I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter II – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-29-B: A Fox’s Game (1/3)

The main objective of the Gaen Volunteer Army’s Gamma Team was simple.

They were to take advantage of the opening in the city’s defense network brought about by the disturbance of the other teams to attack the school campus.

Then they would take a video of the buildings being destroyed and broadcast it to the world.

Garesto Academy was the symbol of the cooperation of the two worlds.

Easily being able to destroy it would surely shake the world.

Nothing could better decorate their debut battle than that.

With Alpha Team serving as bait, Gamma Team made landfall and headed for the campus.

The teaching staff has already been locked inside the faculty room by their insider.

The defense systems were also quiet, so there was no one to stop them.

But even then, depending on the situation of the other teams, they might have to stop their attack or offer their support.

They might have to provide support for Alpha Team, who were fighting against the official forces, or rendezvous with Beta Team, who were suppressing the teachers and the students.

In the worst case, they’ve also been given the role of supporting the escape of the other teams.

They had their stealth systems on and were waiting behind the trees lined along the road in front of the academy when that long awaited message finally reached them.

『This is Omega 1 reaching out to Gamma Team. Alpha and Beta proceeding as planned. You may proceed with your operation.』

“This is Gamma 1, roger that.”

After getting that order from the ever familiar(・・・・・) voice of their commander, Gamma Team’s commander ordered his team to move out.

They disabled their stealth systems, and then as though to assert that they were in the right, they boldly entered the academy from in front, but then…


“Oh, my. Where is everyone going in such dangerous outfits?”


—A voice that didn’t fit the situation, one that was somewhat bewitching, casually called out to them.

It was spoken in the Japanese language, so their translator devices immediately translated it for them.

The terrorists searched for the owner of the voice, but they couldn’t find her despite following the sounds.

It was as though the voice was coming from different locations.

“Check every direction! Find the enemy— What are you doing!!?”

The person leading the team, Gamma 1, was also affected by that voice, so he became alert and searched the area. He asked one of his soldiers if they found anything, but…


The woman in charge of the sensors that should be alerting them didn’t respond.

It wasn’t because she was idle or because she’d made some mistake.

The owner of the voice wasn’t picked up by any of the sensors until ‘she spoke’.

That’s why she understood(・・・・・・・・) where she was before anyone else.

“Hey, where’s your res… ponse?”

The man yelled at his unresponsive subordinate once more, but she wasn’t looking at him.

Her eyes seemed to have been stolen away by something.

But if so, then where was she looking at? The eyes of the commander followed her gaze, and…


A woman was there.

But of course. The voice belonged to a woman, after all.

But her appearance was overwhelming, and as soon as he saw her he lost his composure and swallowed his own breath.

How many among them could retain enough of their wits to know that the right question was not ‘who’ she was, but ‘what’ she was.

For what appeared before them was a beastman woman sitting comfortably on her own giant tail.


Golden fur, like the rice ear in harvest, it emanated a brilliance that made captives of their minds.

Bare white skin, as though there was nothing to hide, drew their gaze in without consent.

Two soft bountiful peaks, that swayed with the slightest stirrings, spurred their instincts, while that slender waist, so seemingly fragile, roused their sadistic tendencies.

And then as though as to show them off, a pair of long slender legs crossed, and they found themselves swallowing their own drool.

Even the faint breath that left her lips felt like sex to their ears.


Already, they couldn’t even breathe properly before her.

The incarnation of beauty stood before them in gold.

And with her moist eyes, turned to them and laughed.

“Don’t just stand there, come.”

With her hands and her drooping ears over her head, she beckoned them to come.

Before the embodiment of charm, there were neither men nor women.

A more fundamental instinct that lay within them had been called.

Their memories were washed away and they walked as though they were walking asleep.

Per chance, one of them, the one closest, reached out to her as his desire demanded.

“Fu fu, you’re good children────────but, no.”


Nimbly, she stood up and jumped back.

The man cried out regretfully from the bottom of his heart.

But to her, his passionate laments were no more than meaningless noise.

“You can look if you want, I’ve always lived naked anyway, but as far as touching goes, there is only one master who may touch this flesh. Do not look down on me for I am a beast, the women of our race have always been powerful, chaste, and devoted!”

Though she seemed to be saying that to someone, she said it to no one in particular.

In the first place, none of the people here could occupy her mind.

Only forlorn thoughts for her absent master; hence, the moist eyes.

She wore a captivating aura that could make slaves of men and women, and yet she also wore the face of an innocent maiden in love.

A contradiction that only served to magnify her charm to these addled sots.

“Besides… The likes of you, who would fall so easily for such a simple charm, aren’t fit to be called humans.”

A tinge of scorn surfaced upon those moist eyes.

And Gamma Team finally shook in fear and regained their sanity.

