I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter II – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-28: Garesto’s Ladies Are Weak to That (3/4)

“If he could just be gentler with women, I’d give him a perfect score,” Myuhi said.

“Huh? But Nakamura-san is gentleman enough,” Aristel said.

“…Ari-chan, that’s not true. Icchi is also() plenty weird in that regard!”

But Aristel just found Myuhi’s dissatisfaction confusing.

Myuhi tried to give an example why Shinichi needed to be more gentle, but the example she chose only made the situation worse.

“In the first place, a gentleman wouldn’t just lift a person up so suddenly!”

Myuhi said as she minded her hips that Shinichi had once lifted. Had Aristel not been looking carefully, she would not have noticed that there was a color on her face that was poles apart from that of dissatisfaction.

“You didn’t hate it, did you?” Aristel said.

“…Ari-chan?” Myuhi said.

Aristel pointed out the truth veiled in plain sight with a monotonous voice and a smile that covered her whole face.

The abrupt descent of a stranger pressure made Myuhi blink and stiffen up.

Aristel’s face may have been smiling, but her eyes surely weren’t.

“You may have been embarrassed, but you didn’t hate it, did you?”

Aristel repeated the same line, but this time with much more force.

“U-Umm… Don’t tell me? You wanted to be held up by him too?”

“I-I’m confident in my waist too!”

Though a little flustered, Myuhi noticed something and asked the unthinkable, and Aristel blushed and showed herself twisting her waist.

Unfortunately, she was currently wearing an exoskeleton, so despite her stunning figure that could put even gravure idols to shame, her actions were meaningless.

“But I guess Earthling gentlemen really do prefer smaller women, don’t they? I hear there are Earthlings who prefer women with beast ears too! Come to think of it, he had that little critter(amaryllis) with him, didn’t he? I’m sure he doesn’t mind those beast ears… So not fair.”

As Aristel looked at her jealously, Myuhi blinked restlessly as she realized that she was seeing another aspect of Aristel that she didn’t know about.

“…Oh, boy. I don’t really know how to deal with this kind of jealousy,” Myuhi muttered.

Normally, Aristel’s speech would incite her complex about those vicious weapons above Aristel’s waist due to her own petite nature, but the way Aristel looked, she knew that she was truly jealous of her from the bottom of her heart, so Myuhi couldn’t get angry.

Moreover, how could she say all of this and yet still not realize her own feelings?

Myuhi wanted to tell her, but she decided to restrain herself instead.

For if she did, there was no doubting that only more trouble would follow.

“If that’s how it’s going to be, then I might as well get a transplant now!”

“Wait! That’s going too far! And too fast!”

After all, with how straightforward Aristel was, if she were to realize her own feelings, she would surely go out of control.

In fact, she was already out of control, but Myuhi really didn’t want to see a world where she was even more unhinged.

Just putting a stop to this ridiculous idea of getting a transplant surgery had already put her in so much distress.

“They’ve really hit it off, huh,” a special class student said.

“It’s a conversation between two powerful people. We shouldn’t get in the way,” another special class student said.

Fortunately or unfortunately, their classmates saw their interaction in that light.

One look at the expression of the two girls should’ve made it clear that they were not having a serious conversation, but prejudices have always been terrifying.

One could even say that the image they’ve made of them had already reached the level of blind belief that ignored reality.

Now this is a bit sudden, but fighting with exoskeletons require the ability to process diversified information in parallel.

One needed to process the information from one’s own five senses, while also processing the information from one’s surroundings and the orders given according to the state of the whole battlefield.

If one failed to grasp the position of his allies, a collision in the air would likely occur.

The exoskeletons have been outfitted with systems to make this parallel processing easier, but even then one still needed to be an excellent multitasker.

And to these two top students of the academy, such multitasking already came as natural as breathing.

But that also meant that they knew how difficult it was to acquire the skill to do so and how much of a blessing the support systems of the exoskeletons were.

That’s why seeing him do all of that without any support had stimulated them so much.

But as excited as they were and even though they were thinking of something completely different, they were still continuing to process information in parallel.

That’s why…

“Oh, come on!! And just when I finally managed to have such a fun conversation!!” Aristel complained.

“And here I was feeling like some reinforcements might arrive!!” Myuhi complained.

When they(The raybeasts) appeared with an explosive entrance, they weren’t surprised.

Two thick and long sand worms had come out of the ground.

Although they were made out of rock, they weren’t that much different from the sand worm that attacked the mixed class earlier.

The two worms opened their giant maws and tried to swallow Myuhi and Aristel, not knowing that the two ladies had already taken out their weapons.



Aristel and Myuhi each pointed their weapons at the worms attacking them.

In Myuhi’s hand was an L-shaped giant boomerang.

In Aristel’s hand was a cone-shaped lance.

As the boomerang and the lance were thrown, they tore through and penetrated their targets.

The rock skin of the worms were easily broken though and the mouth and the head were just as easily destroyed. By the time the weapons had returned to the women’s hands, the two worms had already returned to the hot sand and vanished.

Their classmates neither called their attention to the attack nor praised them.

They knew that they would notice the attack and that they wouldn’t lose either.

It was also because they were paying attention to their surroundings so that they could better defend themselves, but that was all.

“…After seeing his class, this reaction sure is a bit lonely,” Aristel said.

“So it turns out that getting a word or two during battles has a much bigger effect on morale than I’d initially thought,” Myuhi said.

This was how they’ve fought all this time, but now it felt somewhat lonely.

It sounds nice to the ears when you call it trust, but really, it was nothing more than blind faith, which made it needlessly burdensome, and it also felt like they were being treated lightly, so it was a bit of a downer too.

They knew that it was their job to manage the class’s morale in the first place, but it just felt lacking.

Regardless, they didn’t have the leisure to dwell on the topic for too long.

“All forces, fire!”

As in the next moment, 15 worm-type raybeasts appeared.

Aristel had already given her order, so they were greeted by a rain of beams as soon as they ascended to the ground.

Golden beams shot out from the ranged weapon of the students, penetrating the bodies of the worms.

All too soon, the raybeasts that had gone to the surface found themselves covered in holes and they dispersed.

“Ruona-san!” Aristel said.

“I know!” Myuhi said.

As the two girls flew at a low altitude, they called out to each other and drew their swords(blades).

On the giant body of a raybeast was a machine that had ended up hidden there. They pointed their blades at it and stabbed it.

Its limbs were that of the hover type, so it was one of the few models that could get past the desert, but it was cut as easily as butter by the girls’ blades.

“We might as well wipe out the guard robots. All forces, maintain a low altitude and follow my lead,” Aristel said.

“Wait, Ari-chan! They’re here!” Myuhi said.

“Tsk, all forces, anti-shock defense!”

Their classmates didn’t understand what was happening, but they did as they were told and assumed a defensive formation.

In the next moment, a beam descended upon them.

That same golden hue struck the desert and scattered about the dust.

The class didn’t appear to have taken any damage, but the sudden attack had left them perturbed. As they looked up at the sky, they saw them descending.

“So you can handle that, huh? I’d expect as much from the Special Class.”

Blue exoskeletons and black visors.

There were about 20 of them, about half of the special class students, but the students still couldn’t help but become tense.

Although they prided themselves as the elite among the academy, they were not so arrogant to believe that they could win against former soldiers.


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