I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter I – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-21: The Second of Day of the Exam Begins (2/4)

It was rare for human combat to be chosen as a subject in this exam.

This was especially true for lower classes, as they were usually made to experience fighting raybeasts instead.

That being said, the subject they were given wasn’t to fight each other directly, but to steal crystals.

Moreover, the lower classes were permitted to attack the second year students with as many as thirty people simultaneously.

Although the second year students did need to be handicapped, this handicap was still too much.

“Because of that you’re not allowed to put your crystals inside your foster. The second year students will have to pay attention to 1 – D while gathering crystals.”

But Shinichi already said that he wasn’t going to take any complaints.

He nonchalantly explained the rules and contents of their exam, while ignoring any dissatisfaction and complaints.

“…You really don’t plan on listening to anyone, do you?” Tomoe said.

“This guy’s been like this ever since his transfer.” Shinguuji said.

The two assistants were shocked at the subject of the exam, but they didn’t try to interfere.

After all, if these students really intended on promoting, then they needed to do this much.

Tomoe, who has barely managed to remain in B Class till today, and Ryou, who has been in A Class ever since his enrollment, understood just how much effort they had to put to maintain their positions.

“Next, I’ll explain the criteria you need to pass. The second year students have until afternoon to gather 25 crystals. I expect you to be here by then. You will be scored based on the number of crystals you give me. But you’re not allowed to recover the crystals that have been stolen from you. You’ll get a demerit if you try. However, you won’t lose any points for losing a crystal from 1 – D.”


No one asked any questions regarding the criteria Shinichi gave, but the last criteria was strange.

The subject he was giving them was supposed to make them fight, and yet he wasn’t grading their ability to defend their crystals.

In other words, there weren’t really many downsides to losing their crystals, and neither were there much upsides to protecting their crystals.

Of course, they needed to gather enough crystals to pass, so it would still be best if they could protect their crystals.

Despite everyone’s doubts, however, Shinichi just continued talking.

“1 – D will steal crystals from the second year students. Regardless of size, the whole class needs to gather 80 crystals. We’ll be watching you, so don’t even try to procure these crystals from the raybeasts.”

After Shinichi finished saying all of that, the class of 1 – D nodded.

Seeing them nod over and over, the second year students that didn’t know about the events yesterday couldn’t help but draw cold sweat.

“‘That guy did something to do them,” they said among themselves.

“The second year students will start their exam first. 1 – D will start 15 minutes later. Alright, you may begin now.”

When Shinichi gave the signal, the classes of 2 – C and 2 – D all hurriedly ran off.

15 minutes later, 1 – D chased after them.

“…Those kids from 1 – D actually held a strategy meeting. They’re supposed to be the worst D Class in history, and yet they’re surprisingly decent.”

Tomoe was surprised to find that the 1st years actually made proper use of their time while waiting.

They divided themselves into three teams, the guards, the scouts, and the executors. They even smoothed out small details like what would happen if they were to happen into raybeasts.

“Well, they did learn yesterday that it’s a bad idea to act without thinking.”

Their first battle where they failed to take advantage of their numerical superiority. Their failure to secure food. The attack after securing the crystals.

After the events yesterday that they could’ve foreseen had they just thought about it, it was only a given that they’d be able to do this much today. Though that’s probably because they didn’t think the exam would be so simple given who their examiner was.

“So what are we supposed to do, Examiner? Hurry up and give us our orders, will you?” Ryou spat.

“Hey, Ryou!”

Tomoe scolded him for that tone in his voice, but he ignored her.

The fox on Shinichi’s shoulder had her fur standing up and was clearly being threatening, but Shinichi soothed her.

“It’s true that I attacked an examiner… It’s true I don’t have any recollection of what happened after that. Normally, I should’ve failed already. So I’m grateful and all for being given a chance, but that’s to Teacher Doneju. I don’t understand why I have to be assistant to you.”

From the way Ryou glared at Shinichi, it was evident that the lack of trust between them ran deep.

After Shinichi’s conversation with Frire, Ryou and Tomoe were handed to him as assistants.