As though she had been waiting for that, a cold smile surfaced on her, and as she placed her hand on the mouth of the man near her, she blew lightly.

In the next moment.


The man nearest her caught fire, and then transformed into a pillar of fire that swallowed even the exoskeleton he wore.

Not one part of him was not covered in flames. Perhaps the one exception was the sound of his screams unbefitting of his robust stature.

The sudden turn of events that none of their equipment could warn them about left everyone in a daze. Everyone except their commander.

“D-Don’t space out! Extinguish that fire with a skill! Hurry!!”

At Gamma 1’s behest, the rest of Gamma Team regained their sanity and simultaneously used a skill.

In an anti-climatic twist, because of all the water they’d poured, the fire was extinguished all too quickly.

However, the aftermath of that fire was an exoskeleton that had melted and distorted, barely maintaining its shape, and an unconscious man covered in terrible burns all over.

“uu, aa…”

He was still breathing. His teammates all knew that they should quickly use a healing skill on him, but no one could move.

Although they didn’t know how that fire started, it was really just a fire.

And yet that normal fire easily melted an armor that had put together the best of Garesto’s technology and left terrible burns all over their teammate.

They didn’t know whether to run away from fear or to run onward and help.

“Oh, my. Master was right. You really are quite tenacious. Perhaps, I would’ve indeed had my hands full if I fought while in my beast form. Okay. Let’s go with a bigger fire then.”

But the beauty before them didn’t care one whiff about how they felt and casually spoke as though she was talking about raising the heat of the stove.

The shadow of fear cast deeper over them, but at the same time, they were finally able to accept that it was her who started that fire.

Although they were fearful, the fact that she wasn’t wearing an armor kept them from being fully wary of her.

But the moment they recognized her as an enemy, they didn’t hesitate to take out their weapons.

Or perhaps, they simply drew their weapons at her because of the inexplicable fear that they felt.

“Gamma 4, Gamma 7, follow me!”

As Gamma 1 shook off that pathetic(the true) reason from his head, he took out a battle axe clad in photon and gave orders.

At his orders, his two subordinates took out their melee weapons and attacked the beautiful woman with him.

The fact that he was able to overcome his fear – regardless of it was because of some emotion or because of the unknown – then chose an appropriate weapon and immediately picked out his relatively calmer subordinates, spoke volumes of his competency.

“Ufufu, you’re an idiot.”

But the golden beauty only ridiculed him.

Nothing could be more foolish than to challenge an unknown existence to a melee.

What’s more was that regardless how he went about it(・・・・・・), attacking would only serve to deepen the fear.

“What, the!?”

“Im, possible!”

“T-This can’t be real!”

Easily and effortlessly, their attacks were blocked.

Had it been because of something they could still understand, then perhaps the fear wouldn’t have been as grave.

A skill, an exoskeleton, maybe even her bare hands. Any of those would’ve been much better.

“Hmm, I see. Despite being so bad, you do pack quite a punch. If you could mass produce this, it really would be as troublesome as master said.”

Strength from a Status that has been tempered.

A powerful strength boost and rushing ability from the exoskeletons.

And a weapon clad in photon that could easily cut through steel, and yet…

The person who received all of that was neither flustered nor hurt, only thoughtful and impressed.

“Something this… ridiculous can’t—!?”

Gamma 1 yelled in disbelief, while his subordinates faltered, speechless, from the fear.

After all, what had received their attack just now was none other than her tail.

Three tails about as big as an adult, each with that proud golden color, had received their attacks.

That beautiful and seemingly soft fur wasn’t even the slightest bit ruffled.

In fact, the clash had actually broken their photon blade, crushed the edge of their spear, and smashed their battle axe.

It would still have made sense if this was after they clashed with another weapon.

But what they had attacked was a person’s flesh, and yet it was their weapons that came out destroyed. It didn’t make sense.


And then, one of them fell to the ground and screamed.

That drew the attention of the others, upon which they noticed the screen that their teammate had projected into the air.

That was ‘someone’s’ status.

Strength: S+
Stamina: S
Mind: AA+
Resistance: S-
Agility: AA+

And there was no one here who didn’t know who that ‘someone’ was.

“…No, way.”


In the face of that impossible rank, Gamma Team broke into panic.

Some ended up like the first one and fell over their buttocks.

That was a Status too great to even be compared to the top student of the academy or a certain practical skills teacher.

That was a Status so great it wouldn’t have an equal even if they scoured all of Garesto.

AAA was a rank exceedingly rare even among the nobles and those with great potentials, and yet here was someone with an S. Already, this was nothing more than a bad joke to Gamma Team. Or at least, they wished it were.

“Ufu, one ten-thousandth of the power that could destroy a country in one night, care to have a taste?”


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