I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? Prologue – The Repercussions of His Return – 04-??: Minus-System Problem Child

Author’s Note: I wonder how you would actually call a problem child like this?


I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? Prologue – The Repercussions of His Return – 04-??: Minus-System Problem Child


–––Problem Child


When that word appears, what kind of person do you imagine?
Do you imagine a rebellious delinquent? A child who – with his hatred and his unhappiness nowhere to go – turns into delinquency, and spends his time fighting day in day out. Or do you instead, perhaps imagine a crazy troublemaker who makes a mess of everything?

For “her”, those were the only two images she could muster from that word.
Which is exactly why when she met “him”, she was speechless.
Never did she imagine that one could prove such a headache, despite not doing anything.

Here, in the UN-Garesto Union Special High School – also known as the Garesto Academy – is where the knowledge and technology of the more scientifically advanced otherworld, ‘Garesto’, is studied.
A school created for the sake of raising young people who would lead the next generation and serve as bridges to the otherworld.
Because of the still continuing otherworld-boom from 8 years ago, the applicants are numerous.
But as the school’s philosophy dictates, only those who’ve broken through the difficult selection process and exam may enter.

Which is why the students here have come to be known as the “Chosen Ones”.
Of course, there are also students with bad behavior, but regardless, not a single one of them failed to protect the school’s rules. And suppose there were, they were but trivial issues.

—-Or at least that was so until… the day he enrolled.

At the end of April, when he’d just enrolled, his eccentricity was already said to be severe.
The word “said” remains within the boundaries of rumors,
but that was also because anyone who saw his attitude after that thought, “Well, even if it’s true, it’s not that strange.”
For example, it “looked” like he wasn’t listening to the female student touring him through the school.
He broke some things as a result, but it didn’t “look” like he apologized even once.
Even when his upperclassmen warned him, it only “looked” like he was ignoring them.
From his first day onwards, he brazenly commuted to school with his pet, or at least it “looked” that way.
When it came to greetings, it “looked” like he was being rude to his teachers.
Then finally, it “looked” like, he ‘turned’ the school’s rules upside down, as he made a mockery out of the other students

Although there were a lot of “looked like” added, making them mere rumors. She considered them true even if they were dramatized.
As a member of the public morals committee, the moment she heard the rumors, she warned him and consulted the teachers.
But because he’d just enrolled, everyone thought he was still adapting.
They figured he’d eventually adapt to the school, and he’ll understand just how special this school is.

But then approximately two months passed since the day he transferred, yet he hadn’t changed one bit.

The cases that’ve occurred since his transfer have gone down,
but that was only because the people around him was avoiding him.
Yes, there was no reason for him to keep the rules even though he’d gotten used to them.
He’d react whenever he realized he was being called, but he would never answer properly, even if it’d be easier to do so.
Regardless who it was, his attitude didn’t change. In fact, he’s been doing nothing but sleep during lessons.
What’s more is that his attitude toward regular classes was that of a serious student. He was only trouble to the subjects relating to Garesto.
He could not answer. He would not answer. He would not be involved. He would not strive. He would not listen.

With a conduct consisting of a remarkable amount of ‘Not’, he magnificently turned the school upside down.

So as a result, although the troubles arising never ceased, the students and the teachers took an approach of “not” minding.
No matter what happened, they kept their face straight, and did “not” react.
With his sort of attitude, it shouldn’t have been strange for him to be struck down with ‘strength’ – That was normal for this school.
But he did “not” entertain anyone even with the very power gained from this school.
Regardless who he saw, regardless what he heard, regardless what was done to him, it was as if he was watching paint dry, and “not” a glint of interest could be seen in those eyes of his.

Including her, a large majority of the students were being indirectly mocked, making them seethe in anger.

But he could “not” understand even that voice of anger, and he would only incline his neck.
Loathing for that excessive attitude of his became a topic amongst the students.
And the result was that even the teachers told them to just leave him alone.


—It’s frustrating.


