I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc – Prologue – 03-27: Consultation for the Future (3/4)


“First of all, on what basis are you saying that you’re a bad teacher? I don’t think you’re a bad teacher, personally speaking.”

Although she was relentless in the way she spoke and acted, she was always earnest during her lessons and was devoted to the fundamentals.

Of course, she wasn’t perfect, and there were demerits to her teaching too, but certainly not enough to label her as useless.

“B-But I became a teacher because of my personal circumstances even though I knew that I’m bad at teaching others. I decided to do my best since I’m already doing it anyway, but no matter how hard I try, those kids’ grades just won’t go up. And even without that, it might be a bit harsh telling you this, but I was put in charge of that D Class, you know?”

But she still insisted that she’s a bad teacher because she became a teacher only for her personal reasons, because she’s bad at teaching, and because her students’ grades won’t go up.

What’s more is that she even believes that the school also thinks she’s no good; hence, why they handed the class they had the least expectations for to her.

“I figured that’s how you saw it. It’s the other way around. Think about it more calmly. Has no one among your students really grown?”

“Huh? Ah!”

Shinichi asked her in a voice full of conviction, and several names immediately appeared in Frire’s mind.

Now that she thought about it, there were indeed several students who immediately went up a class after receiving her instruction.

But there were so few of them that she felt like she hadn’t done much.

“Listen up. Everyone who’s entered this academy – except me – are all talented individuals.”

The most important qualification in the admission process here is a student’s potential for growth.

Of course, academic abilities and one’s attitude are also scrutinized, but only under the premise that one already has that vast potential to grow his status.

“It hasn’t even been two months since school started in April. The reason the students here aren’t showing sings of growth is either because they haven’t learned the skills yet or the school’s curriculum just doesn’t suit them.”

Although there’s a saying that great talents bloom late, there’s no such thing when it comes to the growth of status, strictly speaking.

So long as one is able to understand how to develop one’s status, one should grow fairly quick.

“This is often seen as a lack of self-reliance, but people have different suitabilities when it comes to learning. To grow alone, to grow with a group, to offer the stick or to offer the carrot. The different suitabilities students have for certain teaching methods just can’t be avoided.”

Especially, the status of the Earthlings, which are often all over the place in terms of growth.

“You understand this much, right?” Shinichi asked Frire, and she immediately nodded in response.

Before she knew it, she was already sitting in seiza and was earnestly listening to Shinichi.

Already it was too late to be making a joke about who the teacher and student was.

“What’s more is that this is a place where the talented from all over the world are gathered. Because of that the people who can’t develop because the curriculum doesn’t ‘suit them’ stand out all the more.”

“…So it’s not my fault but the school’s curriculum?”

“Half-correct. The point is that this is the best environment for those suited for it and the worst environment for those unsuited for it. But that’s precisely why you’re important to the students who can’t make any progress!”

Shinichi snapped his finger and pointed at her.

“You’re mostly self-taught and became renowned after honing your own skills and gaining merits in combat. Because of that you could offer an alternative path that could suit other students. Apparently, no one told you, so I’ll tell you myself. The reason why the school made you in charge of the D Class was precisely because they hope you can help these students grow.”

“They specifically chose me?”

The so-called curriculum of the academy is Garesto’s knowledge turned into a manual.

In other words, a theory. And theories are meaningless unless understood.

On the other hand, Frire’s knowledge was cultivated through her own training and experience.

She lacked the words to express herself, but she understood the concept at its core, so it was easier for her to teach people who learned by intuition rather than theory.

“So the only ones left in D Class are the students that neither suit the school’s curriculum nor my curriculum?”

“That’s right. You normally don’t get so many, though.”

Because they were measured only by their abilities and talents, children with similar traits couldn’t grow.

Shinichi believed that that was the truth behind the failure that was the D Class.

“When dealing with people who can’t understand through theory or intuition, the only option left is to throw them into battle. But that’s impossible for students, so the best you could do is to throw them in here and let them figure it out themselves.”

Shinichi said as he pointed to the ground and the entire field.

Frire looked around and immediately shook her head. “That’s too reckless,” she said. “Sure the class will be entering in the near future, but they’ll be fully armed then. Look! That giant carnivorous bird-type that looks down on humans! The bird-types that look like Pterosaurs flying in the sky! The crustacean-types that nonchalantly send trees flying in their stride! Throwing those students here is a death sentence!”

Even the relatively shallower areas were still rampant with raybeasts.

Even worse was that these students neither had experience nor a decent status. Surely, no sane man would throw such children into a place like this.

But despite Frire arguing as such, Shinichi was indifferent.

“Just don’t tell them anything. A near-death experience, even if it’s just once, is sure to make them grow.”

In fact, Shinichi’s whole face bloomed into a smile, causing Frire’s head to hurt.

She felt like she was being forcibly made to understand why Shinichi couldn’t adapt to this school.


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