I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter I – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-18: Kamunagi (1/3)

Although the girl had slapped his hands away, her condition wasn’t good.

Her steps were shaky, and she found it difficult to stand, but she still refused his help, and glared at him as though to say, ‘as if I’d borrow your hand’.

Shinichi frowned too, but that wasn’t meant for her but for himself, as this situation only came to be because he ‘forgot to knock her out’, but of course, she didn’t see it that way.


Her unarmed hand moved, and his hand moved as well.

She tried to slap him on his right cheek, but his right hand immediately stopped her.




Both the girl and the boy were surprised, albeit for different reasons, but the girl wasn’t done yet, and she dropped her katana, then tried to slap Shinichi with her other hand, but Shinichi grabbed that hand too, and now, he had both of her hands in his grasp.

The girl struggled and groaned, but no matter what she did, Shinichi’s hands wouldn’t budge.

“Tch, ah, sheesh! Can’t you just let me slap you!!”

“Ah, sorry, my hands moved on their own.”

After yelling that while trying to break free from his restraint, Shinichi finally realized what was going on.

From the girl’s perspective, he had insulted her.

As such, this should be the part where he got slapped by her.

“What do you mean they moved on their own? Don’t screw with me!

I don’t care what higher class you’re from, I’ll never forgive you!!”


This may have been a strange misunderstanding, but she was right to be angry.

Of course, he had his reasons, and there were other methods too, but he wasn’t confident that he would be able to avoid injuring her. Moreover, while her sword was easy to read, it was still sharp, and was bound to hit him on its way back. If it were to hit, his movements would be sealed by the spirit blade. And with her having lost control, what would follow next is a one-sided beating. In the face of such attacks that could whittle away at his mana, even putting on the Magic Raiment Battle Law would at most just buy him some time.

He also didn’t know how mana and spiritual power interacted, so he couldn’t rely on his magic either. Moreover, since her techniques were a mystery, it was dangerous to waste time and effort investigating it. There was also the fear that she might become unable to handle the mental load anymore if he were to take too much time.

The safest way to dispel the mind skill was to make her lose her cool, so that her movements wouldn’t be as precise, but there were also some uncertainties in using the same method to remove the mind skill while she’s in an unstable mental state, but even with all of that, there was no denying that he had indeed insulted her. As such, it was only right that he let her vent out her frustration.

But just when he was about to let go of her hands— He suddenly had to pull her to him.

“Kyaa!? What—”

“Ah, damn it! So just twice wasn’t enough, huh!”

The girl screamed out in confusion, but Shinichi wasn’t having any of it.

He pulled her toward him so suddenly that she lost his balance and fell, but that was exactly what he was going for, and in the next moment, as though he was used to doing this, he held her and jumped backwards.

In the next moment, an explosive sound resounded at the place they were at just awhile ago as though a cannonball had fallen there.

“What’s going on!?”

Although everything was happening too fast for the girl to follow, but she still clearly heard that thunderous sound.

In order to cover for her, he had to turn his back from that direction, but the expression on his face was complicated.

A complicated and exhausted expression as if to say, ‘as I thought’.

“In the end, it ended up like this. Just like that time during the department store. Nothing has changed(・・・・・・・). Everything just keeps getting more and more annoying… Sigh.”

It really was the same even in this world.

With a deep sigh, he turned toward that thing while the girl was still in his arms.

The shadow that descended was clearly in the shape of a human. The armor that covered its whole figure was an exoskeleton.

A white armor with black highlights. That was the personal armor that the academy exclusively allowed this student to use.

“What? Is that…”

But while the armor covered the student’s whole body, the only thing protecting his head was a circlet, and the rest of his face was in full view.

Since the boy and the girl were already used to the darkness, they could immediately tell who that person was.

“Shinguuji, you too, huh.”

“…You pretending to be Caesar or something?”

When Shinichi saw the ring shining brightly on his head, he smiled in a half-shocked-half-fed-up manner.

The girl was surprised to see Shinguuji here, but when she heard what Shinichi said, she gave him an odd look.

Although she didn’t say anything, Shinichi could still feel her judging him and was happy that she got the joke.

“Listen, make sure you hang on tight like you did just now, okay?”

“Hang on tight?”

The moment she said that, her eyes turned into a dot as she took a peek at Shinichi’s face.

When those two hands that were supposed to slap him were pulled, she had inadvertently ended up in a position where her arms were wrapped around his neck, and her eyes and nose were right at each other’s.