This was the result of his action. If it was to show his ability, then not her nor anyone would think anything of it.
This school adheres to the merit system. Year level, academic background, family, assets, parents, luck, none of those things matter.
So long as one has the ability, then this school will give them special privileges.
One could acquire a big, comfortable room and priority for the school equipment.
One could even be exempted from some classes and receive priority for the latest and strongest equipment.
And one could even receive help after graduation.
Which is precisely why everyone was aiming for the top. There wasn’t a single student who wasn’t doing their best.
At the very least that was true for the people she knew.


—And yet, that guy is just doing as he pleases even though he hasn’t worked off one drop of sweat! Unforgivable!


In her case, there were still other problems regarding him that she’d like to complain about,
but she, ‘Senba Youko’[simple_tooltip content='(Characters used: Thousand, Feather; Sun, Child.)’](?)[/simple_tooltip], wouldn’t forgive anything more than that.

The government aside, it’s only been 8 years since civilians began trading with the otherworld.
Which is why even the teachers in this academy were still unfamiliar with the culture of the otherworld.
As a result, children who are said to be able to easily learn things have shown significantly more results than their adult counterparts.
In light of this, problems caused by students are left to be dealt with by other students.
And so the committee and the student council of this school have more authority than those of normal schools; they were much like the ones written of in novels.

Be that as it may, the problem was that there were essentially no rules on punishing people who were “not” doing anything.
After all, they, the public morals committee, were meant to deal with people who broke the rules.
As much as Youko hated him, it was still true that the ones who’re in the wrong are the ones who started the fight. And although he might’ve been the cause, he hasn’t really done anything outside of having no reactions.
Which is why despite all her anger, in the end, she had no choice but to punish the ones that picked a fight with him.
And as one would expect, he again looked at that as if it were someone else’s problem, adding even more fuel to Youko’s already burning rage.


—-The scummiest, the worst… why is a guy like him attending this school!?


The reason why he had to attend this school.
She already knew that he was someone who’d drifted off to another world.
It was easy to imagine that he was probably made to go to this school under the pretext of protecting him.
Which is probably why he was always exuding that aura that said, “I don’t’ want to go”, while regularly attending.
There were also other students who had the same uninterested eyes.
But even if she knew his situation, she still couldn’t forgive him. It could be said that her emotions have been completely rubbed in the wrong way.

Why can’t he act normal?
Why does he have to cause trouble?
Why does he have to disturb us?


—-Why can’t that man do anything other than cause us a headache!?


The name of that problem student was ‘Nakamura Shinichi’[simple_tooltip content='(Characters: Inside/Center, Village; Trust, One.)’](?)[/simple_tooltip]
His status was the lowestAll D. He was a maverick who only got in by circumstancesLuck.
What’s up with that? Thought Youko to herself as she burned in anger. It was as if he was an existence meant only to deny their past 8 years.
The 8 years they spent working hard ever since the existence of the otherworld was made public.


—I won’t forgive him.


More than anything, her pride was shamed.
Even if the person himself did not intend to, she couldn’t forgive him.
And more than anything, she was convinced that a person like him was unnecessary to this school.


—I’m definitely going to chase him away!


“Isn’t that right, Yousuke!?”[simple_tooltip content='(Characters: Sun/Yang(Positive), Shellfish/Mediate;)’](?)[/simple_tooltip]


Walking down the hallway beside the female student, Youko, was a manly student by the name, Yousuke.
It was to him that she let out all of her pent up stress these past two months.

“…Nee-chan, shut up.”

But YousukeHer younger brother only coldly sighed as he sipped on his apple juice.
Seeing how uninterested and impassionate he was left her staring in shock.

“W-What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you also say you hate him?”

“Yeah, which is exactly why I’ve been keeping distance.
But you’re a committee member, so it can’t be helped. But I’m not a member of any committee.”

Not involving himself with someone he doesn’t like.
That attitude of his reminded Youko of a certain problematic man, and that irritated her.
But he did have a point. Since he was not a committee member, it would actually be stranger if he were to involve himself.


“Well, it’s your problem.
Though I do think you’re just needlessly obstinate when it comes to that sense of duty of yours.”

As expected of someone who’s been with her since they were young, he was easily able to hit a sore spot.
Even her parents and her friends have pointed out that tendency of hers to burden herself with responsibility too much.
They’d often tell her, “Relax a bit more.” But since she never intended to be so stiff in the first place, changing it wasn’t a simple task.

