I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter II – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-31: The Magic Tricks Unmasked (1/4)

Even as he chased after Tomoe, and even as he saved her from a mysterious third group, he was fully aware of the events occurring within the fields.

He knew that 2 – B was under attack, and that they were at a disadvantage.

He knew that despite the appearance of an unexpected ally in Ryou, they were still struggling and had little chance of winning.

He also heard through the wind that a third party had intervened midway through their battle.

He didn’t put them off for later just because they were his relatives.

No, he did not observe such ambulance-like policies.

It just so happened that a girl fighting against a group of people, whose identities and objectives were unknown, was much higher up on the priority list. Not to mention, he’d also sensed a similar(an evil) presence.

And since those people had also brought ‘something bad’ with them, he just had to prioritize them.

That’s why he didn’t think he was mistaken.


───But the result is this.


Of course, because the number of moves he had was limited, he had his faults as well.

The remaining presence of the magic tool, the positional information of the foster, the field map data.

With all of those and the target location in sight, he was able to teleport without a Marking.

But what was waiting for him on the other side was the hideous malice of humanity that he was all too familiar with.

Whether it was the voice he heard through his wind magic or the accumulated voices, they were all the same.


───A grating laughter.


A contemptful voice that made him ill just hearing it, and an unpleasant laughter that didn’t see fault in that.

Such malice always appeared before him regardless where he went. Because of that his lips twisted.

Fools that could only assert their claims through violence.

Wretched men that found pleasure preying upon the weak.

Ignorants that laughed despite their ignorance of the values of honest men.

The ever present malice of man.

Though he knew of them in his mind, though he has heard of them plenty, and though he has seen them too many times, he could not get used to the fact that they were ‘there’; they were an existence that he could not grow accustomed to.

Shinichi──No. Just for now, let that name be written specifically as Shinichi Nakamura.

In the face of that reality, the boy felt his heart grow cold.

──Well, I did think it would turn out like this.

If he were to give his innermost opinion, an opinion that he has not shared even with Youko.

Even if he did manage to return, he never once intended of living a life unrelated to battles.

Despite that, he still tried to live peacefully because he once wished for it, and because he left without saying a word to the people who prayed for that kind of life for him.

Because he held an otherworldly power that no one knew, because it would surely bring even more chaos to the world…

Those were true too, but they were not his own feelings, just thoughts.

That’s why, he decided────To don the mask even in this world.

Fearfully calm, he decided that, as though it was none of his business(it was a given).

That he would not just use the mask, but live on as Masquerade even in this world.

He vaguely knew even before coming back that it would eventually come to this.

But just a little, he wished to rest(laze around).

Given the events that transpired these past few months, however, it has become evident just how vain that wish was.

──The interval this time was too long.

He was not so egoistic to say that he was doing it for someone.

Neither was it because of an illusion(a justice) that couldn’t save anyone.

Nor was it because of those that demeaned others.

And it wasn’t because of that unidentified will(thing) of the duty of the mask that has been pushed onto him either.

Rather, if he could just distance those who wished to bring harm to those he held dear, if he could just bring judgment to the fools who sought to hurt those he felt to be dazzling treasures, if doing so would be the fastest and most effective solution, then…

──The masked assassin will wreak havoc in this world.

But if he may pray, then he prayed that they would have the power to overcome their tribulations on their own, that they would have the will not to rely on this illegal wild card.

Just that, he prayed.



From her perspective, she was suddenly brought up high, and then in the next moment, was back on land.

Because she was too unfamiliar with teleportation, her mind failed to keep up and process what was happening.

That’s why the first thing she noticed was her.

“Huh? Just what it the world happened—Ah! Youko!?”

Within the quiet battlefield, the mask(snake) glared at the the terrorists(frog), and while everyone did their best to pay careful attention to the indiscernible movements of the intruder, the girl that understood the situation the least, Tomoe Safina, despite, or rather, precisely because she was within the embrace of the mask, she failed to notice that existence and instead saw her classmate.

Surprisingly, the one to react to her reaction was the mask(him).

『Are you, close? 』

“She’s my number one friend! Let me down!”

Surprised, the mask released her, and Tomoe ran to her friend.

For a moment, the mask seemed to have muttered, ‘seriously?’ But Tomoe didn’t have the leisure to pursue that remark.

Youko was covered in red, and her unfocused eyes were gathered onto the mask.

Tomoe did not think that she was in a normal state at all.

“Youko, what happened to you!? That blood. Did you get hurt— Ah, no, this is…”

“T-Tomoe, I, I, I!”

But despite that, perhaps because she was a friend dear to her, when Tomoe shook her, she responded despite her trembling body.

Large beads of tears poured out from her eyes, not a hint of her usual confidence was on her.

It was at this point that Tomoe finally realized the situation and became speechless.

Cut human bodies covered in fresh blood were littered on the ground.

Given Youko’s state, there was no need to ask what had transpired here.

“I, wasn’t, intending on, doing any of this! But I had to stop them, I had to protect everyone! But when I swung my sword, something warm, just kept pouring!!”

“Youko! It’s fine already! So, you don’t have to think anymore!”

Her body trembled, her eyes seemed like they were about to crack, and she was covered in blood, but Tomoe hugged her, without any regard that her clothes might be filthied, and then the girl broke down in tears.

As the mask saw that, it turned to the boys situated somewhere slightly distant.

The torture they had been undergoing had weakened because their enemies had to pay attention to the new intruder.

Their enemies had judged the new intruder to be too grave of a threat to split their attention.

『I see you lack discipline. 』

The remaining soldiers in simple exoskeleton.

Several of them had managed to get away from the restraint of the gel bullets, and about 10 shadows simultaneously attacked the mask.

The only ones who didn’t move were the ones who’ve been scattered and the three enemy commanders.

They covered for the man whose arm and mouth had been injured, and slowly retreated.

『Or did you decide on your own to protect your master? 』

The mask said, but its voice suggested it didn’t really care. He looked at the enemies leaping and running toward him.

Their movements were aimed only at the mask. Because of that dealing with them was a trivial task.

The indiscernible arm held out horizontally over the land, and then clawed the air.

『As a treat, I’ll add a color to it, so you can see it easier. 』

──That way is scarier, right?

One moment, and then suddenly, four thick, dark lines swept through the air.

That was a simple attack that released mana sharpened like a blade or a claw.

But the dense darkness that accompanied it was so wide, the lines it released were better described as walls.

And then for some reason, the soldiers foolishly ran straight into that, only to be devoured by the walls(・・・・・・).


It was curious who it was that became speechless by that sight. Perhaps, it was everyone.

Regardless, since they were all attacking a single point, the best course of action was naturally to release an attack that spread outward.

It was such a simple concept, and yet in a single blow, it decided who here was the strong, and in its wake was left an aftermath that could only be attributed to a giant beast’s claw wreaking havoc.

It didn’t matter whether they were in the air or on the land, they were all devoured by the dark light, and then spat back out all smashed up.

The shockwaves gouged out the land, and the gusts of wind knocked down the surrounding trees.

Only the mask and the girls behind were unaffected.

The three commanders that retreated watched on with shock, and when they saw the analysis reflected on their visors, they screamed.


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