant than excited. He looked just like a calm engineer in the way he muttered to himself and pondered the results.

“This kid really doesn’t know the word balance, does he? If he were calm like that most of the time, he’d be a first-rate engineer,” Myuhi said.

“Nakamura-san also seems to be deep in thought and is strangely quiet.”

Although the stake had already returned to its position, Shinichi still seemed to be moving his arms and fiddling with his foster.

“Isn’t that the face he makes when he comes up with something ridiculous?” Myuhi said.

“…I want to ask but I also don’t want to,” Aristel wryly smiled.

“Be careful,” Shinichi suddenly said.


For a moment, they thought they heard him say something, but then their fosters suddenly cried a shrill sound.

It was an irritating sound that made people uneasy. Yes, it was the alarm that warned when an enemy(・・・) was nearby.


“Darn! I should have known better! We’re in the middle of the fields for crying out loud!” Aristel said.

Upon detecting bodies moving through the surrounding trees, the girls became alert.

From the lights on their fosters’ screen, they could tell that the raybeasts heading straight for them were gradually surrounding them.

“It’s my miss too! But let me just point out for one moment how ridiculous it is that someone here actually sensed them before the fosters could!”

Although she was smiling with a bitter expression, Hina’s (Myuhi) eyes were turned to Shinichi.

When entering the fields, which were full of raybeasts, the area to trip the warning signal of the fosters would be set to be less sensitive. After all, there wasn’t much point in having them sound in alarm when there weren’t actually any nearby.

But despite that they still covered a much greater area than human senses could, and yet Shinichi actually noticed the raybeasts before anything else.

“Don’t worry about it. It just means I didn’t spend my life in forests and hills for naught,” Shinichi said.

“That’s not fair. When you put it that way, I can’t even argue,” Myuhi said.

Myuhi grumbled since it felt like Shinichi was dodging the issue, but that was as far as she could go.

When the first horde came to view from deep inside the trees, the girls put on their exoskeletons.

“I’ll take these ones! You take the rest!” Myuhi said.

“Understood!” Aristel said.

After deciding their roles with a brief exchange, they immediately took action.

Upon donning her armor, Myuhi looked just like a short-statured knight with a long and slender conical lance as her thruster pushed her onward.

The first enemy she came into contact with was a strange raybeast with the body of a horse and the head of a rhino.

“You make gorads look cute!” Myuhi said as she struck the head of the raybeast with her spear and pulled the trigger.

In the next moment, the bottom of the cone, a cone-shaped sword guard, opened, and gun-fire-like light illuminated.

After a series of sounds reminiscent of a Gatling gun, the raybeast was covered in holes, and before long it vanished.

More raybeasts came up from behind, and this time, Myuhi took out a giant hammer with her left hand and sent them flying.

“I’m going!” Aristel said.

When Myuhi heard that, she looked down and was greeted by the sight of a sweeping flash.

The giant blade in her hands cut the beasts approaching from behind in half.

“…I see, so the reason she chose a great sword was because it could allow her to take on a large horde of raybeasts alone. Though I’m surprised to see gun spears are actually a thing.”

Since Shinichi didn’t have the luxury to help, and there wasn’t any point to it anyway, he just muttered to himself in admiration as he observed them.

Gun Spear was a kind of gun sword, but it was essentially just a spear with a gun attached.

The sight of Myuhi nimbly using that weapon with her right hand while she swung around her giant armer with her left was indeed reassuring.

Aristel was also amazing for discerning the perfect timing to wipe out the raybeasts with a swing of her great sword.

“Garesto’s weapons do tend to have some romance to them, just like that great sword or that gun spear,” Werner said.

“They have the power suits too,” Shinichi said.

“Umm, we’ve only dealt with the first horde, you know?” Aristel said.

She glared at them since they were talking idly as if they weren’t in an emergency, but Werner just raised his hand and retreated.

“I’m from the Technology Class, don’t expect any combat help from me. I can defend myself, I think, but against B Class raybeasts, I’ll just get in the way. It’s hard to fight against human-sized opponents with Grandfizer too,” Werner said.

“In that case, we’ll surround you, so you stay put at the center. More and more raybeasts are coming,” Myuhi said.

“But why are they coming here? It’s true that we made a ruckus, so we’re standing out, but…” Aristel said.

It was as if the raybeasts were trying to attack them from two sides, but the raybeasts didn’t have any intelligence. They just had a tendency to chase after organic substances over inorganic substances.

That’s why even if there were only a few of them, since they were humans and they were grouped up, it made sense that the raybeasts would prioritize attacking them. That being said, it was still strange that they were going out of their way to specifically attack them when they were coming from so far away.

In the first place, the reason why they let their guard down so much was because the battle of the guard robots should have already killed off most of the raybeasts in this area.

Even if raybeasts from other areas had wandered here, their behavior still couldn’t be explained.


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