I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter I – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-22: Is This an Exam? A Class? Training? or Just Straight Up Bullying? (2/2)

“…That’s an amazing technology, but… How come I’m feeling like this?” Shinichi muttered.

Communication via magic was considered difficult at Falandia, and yet Garesto was able to make it accessible with their photons and technology. That left Shinichi feeling rather hollow.

“Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter either way… Oh, right. You guys really helped me out yesterday. Thanks to you we were able to round up all the victims.”

There was no helping it since it just happened to be a method that he wasn’t able to think of, though, so he immediately changed his thinking and thanked the two girls for their help last night.

However, in response to his praise, one just shook her head, while the other shrugged her shoulders.

‘We didn’t do much, really. All we really did was to look around,’ Aristel said.

‘In the end, we couldn’t even find anyone. It was Fudonecchi and you who took care of the rest,’ Myuhi said.

“Even then, thank you. If it weren’t for the two of you, things wouldn’t have gone so smoothly.”

That’s why, thank you.

He was earnestly thanking them, so the girls accepted his gratitude and replied with, ‘you’re welcome’.

Actually, even they were being kept in the dark about the fact that all of the victims attacked Shinichi.

After all, Frire never told anyone about Ryou going berserk when she found out about it.

She had prioritized his promise with Shinichi over sending reinforcements.

Besides, there was no way Ryou would’ve been able to deal with Shinichi when Frire couldn’t beat him even with a surprise attack.

But even then she did start to worry at one point since Shinichi still wasn’t contacting her. Fortunately, he managed to contact her with Tomoe’s foster just when she was thinking of going out herself.

‘So, Icchi. What are you scheming by taking all the victims under you?’ Myuhi asked.

“So in the end, that’s still what you’re asking? You asked the same thing yesterday, you know.”

‘Really? But it does make one curious. After all, the contents of your exam are really suited for our class(・・・・・・),’ Aristel said.

‘Huh?’ Myuhi asked.

Shinichi smiled. “Is that how you see it?”

‘Yes. Although the passing conditions and the area rank are different, the contents of the exam are really on the level of the special class. It’s more like a class than an exam, really, but either way, it’s not a topic that would be given to the lower classes of first year or second year,’ Aristel said.

Forming a group of three to hunt raybeasts and collect crystals was a common exam, but Shinichi introduced a third party. Even if this third party was just some first year students, it was still a third party nonetheless.

Moreover, since there weren’t any demerits in having their crystals stolen, it was up to the students to be wary of the third party.

This kind of lesson was actually common among higher ranks to improve their ability to make their own decisions.

As for 1 – D, they were being told to target a group that was superior to them in rank and in school year.

They may have only been tasked to steal some crystals, but there was no denying that the difficulty of the task they’ve been given was high.

On top of that, they also had to deal with the mental disadvantage of having to fight someone they recognized as their ‘superior’.

It was similar to the mock battles where Aristel and her class would have to fight a professional that the school invited.

‘Now that you mention it…’ Myuhi agreed.

‘Mr. Shinguuji and Miss Safina’s training might look strange at first, but it’s actually a basic training meant to make the participants experience fighting raybeasts consecutively. Requiring them to send the raybeasts flying is meant to help them regulate their power and improve their decision making. By sending the raybeasts flying, they’re also helping supplement the number of raybeasts in the examination area. Did I get that right?’ Aristel said.

“…Hmm, you really are suitable to be an assistant, aren’t you? I’d love to have you working under me.”

‘Y-You’re bringing this up again— Wait, what? Did you just say that you w-want me!?’ Aristel said.

‘Hey, hey, who the heck ordered this cliché response? Seriously, Ari-chan, how could you take everything out of context and make everything so convenient for you?’ Myuhi said.

“Kyu, kyukyu,” the fox said.

The two fox girls were astonished for different reasons.

On one hand was a young maiden completely oblivious to that gaze, while on the other hand, was a boy who just brushed aside her words with a laugh.

