I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter I – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-13: A Series of Fortunate Events (2/2)

“So that’s what he meant by knowing only the name… Seriously, just who is that guy?”

He didn’t think anything of it at the time, but now that phrase weighed heavily on him.

He thought he’d simply gotten infamous because he just kept doing as he pleased, but as Shinichi gradually turned out to know more than he seemed and even started calling him a fake rocket scientist, he started to grow anxious.

—Has he noticed? He wondered.

Wernher Braun, or rather Wernher von Braun, was the name of a rocket scientist from long ago. And Shinichi called him fake.

In other words, Shinichi knew from the start that Wernher was a fake.

When he told him that he knew about his name, what he really meant was that he knew where his pseudonym(・・) came from.

Or perhaps it meant that he knew about his real name.

“So, what are you going to do, BND-kun?”

“Eek!? Ha, ha ha… Finally showing your true colors are we, Destroyer of Smiles? Yeah, that’s my luck for you alright.”

When the fox girl called out to him from behind, his face cramped.

BND, the intelligence service of the federal republic of Germany, an acronym that the common man wouldn’t know about was exactly what she used to call out to him.

—So what does the German spy intend to do now?

All the while standing right behind him.

No matter how one looked at it, her position was clearly a threat.

Much less turn to her, he didn’t even want to look up to her.

“N-No one in this school has come out safe after making an enemy out of you. That side of you really feels similar to Nakamura.”

“Fu fu, it’s an honor… So?”

She wasn’t about to let him weasel his way out of here, so he better answer quick.

At the very least, that’s what it felt like she was telling him. He felt like a dead man.

It seemed the dark rumors that followed this girl were indeed true; hence, Wernher (fake) couldn’t choose to play dumb.

The number of students and teachers who’ve been crushed after having their weakness grasped by her did not number just one or two.

Because of that he couldn’t just come out and ask her whose spy she was.

It was somewhat an open secret that spies from various nations have been sent to this city.

Of course, that included Garesto too. That’s why he thought she was a spy as well.

He could try and pursue the topic more, but he didn’t want to be erased.

“You might not believe me, but the department I’m in charge of is the technology department. I did receive reports about him, but he’s not under my jurisdiction.”

That’s why he did something so reckless as to tell her the truth.

“Besides, I took this job precisely because I could also study at this academy. I’ve always been a science guy, you see, so I don’t really care about anything else. Really. Of course, I’ll talk as much as I’m asked, but I won’t do anything more than that. I don’t want to. I wouldn’t want to make an enemy out of you, him, and Padyuel.”

It wouldn’t make sense to make an enemy out of them. He didn’t love his country that much, and he certainly valued himself more.

When he saw that noble girl still passionately looking in the direction Shinichi had left in, he sighed.

Her mind was completely occupied by Shinichi. That’s why he could talk like this with Ruona, but if someone, anyone, were to interfere with that passion of hers, surely the only fate that would await that person would be a fate worse than being kicked by a horse.

“On top of that, he’s even friendly with that Teacher Doneju. It’s an all-star line-up. Really. With you three working with him, I doubt there’s anything he couldn’t do in the academy.”

Wernher’s objective was to study otherworld technology under the pretense of investigating for his country. He wasn’t about to put to waste his current lifestyle by antagonizing these special people.

For better or for worse, he truly was just an engineer who wanted to build the things he wanted to build.

“Well, I’ll believe you for now. For now, anyway.”

‘As for later, that would depend on your actions,’ she tacitly told him. Wernher breathed out in relief.

“That’s more than enough… But, really, why did things turn out like this, I wonder. I really was just content so long as I could study Garesto’s technology…”

To him, being a spy was simply a way for him to get into this school. He didn’t really take it seriously.

Him acting as he pleased was also a cover he came up with so that he could build the things he wanted.

Although that earned him many enemies, it also helped him avoid troublesome relationships.

Everything was going well, and yet who would’ve thought that when he only had one year left, he would actually catch the attention of those with ‘power’.

He picked himself back up with a sigh and headed to his unit to do as Frire instructed him to.


“…Why did things turn out like this, huh. I think what’s really scary is that he didn’t mean for things to turn out like this at all.”

