I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 1: The First Day of Transfer 03-02: The Horrifying Difference in Their Common Sense

A girl with fox ears entered into the campus with Shinichi and a fox in tow.
They walked through a hallway enclosed by giant walls made plainly with no decorations.
Of course, there were windows and doors, which led to the classrooms, but everything was plainly designed.
It was here that Shinichi realized what it was that he felt out of place while he was waiting by the entrance a while ago.

“Hey, Hina. If I recall correctly, today should be Sunday, right?”

“Yep. Is something the matter?”

As Myuhi skipped down the hallway, Shinichi continued.
All the while he stuck out like a sore thumb with his black uniform when they pushed through the crowd that was dressed in similarly designed uniforms.

“Well, there sure are a lot of students.”

Odd gazes struck at Shinichi, but he only ignored them as he asked Myuhi that question.
There were just too many students in school for what was supposedly a day off.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, right… Normal schools don’t have classes on Sunday, do they?”

“…Well, we have them here. Sunday Classes.”

The unexpected culture shock made Shinichi smile wryly.
No matter how crammed or leisurely one’s schedule was, Sunday always remained a day off.
Apparently, that bit of common sense wasn’t so common here in this school.

“…And there you have it, Nakamura Shinichi.
You know, if you assume this place to be the same as your school back in Japan you’re gonna have a hard time.”

As Myuhi smiled at Shinichi’s wry smile, a person appeared before them.
The resounding voice did not belong to that of a child, but that of an adult, of a woman.

“Ah, Teacher Fudone!”

“It’s Frire Doneju, Ruona!
I’ve told you many times not to call me by some weird nickname!”

Dressed in an unfashionable grey jersey, that blooming young woman with white hair whom Myuhi called a teacher, crushed the blade of the sword in her hands as she thrust it into the ground in her anger.
That sword’s apparently Garesto’s version of the shinai, which teachers in-charge of the morals committee used to have.
With a real weapon in her hands and a horrifying pressure exuding out of her, the students in the hallway started to shake. The only ones unaffected were Myuhi and Shinichi.
Myuhi just laughed as usual as she sent a somewhat pitying gaze to Shinichi.
She felt as if she’s finally found an accomplice.


The woman’s pair of golden eyes scowled at the two, confused, but the two didn’t flinch.
Whether the girl knew or not aside, the boy was completely oblivious to his behavior.

“…Forget it.
Anyway, you’re slow, Ruona. Because of you, there’s no time left for explanations.
Nakamura, follow me. I’ll give you a tour of the classrooms until my next class.”

“Ok… Umm, do you mind if I ask you a question while we’re walking, Teacher Doneju?”

“…Hmm, well this school really is different from normal after all.
Very well. I’ll listen to you until we reach the classroom.”

With a momentary glance over her shoulder, she urged him to ask away.
At the same time, she also seemed to be observing him, but that was only because of her curiosity. She didn’t have any intentions of monitoring his actions.
That honest gaze of hers made Shinichi smile internally.

“I heard there’re classes even on Sundays. Why is… Why is that?
Are there no weekly holidays in… In Garesto?(The lines after the ellipses are in honorific language.)

Shinichi ended up speaking with some odd gaps in his sentences.
Although there was a translation device, that device only worked when it could receive input.
So of course, it couldn’t translate a sentence into Garesto’s version of honorific language when Shinichi wasn’t using honorific language.
Shinichi found it difficult to use honorific language because he hadn’t used it at all back in Falandia. Because of that, he ended up having to forcefully add it at the end of his sentences.

“No, we have weekend holidays too. It’s just that the material to teach in this academy is too many, so we couldn’t take the normal approach.”

Frire explained away without the slightest care of whether the translation worked well or not.
Her gaze was already looking up ahead after uninterestedly answering Shinichi’s question.
As she continued, Shinichi followed from behind.

“We teach everything from Garesto’s history, to language, technology, and even combat. But on top of that, we also teach the five basic subjects of this world. Cramming too much into the students will also be a problem though, so on Sunday, we only have classes in the morning.”