But Aristel’s conjectures were actually correct.

That was indeed the reason why Shinichi ordered his assistants to bat some raybeasts.

He wanted to make the two assistants realize the parts they lacked and make them fix their habit relying too much on their power.

He also wanted to deal with the issue of the number of raybeasts in the area being shared by 3 classes at the same time.

Normally, there was only enough raybeasts in an area to accommodate a class of the same rank.

In other words, there were just enough raybeasts, so that they couldn’t be wiped out within the class duration.

Of course, because of the dimensional energy, there’ll be more raybeasts eventually, but even with that, given that there were three classes, and on top of that there were C Rankers here, the raybeasts would eventually be completely wiped out in an hour or two.

1 – D would still have to fight the raybeasts to protect themselves, after all.

Hence, Shinichi ordered his assistants to play bat to supplement the numbers of the raybeasts in the exam.

It was also meant to push the three classes participating.

Few people could remain calm with raybeasts falling from the sky, after all, so this too was a kind of special training(harassment) for them.

“The main reason, though, is that we don’t have time.”

The main reason was that they had to do this in order to improve the students as much as possible in the short time that they had.

A rather blunt reason, but it wasn’t funny given their situation.

“Especially since these two are actually quite talented. The only question is how much they can learn about themselves in a single day.”

‘…So, basically, you’re saying that something is going to happen tomorrow, right?’ Myuhi said.

Shinichi shrugged his shoulders as though to say the methods he was applying weren’t praiseworthy, but Myuhi was able to read between the lines.

Since he had to improve the students as much as possible today, then something was sure to happen tomorrow.

Shinichi didn’t hide anything and just nodded.

“That’s what I would do if I were in charge. The last day is when everyone’s most exhausted. It’s also when everyone’s guard is most lax because the exams are almost over.”

‘That’s why you’re pushing everyone so hard. If I were in their shoes. I wouldn’t be able to relax knowing that I would have to take an exam that’s as hard or even harder than this,’ Aristel said.

Although the reasons Shinichi gave were true, there were other convenient reasons behind timing an incident tomorrow.

And by convenient, that’s of course convenient for the people scheming.

“It’s easier to read the movement of the teachers too if they execute their plans during an exam. Especially since the person they’re most wary of has is unable to move freely.”

If anyone were to scheme against the school, the person they would be most wary of would be undoubtedly her.

That was just how strong and accomplished she was. She was famous too.

‘Fudonecchi, huh,’ Myuhi said.

‘And unfortunately, the ones fettering her are none other than us,’ Aristel said.

Although they understood the reasons, they couldn’t help but make a stern expression when they realized that they were being treated as though they were dead weights.

The communication might’ve been relying on a fake face system, but it was actually more honest than seeing someone in person since the expression of the fake face changed according to their thoughts.

But then Shinichi made an unexpected expression.

“What are you two talking about?” Shinichi asked.

‘Huh?’ Myuhi asked.

‘What?’ Aristel asked.

“If something were to happen tomorrow, surely the two of you weren’t planning on running off by yourselves, right?” Shinichi said with that villainous smile of his.

But despite his words, his face was telling them something else.

It was telling them, ‘You’re not irresponsible cowards, right?’

‘O-Of course! There’s no way we would run without doing anything! Yes, that’s right! Let all the enemies come! I’ll crush them all!!’ Aristel declared.

‘U-Umm… Can I run?’ Myuhi asked.

“Obviously no. Aren’t you supposed to take care of me? Please do your job. Otherwise I’ll delete all the pictures and won’t even let you take any anymore,” Shinichi said.

The noble lady was more than happy to agree to fight, while the fox girl could only bitterly smile.

But there was no way Shinichi could let her run off on her own, so he took advantage of her position to make her agree.

‘Ahahaha… Haa… Fine, but I can only take responsibility for 2 – A,’ Myuhi said reluctantly.

‘I’ll take care of 3 – A!’ Aristel declared.