Although she didn’t show the slightest interest as she saw him off, the words he left caused her to think something that made her tremble.

Whether it was Frire being his assistant teacher or her being the person in charge of watching over him or Aristel being someone he knew before entering the campus, not one of those things were things that he should have intended, and yet somehow someway, they all turned out to benefit him.

By coincidence, Myuhi being the person in charge of watching over him made it easier for him to keep his secrets.

Had it been anyone else, his school life would have surely been harder.

But by coincidence, Shinichi felt like that person she lost to, which bewildered her, and then later on, she herself took a personal interest in him, which resulted in her reports being half-baked.

If Frire hadn’t been put in charge of him by coincidence, then she would never have found out about his circumstances, and if it were someone else other than her who only wanted to fight, it would have been much harder for him to pull the teacher to his side.

By coincidence, that same teacher also had issues with her older brother, and Shinichi too by coincidence happened to be an older brother himself, which made it possible for him to give her counsel; hence, earning him another way to earn her trust.

If he’d transferred before Aristel had changed, then she would have been much harsher to him.

The reason behind her change when she left that fateful day was her hope.

From how she acted today, it was likely that she met him outside and came to favor him. Based on how she acted when she saw him again in school, she probably wasn’t expecting to meet him again.

If Shinichi hadn’t met Wernher, then he wouldn’t have been able to acquire a non-standard weapon.

By coincidence, he happened to be a fan of the same anime that Shinichi liked, was the only one unaffected by the mind skill, and also happened to be next to Shinichi’s exam area.

It was because Shinichi realized that something strange was going on nearby that he went to investigate, and they met.

If no one had used that mind skill, they would never have met.

“It’s almost disgusting how well it lines up.”

Myuhi muttered to herself emotionlessly.

Coincidence. Coincidence. Coincidence. Coincidence. Goosebumps broke out all over her.

With everything lined up so nicely, she couldn’t help but be creeped out.

Especially, when she considered how the four people he became affiliated with were people that never connected much in the first place.

The assistant teacher of 1 – D, the top student of the special class, the engineer that did as he pleased, and the second ranked student who was a problem child.

Although they all knew about each other from the rumors, they weren’t even acquainted enough to call out to each other.

But because of Shinichi, these four people with no relation to each suddenly became acquainted.

Moreover, in a manner that could be said to be purely a coincidence based on how he acted.

At the very least, it was a coincidence as far as her and Padyuel were concerned.

“Nothing has ended just yet, but it feels so disgusting already.”

She could sense that something was about to happen. That’s why this series of coincidences was so terrifying to her.

When she thought back to it, although Kutoria didn’t suffer any casualties, the terrorist incident occurred on the day of his transfer. She almost wanted to suspect if it was really a coincidence(・・).

Especially, considering the same terrorists were riding the ship that Shinichi happened to be on.

And behind all of that was the visage of that white mask’s black mist.

“…There’s no use brooding over it… Hey, Ari-chan, let’s go already. We’ll have to check the classes until morning, so hurry up and decide which ones you’ll visit.”

“Huh, ah, yes! It’s a job he trusted me with, so I, Aristel F. Padyuel, will definitely carry it out with all my strength!”

Myuhi shook her head and called out to the girl she was seeing in a new light.

That same girl started getting heated up by herself and even went as far as to make an oath to do her best.

Apparently, she was really elated to be entrusted by Shinichi with a job.

So much so that she didn’t even seem to hear Myuhi.

“…How could she still be so clueless when she’s like this?”

Myuhi wryly smiled as she clenched her hands.

“Sure, sure,” she shook her head as she hurried the girl with a push from behind.

As it turns out, Myuhi didn’t realize that she too was acting unnaturally.

There was no reason for her to threaten a spy from another country.

Shinichi had already warned him to the point where his legs gave out.

So what point was there in making doubly sure that he wouldn’t do anything?

Perhaps she was trying to keep him from poking his nose in her business.

After all, she couldn’t allow the spy of another country to start sniffing around Shinichi.

But in the end, did she really have that in mind when she threatened him?

Perhaps at that time, she was merely trying to protect(・・・・・・・・) ‘something’.

Unfortunately, the person herself was the most clueless about that.


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