“B-But just letting up on him is… I mean isn’t his attitude too cruel!?”

“Well, that’s true. But do we really have the time for that?
Why do you think we’re going to practice at the field now until our reserve period is up?”

“Ahh, that’s…”

When her younger brother pointed that out, she was at a loss on what to say.
She did not have the time to spend on “him”.
If she were to lose any more practice time than she has, it would definitely show in the real thing.

“We don’t even have two months left until our exhibition match, you know?
We absolutely cannot put on a poor performance.”

Her twin brother briskly walked forward, high and proud, as he said those words.
Hearing that, Youko slapped her two cheeks, seemingly telling herself, “Right.”
Approximately half a month from now, Garesto Academy would be inviting guests from outside for their ‘Class Observation Day’.
But this class observation was not just a mere class observation. If anything, it’s a lot closer to that of a culture festival or a school festival.
It’s a school event meant to showcase the results of the school’s activities.
The difference in the value behind that meaning was big. This was a large event that could possibly decide the future of the students.
After all, scouts and company directors will be coming to look for people who could possibly become high-ranking officials or people who could cooperate with Garesto.
If they could show their worth in that event, then their path in school and beyond would be secured.
And this pair of brother and sister have been chosen to represent the school, and will be fighting against a pro from outside.
For the school, this was an event to show that their lessons were going well.
For the outsiders, this was a chance to see the level of the school’s students.
Naturally, if someone were to show a good performance, all eyes would gather on them, and they might even guarantee themselves a job.

“…Let’s hurry up and bring results, so that we could make mom’s life easier.
Isn’t that the reason we came to this school?”

“So you should just put aside that committee matter for now,” is what he seemed to say. Youko nodded.
Besides, aside from the event itself, the parents and guardians of the students would also be coming, so they definitely couldn’t put on a poor show.

“Right, let’s put on a good performance for mom too!”

“Of course.”

Seeing his sister go back to that usual smile of hers, he resolutely replied.
Although she had a tendency to burden herself too much, her ability to quickly change her feelings was something even he wished to learn.
Thanks to her younger brother’s words, she’s finally forgotten about the problem student, and has regained her main purpose.
The purpose for which they vowed an oath, and entered the school.
They would prove that their mother’s efforts in raising them alone these past 6 years was not a waste.
They would prove that to the world as the living proofs themselves.

“Then let’s strike while the iron’s still hot, and let’s go!”

“…Sure, sure.”

“And who’s the reason we’re late again,” is what he felt like saying, but he quickly swallowed those words as he went dumbfounded when he saw his sister suddenly leave him behind.
In the two siblings’ mind appeared the changing world.
In the center of that world was the figure of their mother who’d worked herself to the bones. They recalled her teachings…
“From this age onward, if you don’t have power, you won’t be able to do anything.”
“So I want you two to become strong.”
“Because it’ll be too difficult to live on if you’re weak.”
At their mother’s lament, they vowed an oath.
They couldn’t lose. They absolutely couldn’t lose.
As she renewed her resolve, her younger brother mischievously smiled.

“…Wouldn’t it be great if your beloved Kamen-san were to appear, nee-chan?”
“Y-Yousuke, wwwww-what are you saying!?”

In an instant, that resolved expression over her face flipped over, and she went beet red.
She tried to hold back the unknown emotions rising up her, as she drew near her younger brother.

“I-I-It’s not like t-t-t-this is related to that person, you know!”

That sudden remark of his left her rattled, and she felt she had to say something,
but Yousuke only scornfully laughed as he found amusement in that flustered sister of his.

“Nah, as your brother, I’d actually be happy if spring could finally come for you.”

“And I’m telling you, you’re wrong!!”

That teasing continued until they finally arrived at their destination.
Which is the reason why she failed to notice it. That her brother was thinking of something completely different.



––––Changing the topic and fooling her… I don’t think I can keep this up for any longer, Oniichan.


TL Note:This is the last of the 6 Prologues. Next chapters will no longer be prologues, and will finally be more consistent (timewise).



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