Moreover, with his hands supporting her back and the back of her knees, this was clearly, the so-called ‘princess carry’.

To make things worse, her hands were wrapped around his neck as though she wanted this herself.

“L-Let me down!!”

It might’ve been because they were too close or simply because she wasn’t good with men, but her face turned beet red and her arms swung wildly as she tried to pull her face away from him, but Shinichi didn’t care.

“No, you fool. This soft sensation —erm, I mean this happy accident —erm… Do you really think you could run from that thing with your legs like that!?”

“You damn pervert! Other than that last bit, I heard your real intentions loud and clear, thank you! Just go die in a ditch already!”

She punched him out of a mix of shame and anger, but they neither hurt nor itched.

Because of the Magic Raiment Battle Law’s defensive prowess, her punches were nothing more than light knocks.

Alas, she’s been stimulated too much to notice that.

“Ah, darn it, my bad habit is showing.”

He did immediately regret a little when he realized he’d given her an even worse impression, though.

But when the girl heard his remark, it was like pouring oil into the flames.

“Habit? Unbelievable! I can’t believe you’re actually an enemy of women with a face like that!!?”

“Ugh, that really hurts since I can’t deny it! But enough of that, it doesn’t look like he’s planning to wait anymore!!”

“Huh? Wait, he’s serious!?”

She was still angry, but naturally she couldn’t just ignore the intruder that dropped down from the sky.

What was even more troubling was that the only thing protecting them was a magic raiment battle law and a barrier that could easily be broken through.

“…I, won’t lose! Never!”

As he wielded a giant sword of light even bigger than himself over his shoulders, Shinguuji muttered incoherently to himself, and then the brilliance of the photon illuminating behind his white exoskeleton suddenly grew brighter, and the thrusters of his exoskeleton burst out flames, propelling him onward.

“Wait, Ryou! What are you doing— Kyaa!?”

In the face of that step faster than any step that a human could take, the girl’s question was too slow.

Shinichi stepped to the side, and in the next moment, the great sword of photon split the earth.

“I, will defeat him!!”

“W-W-What are you attacking us for all of the sudden!?”

“The same reason as you. Don’t talk, you’ll bite you’re tongue!”

“What do you mean by same— Gyan!?”

Shinichi briefly answered her question, then leaped upwards to dodge the sweeping great sword.

The girl didn’t heed his warning, however, and she ended up biting her tongue when she spoke.

“That’s why I said not to talk.”

After the sword passed them and Shinichi landed back on the ground, he distanced himself from the white armor.

The enemy immediately gave chase.

“S-Shuth up!”

She hit Shinichi in protest, but her punches had no effect.

Shinichi didn’t ignored her and focused only on their pursuer.

“Huh, ah, ahh! He, he’s chasing after us!?!?”

“If you understand, then stop shaking my head, it’s making everything shake!”

Shinichi had to keep jumping backwards while fleeing to see the white armor that was almost grazing the ground as it flew after them.

From the perspective of the girl, this turn of events was just like being chased by a reckless driver, and she failed to realize just how absurd it really was.

“Is Ryou’s body not listening to him either!?”

“In his case, his consciousness is completely gone. He’s the same as those guys behind him.”

To be more precise, he provoked them into that state out of consideration of the future, but he didn’t have the time to tell her that now.

As he continued jumping back, the students of 2 – C and 2 – D grew smaller and smaller.

“Are you going to leave them like that!?”

“You want to take them along while they’re in that state?”

The girl wanted to say that it was dangerous leaving students behind in a place like this crawling with raybeasts, but all Shinichi had to do was to point at the white armor that chased after them madly to make her realize how thoughtless she was being.

“…Could it be? Was this guy doing the same thing when he dodged my katana? But, no, I mean, that’s, yeah, but…”

“You’ll bite your tongue again!”

“Huh? Kyaa!?”

Bullets of light rained from above, so Shinichi had to change their rhythm and jump to the side to dodge.

The white gauntlets transformed into a three-barreled Gatling gun, then as it spun vigorously, flashes erupted out of its muzzles, and bullets of lights came pouring out.


“They really just copy whatever they like, huh!?”

As Shinichi spoke ill of the rustic design clearly different from those of Garesto’s, he fled to the side to dodge the barrage of light bullets, causing the surrounding trees and rocky terrain to be completely scraped clean.

Just imagining what would happen if a human were to be hit by those was enough to make one shiver.


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