Although the circumstances were unclear, it was a fact that Ryou had fled his examination area and attacked an examiner.

Tomoe remembered everything, while he only remembered that much, but that was still enough to leave him without any excuses.

Even if he wanted to make excuses, what happened to his body was simply too mysterious.

But despite all that he was given a second chance. Were the examiner not this Shinichi from D Class, he probably wouldn’t have taken on such a belligerent attitude.

If Tomoe didn’t remember what happened last night, she would probably share his feelings.

She wouldn’t have been able to come to terms with Shinichi being in D Class.

Although there were differences in the circumstances surrounding Ryou and Tomoe, without a doubt, they have been living desperately until now.

“I believe I said earlier that I won’t be accepting any complaints.”

But regardless of if Shinichi knew that or not, the words he spat at Ryou only poured oil into the flames.


Ryou angrily stared daggers at Shinichi, but Shinichi just nonchalantly soothed the fox on his shoulder.

Tomoe knew that her childhood friend was already on the verge of exploding, but before she could even do anything, Shinichi had already moved(・・・).

“Shinguuji, I don’t really care if you don’t like me. But… Why are you standing so far from me?”


As Shinichi’s lips twisted into a condescending smile, he kicked off against the ground, leaving a mark on the rocky terrain as he vanished.

But Shinguuji at least managed to see that he was running in a straight line for him with a sword blade in his left hand.

“You dare!”

Immediately, Ryou took out his photon great sword and used it as a shield.

This was the best he could do in front of that ridiculous speed.

But Shinichi didn’t care at all and he thrust out with his common short sword.

And then very easily, his short sword penetrated(・・・・・・) Ryou’s bigger sword.


As Shinichi’s sword broke through his sword and threatened his face, he cried out in surprise.

The amount of photons needed to summon the common foster sword and his Great Sword of Light was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Shinichi penetrating his sword despite that was like seeing someone cut steel with a paper knife.

Hence, it was easy to imagine just how shocked Ryou and Tomoe were.

“Your speed isn’t bad, but!”

While they were petrified from shock, another ‘impossible’ thing happened.

Shinichi’s sword slashed Ryou’s great sword.

His blade of light that was made of energy was a semi-materialized object.

After having half its width() cut, it could no longer maintain its shape, and the great sword fell down from its base right in front of them.


Ryou quietly watched his sword fall in shock.

He felt as though something he had been relying on all this time had suddenly crumbled.

Was it the power he gained from Garesto? Was it the weapon? No, it was something more fundamental.

“Don’t daydream in the battle of a fight, fool!”

When the great sword made up of photons sank into the ground, it dispersed due to losing its photon source.

When Shinichi’s photon short sword was pointed at his face, Ryou gulped.


“…Those are good eyes. You know the fear of weapon, at least.”

Shinichi calmly looked at Ryou and praised him despite the context of their situation.

Tomoe ignored the still shocked Ryou and eyed Shinichi suspiciously.

“…Just how are you a D Class student?”

Despite being given an entire night after ‘noticing’ the oddity around Shinichi, she still couldn’t understand it.

He ran continuously from a special student that was wearing an exoskeleton while carrying her.

That should’ve been impossible unless his abilities were at least equal to him.

But who was Shinichi? He was a D Class student. What’s more was that he didn’t have an exoskeleton at the time.

It was a given that she would be wary and distance herself from him.

Even if Shinichi had shown just how useless distance was to him.

Shinichi turned to her and smiled that trademark smile of his.

“That’s because I’m All D.”

He said that as though he was clearly someone just on that level, but by this point, such claims had already lost all credibility.

It was true that his status was All D no matter how they checked.

Even the spiritual power he possessed was just the smattering one could expect from a normal person.

She couldn’t sense any of the supernatural powers she knew from him either.

But despite all that he was able to do what he did last night without so much as struggling.

That’s why even though she knew about Garesto and its common sense regarding superpowers, she couldn’t easily accept Shinichi’s claims.

“That’s obviously fake!”


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