As she spoke, her long hair tied behind her waved and naturally drew the boy’s attention.
Her white hair which was tied with only an elastic band was beautiful.
It wasn’t like hair that’s merely lost its colors after greying out. With its luster, anyone could tell that this was its original color.
In fact, if it weren’t for her dull colored clothes, her hair would sparkle even more.
She continued to talk, but because of how quiet Shinichi was, it was hard to tell whether he was actually listening.

“This won’t change regardless who you talk to, so don’t bother complaining.”

“Nah, if it’s like that then it’s only a given that there’d be classes even on Sunday… Ma’am.”(He’s forcing out a desu at the end of his sentence. You put desu at the end for honorific language in Japan.)

“Huh? Ah, ok. If so, then good.”

Frire thought she’d warn him ahead of time just like the other transfer students, but he was unexpectedly understanding, which caught her off guard and caused her to be confused. But without bothering about her confusion, Shinichi went ahead to the next question.

“By the way, isn’t it the teacher’s job to meet me? Erm… Ma’am.”

“No, I’m only the vice-adviser of your class.
In general, every class is given a homeroom teacher or an adviser from the subject teachers or the instructors. Along with whom is a vice-adviser.
Your class, 1-D, is under a subject teacher who usually teaches about matters regarding history.
He’s a strict teacher, so you should prepare yourself.”

Because even if you come crying later, I won’t help you, she added.
But then the fox-eared girl laughed and said.

“That’s not something you should be saying though, right?
After all, you’re the school’s demon teacher, the cool female teacher, and the woman who could freeze any mood with a glance!”

“…Isn’t the last one a bit off?”

The first two were about how strict she was as a teacher, but the last one was completely different as it means she can’t read the atmosphere.

“Oi, you little fake, do you want to run a hundred times around the field?”
“Ha ha, please stop joking… There’s no way I would get tired with just that!”

The teacher’s voice was calm but angry. Despite that, however, the girl only laughed.
She looked unfazed by a threat of that level.
And judging from Frire’s grimacing face, it seemed that her words were no empty boast.
Because of that, the student and the teacher, one smiling, one frowning, continued to glare at each other.
This was a famous scene even within the campus, so the students in the hallway only quietly kept their distance with cramping faces.

“You two sure get along well… Ah, right.
It’s been on my mind for a while now, but I noticed that the students seem to be wearing different uniforms. There are some with a lab coat over their uniform, and some who’ve changed their uniform in some way like Hina who’s shortened her skirt and is wearing a bigger blazer.”



In that tense atmosphere where not even the nearby students dared to say a word, the boy brazenly and frivolously asked his question.
The two girls were speechless.
Was he the kind of foolish hero who would willingly jump into the crossfire?
But then why didn’t he say anything in a while ago?

“Haa… The students of this school are divided into three classes.
One is the normal class which you’ll be entering. The second is the class that comprehensively studies the technology of Garesto, also known as the technical class. And then finally, there’s the special class that only excellent students may enter. The lab coats you saw are a part of the uniform of the second curriculum. As for the ones wearing modified uniforms, that’s a special privilege given only to those in the special curriculum.”

Since there was no more time anyway, Frire decided to just stop that futile staring contest with a student, and answered.
The normal class doesn’t have any special characteristics, but it studies everything equally.
The technical class focus on Garesto’s technology.
The special class studies whatever is suited for the path they wish to specialize in.
But if their grades go down, then they’ll drop back down to the normal class.

“We get a lot of responsibilities in exchange for those privileges though. Like showing Icchi around for example.”

“Generally, students of the normal class all aim for the special class. I’ve heard of your situation, but if you want to get into the special class, you’ll have to study hard.”



Almost immediately, Shinichi replied with a voice of displeasure, causing Frire to be shocked from the bottom of her heart.
As his vice-adviser she was already well aware that he had little ambition in school, but that ‘Eh?’ of his that did not mean to say ‘That’s impossible for me’ but instead ‘Why would I do something so troublesome?’ was a rare sight in this school. In fact, it was the first time she saw such an unmotivated student.
Seeing how perplexed Frire was, Shinichi quickly added in a panic.

