I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter I – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-25: Special Exam Start! (4/4)

『Since you’re so understanding, Delta Team will now mobilize. Depending on Beta’s results, we’ll rendezvous and move on to the second phase. We’ll be sure to give those Earthlings that are so happy about the cultural exchange some extra stimulation.』

“Keep it in moderation,” the captain said.

『Even if it means falling behind to these people who’ve used the tools of survival we’ve cultivated over generations just to get along with some strangers?』

“…Don’t forget. That Sword Saint is here too. You know your special technique won’t work on her, right?”

The captain seemed to be rebuking the person on the other side of the screen. One could just imagine just how twisted his expression must be underneath that helmet.

But with no words to rebut with, he could only quietly accept the scolding.

『My former associate sure is harsh, but fine, I’ll keep myself in check. Over. 』

There was some unwillingness behind that voice as Delta 1 suddenly cut their call.

“Delta 1, Delta 1! Tsk, acting so selfishly again… Is that fine, Captain? All the members of Delta Team have a tendency to play too much while fighting. Letting them do as they please might interfere with the other teams. Perhaps, it might end up even worse,” the adjutant said.

“That just goes to show how much they detest the Earthlings. Although we may be fighting students of the academy, in the end, they’re civilians. Excessive firepower might end up swinging the public opinion to become overly Anti-Garesto.”

In the end, their goals were to stop the interaction between the two worlds and go back to how things were before.

They didn’t want to take over Earth, they didn’t want a war, and they didn’t want to destroy Earth either.

Of course, disrupting the relationship between the two worlds was desired, but going too far would result in one side seeking vengeance, and that would be problematic as well.

It was still fine if people just targeted them, but it would be problematic if people started targeting Garesto as a whole.

The woman was afraid that Delta’s actions might lead to that.

“It’s fine. They’re meant to cause a disturbance in the first place. It’s more convenient to let them do as they please. Especially, if they attack the students and draw the Sword Saint out.”

“…I didn’t know you’d thought that far. The former Lt Col. Doneju was diligent in her duties. I’m sure that part of her hasn’t changed even though she’s now a teacher. But while she might be terrifying in guerrilla tactics, she’s not as terrifying as a commander or as a guard.”

“That’s right.”

They knew the personality and the strengths of their former colleague that was hailed as a hero.

That’s why they were certain that she wouldn’t abandon her students.

They could easily imagine her fighting with all of her strength to protect the children.

But by doing so, she’d be forced into a defensive battle that she’s unsuited for and the academy will lose its greatest weapon.

The first team(Delta) might have to be sacrificed, but if it meant keeping the Sword Saint in check, then it was a necessary sacrifice.

“But enough of that, did Beta Team take that thing with them? It’s a bit odd, but it’s a request from our sponsor, so we can’t reject the request,” the captain said.

“Yes, they can take care of it while working on their main mission, so it shouldn’t have any effect on our plans. No matter how much we investigate it, it looks nothing more than just a wooden box, though. It’s hard to believe that it possesses the effects they claim…”

The adjutant shook her head and the captain nodded.

Regardless of their dreams and ideals, illegal organizations such as theirs all shared a common problem, money. The Gaen Volunteer Army did not have a fat wallet; hence, they had to rely on someone wealthy who shared their interests or ideals and was willing to fund them, in other words, they needed to rely on a sponsor.

Of those sponsors, one of them handed them a device(wooden box) and told them to use it during their operation.

If their sponsor’s claims were to be proven correct, it would certainly prove useful, but try as they might, they couldn’t find any such system that could produce the claimed effects.

They found the whole thing ridiculous, but this sponsor of theirs was an important source of money, so they were willing to carry out the request as long as it didn’t interfere with their plans.

“Don’t think about it so much. Just take it as us currying favor with our sponsor. We have nothing to lose anyway, right? Or you can look at it like how those Earthlings look at stuff like these. What did they call that kind of stuff again? Superstition, curses?” The man said with a huge smile.

“…Captain, we’re an organization appealing to our people to cut off relations with Earth,” the adjutant said seemingly troubled.

But that just made his smile bigger as he eventually broke into laughter.

“Ha ha ha, it’s a bit too late for that. Half our sponsors are from Earth(・・・).”

“Is that so?” She said ceremoniously as she withdrew her previous statement.

There are individuals and organizations on either side that want things to go back the way they were before.

The Gaen Volunteer Army was able to accumulate power by reaching out to those people.

“Alright, that’s enough chit-chat, let’s take a better look at the situation. Depending on how things go, we, Omega, might have to mobilize too,” the captain said.

“Yes, everyone is ready. We can mobilize anytime.”

“As expected of you,” the man nodded as he and the woman hurried along.

The battlefield was alive, and it changed with the slightest variables.

Although they had been preparing for this operation for many years, it was impossible for everything to go exactly as planned.

Delta Team happening into an unexpected patrol was proof of that.

Regardless how many of those amazing military terminals could be found here just in this hall, there were a lot of things that they didn’t know. They had to go to the bridge if they wanted to get a better grip on the situation.

“We’ve waited 8 years for this day. Old Gaen might just be a money-grubber, but we’ll use everything we can to achieve our dreams. Will you be coming along, Cherry?” The man said.

“After all these years, you ask that now? I’ll be wherever you go, Joyce,” The woman said.

In this moment, they weren’t wearing the face of a captain and his adjutant, but the face of a man and a woman. They shared a meaningful nod and walked together side-by-side.

Everything was for the sake of bringing the ‘past’. To that end, they would willingly walk down this unjust road.

Nothing good could come out of interacting with this world that has spent all its life bathing in blood.

The part about needing to put an end to all this was the only genuine thing the captain said during his speech.

They had been preparing for this day for 8 years. Any hesitation they held has long been erased.

But what they didn’t know was that the only thing waiting for them at the end of this unjust road was an evil god(the devil).

8 AM. This was the time when all the exams of the last day would be held.

And it was during this moment that that message reached the teacher and the students in the fields.

『To all students. This is the head supervisor representative, Frire Doneju.

This is on short notice, but we’ve prepared a special exam for all of you.

Presently, custom guard robots have been sent into the field.

You are to find your way past these guard robots and reach the exit of the fields.

Your respective examiners shall serve as your commander. The purpose of this exam is to see your ability to march and to fight in groups.

Moreover, many of my acquaintances, that is former soldiers, will be participating in this exam.

They’ve been ordered not to hold back, so expect verbal abuse and heavy fire.

You are advised to keep a steady mind, so that you can make the proper decisions during your encounters.

We’ve also prepared other methods of abuse to make this exam eventful, of course, the raybeasts will be around as well.

I want you to forget all notions of leisure as you take on this last exam—』

—Now then, students, it’s time for your last exam.


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