“I’m counting on you then,” Shinichi said.

‘Y-Yes!’ Aristel happily nodded.

‘…I see. So this is how pure girls are tricked by bad men,’ Myuhi said as though she had been enlightened to the world’s truth.

Shinichi’s smile covered his whole face, but by this point, Myuhi was convinced that he was doing it on purpose.

“Hey, Examiner! What are you happily chatting there for!? Ah, damn it! They just keep on coming one after another!?” Tomoe yelled.

She was too busy with the raybeasts, so there was no way that she could’ve turned to look at Shinichi. More than likely, she just overheard him happily chatting.

She wasn’t wrong, though, at least Shinichi was happily chatting.

‘By the way… Why are there so many raybeasts around them?’ Aristel asked.

“Oh, that’s because this is where the Dimensional Energy Convergence Device is buried,” Shinichi said.

Aristel could only twitch in response to how carefree he was when he dropped that bomb.

Just revealing the location of that device was already a problem in and of itself, but on top of that, Shinichi was using it to train his assistants.

Of course, anyone could tell that he was up to no good, so the two girls could only look into the distance.

‘That’s… Something…’ Aristel said.

‘Icchi, that face of yours really resembles a demon,’ Myuhi said.

It needn’t be said, but the fields were vast, and the dimensional energy gathered throughout this whole region was by no means unlimited.

There was an overwhelming difference in the total amount of energy here and the energy in Garesto, so even if one gathered all the energy into one spot, it wouldn’t be able to produce that many raybeasts, at least based off Garesto’s standards.

Hence, leaving it up to nature to produce raybeasts for the purpose of training their students was simply out of the question, so in order to control and manipulate where the raybeasts spawned, how many spawned, and the quality spawned, they had to install Convergence Devices throughout the fields.

Thus, the creation of spawning points for the raybeasts.

And the place where Tomoe and Ryou were ordered to stand was exactly that spawning point.

Unless they’re able to get rid of the raybeasts at a rate faster than the spawning rate, the horde of raybeasts around them will never cease.

Because they also had to think of how to launch the raybeasts up and how to control their strength, they were a lot more exhausted than if they were simply tasked to wipe them out.

“You can’t expect much from someone who slams the raybeasts into the wall. So the fastest way is to just drive them into a corner. Once they’ve stopped thinking unnecessary stuff, the answer they find then will be the right answer. See?” Shinichi pointed at his two assistants as they tried to change their strategy.

“Damn it, there’s no way I could keep swinging something as big as this!” Ryou said.

‘Huh, he actually stopped obsessing about it…’ Aristel said.

‘Guu-chan really liked his big sword,’ Myuhi said.

Frustrated, Ryou threw away his great sword and took out a small hammer, then he started launching the raybeasts with it and sent them flying one by one.

Unfortunately, rather than cleverly choosing a weapon better fit for the situation, he’d merely thrown away his great sword because the difficulty of using it finally got on his nerves, but it was progress nonetheless.

“Enough already! I’ll just throw you all! ‘Physical Burst’ ‘Accel’ ‘Arm Up’ Eat this!!”

‘…Uwaah, that kid’s finally lost it,’ Myuhi said.

‘So someone with a Mind status can also fight like that. I learned something new,’ Aristel said.

Tomoe bolstered her physical strength by activating several skills, and then started throwing the raybeasts one after another, giving birth to the bizarre scene of a slender girl throwing a horde of monsters into the sky.

When she started bear hugging a raybeast, then giant swung it, Myuhi’s expression finally transformed into that of shock.

As far as Tomoe was concerned, the normal way of doing things just didn’t match with her nature.

Or perhaps she was simply too frustrated to bother controlling her strength anymore.

“Ha ha ha… Finally, some progress.”

It was only half a step’s worth of progress, but perhaps they might be able to take the whole step in the remaining time.

But in contrast to Shinichi’s calm voice, his two assistants were going crazy on the raybeasts.


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