“Eh–, i-it’s nothing. By the way!
Teacher, you seem to know about my situation, but how many exactly are there in the school who know about me? And also to ‘what extent’?”

Frire knew he was forcefully changing the topic, but she didn’t pursue the matter and just answered.

“The principal and the student council, your homeroom teacher and me, your vice-adviser. You should’ve already been warned, but make sure you don’t let it slip. If you stand out because of that, you’ll have a hard time in this school.”

This school doesn’t take kindly to people who’ve gotten in by circumstance and not ability. As a teacher, she knew full well of the commotion that would come if his situation were to be spread.

“Sure, I don’t want to stand out to begin with anyway.”

“Hah? You don’t want to stand out?”

“Ha ha, definitely not the kind of thing you’d hear from a student of this school, huh?”

Shinichi’s complete and utter lack of zeal caught Frire off guard again, while Myuhi just looked like she was sighing with that wry smile of hers. Shinichi was at a loss on why she was making that sort of face, so he quickly added.

“N-No one likes trouble, right?”
“Kyu kyu kyu!”

At Shinichi’s reply, the two girls thought, ‘That’s not the point’. But as they did, the fox atop Shinichi’s head started laughing at Shinichi, who in retaliation partially closed his eyes, then shook his head, causing her to fall.

“Kyu kyu kyu!?”

When she fell, she hurriedly rushed toward the boy, and climbed back up his head.
It didn’t seem like she would get shaken off again, so she heaved a sigh of relief.
Meanwhile, the two girls who were watching the two stood still, frozen, not knowing how they should respond.

Who would’ve thought that that Amaryllis known for hating people would actually get this close to one?

To think that he could actually treat this guardian beast so poorly, and yet not have it affect their relationship.

But in the end though, what really bothered them was the fact that an Amaryllis which even the army couldn’t tame regardless how young, actually formed such a strong relationship with a human.

“Is something the matter?”

“N-No… Just don’t treat it too poorly, alright?”

But what was most confusing of all was this boy who treated this whole thing as if it was completely normal.
She even started wondering whether a man could be so courageous from ignorance.
Speaking of which, an ignorant, rich man once upon a time grew fond of the Amaryllis’ beautiful fur, and stole a cub away from its parents. The Amaryllis were furious at the man, and despite the army that patrolled the wealthier towns, everything was annihilated.
Even the person himself who stole the cub was left half-dead by the cub.

“Oh, right. The Amaryllis are guardian beasts, aren’t they? I’ll make sure to be careful in front of others.”

Although the Tenkorius looked similar with the Amaryllis from the outside, they were actually vastly different when it came to their traits. Besides, the Tenkorius was an inhabitant of Falandia and not of Garesto. Still though… if one were to just look at their strength, then they certainly could be said to be the same. So in a sense, the two girls who were shivering scared were not completely wrong.

“Be a good kid while we’re here at school, alright?”

“Kyu Kyui!”

The fox stood above his head and bowed.
From that, it was obvious who between the two was in a higher position, causing cold sweat to permeate the two girls’ backs.
The Amaryllis might be a docile race with a normally weak attacking power, but once their comrades have been hurt, everything will be destroyed.
Shinichi might’ve had some circumstance that needed him to come here, but regardless, with his coming here, the school might’ve just accepted a world-shattering bomb.

“Say, Teach. Do you think the school will still be here next year?”

“Don’t say that… I don’t want to imagine it.”

After all, Shinichi, whose thinking and behavior was ill-matched with the students of this school, had an Amaryllis (Tenkorius) following him.
With a horrible premonition tugging at the back of their heads, Frire knitted her brows while Myuhi wryly smiled.

“Is something the matter? Which way are we going next?”

The boy looked at them oddly, completely oblivious to why they were acting like that.


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