I came back but the world is still a fantasy – Repercussions arc – Act 1: The First Day of Transfer 03-07: The Commencement of the Practical Skills Class (Warm Up)

Author’s Note: Looks like they’ve met somewhere before?

03-07 The Commencement of the Practical Skills Class (Warm Up)

It was almost time for the next class, so, Shinichi had to run through the halls in a desperate attempt to find himself ready in time.
The same was true for his classmates, and those who were still lost in the moment had to quickly collect themselves.
Within that hustle and bustle, the violence that had occurred just moments ago seemed to have been forgotten, but its traces could still be seen as Hausen and Kanru visibly fumed.

“What’s wrong with that guy? That waste of an Earthling!”

“This is exactly why Earthlings are just a bunch of barbarians with no respect for the strong!”


They walked through the halls with the Ojousama Ringlet Curlsin between them. But for some reason that same Ojousama was as meek as a lamb, and made no remarks. Worried, they called out to her.

“Padyuel-sama? Padyuel-sama!?”

“Hmm? What is it, Rizet?”

“Is something the matter? You’ve been spacing out.”

“Oh, i-it’s nothing. I was just thinking.”

She shook her head, and the two students with contrasting hair color looked at each other. They came to an agreement tacitly, and one of them spoke.

“You’ve been acting odd lately, Padyuel-sama.
It’s all well and good that you’re zealous about training, but you’ve been trying out weird stuff all the time lately. And today, you didn’t even bother shutting that Shinguuji up. A rude guy like that, you should just beat him up to show him how big the gap between you two is.”

The male student, Oruto Kanru, pointed out.

“We’ve had to meet the Earthlings we haven’t had much interaction with too.
Because of that some lowlife man ended up talking to you.
Padyuel-sama, you are the proud daughter of the noble house of Padyuel.
I advise you to keep away from the lesser people.”

The female student, Rizet Hausen, said as she pointed out the proper conduct for a noble.


But their advice fell on deaf ears, as Aristel F. Padyuel, the ring curls ojousama, had – for some reason – found herself gradually drifting from the teachings grounded into her in her youth. Even though it was something she had been raised to believe in. And even though these people advising her were the same servants she’s been with for many years now.

“…I have to confirm it.”

But that is also the reason why she intentionally did not reply.
Because deep inside her was still something that she couldn’t understand.


One of her servants tried to ask her, but those words once again fell on deaf ears.

She had made up her mind.

“Please inform the next teacher that I’m exercising my right as a special class student to exempt myself from class. And please inform the instructor of the first years that I’m going to be joining his class as an assistant.”

Sports Ground 2 was different from Sports Ground 1. It wasn’t the kind of place anyone would call a field. If anything, they’d call it a stadium. And it was in a corner of that stadium that the students of 1-D were lined up, wearing the gym uniform of the academy that had its insignia on the shoulders.

It was rare to see Frire with the man in lab coat, but it was even rarer to see ringlet curlsAristel in her gym uniform.

Seeing such a famous person up close, it was only a given that the students of 1-D would be excited.

“To think a day would come that I’d be able to see Padyuel-Senpai this close!”

“The nobles of Garesto are seriously the real deal. You can really tell that they’re from a different world.”

“She looks so good even with such a high status.”

Suddenly those dead eyes of 1-D were resuscitated, and signs of life could be seen in them.

She wore the same gym uniform as they did, but contrary to popular belief it was the person that made the dress.

Her curvaceous body line, her beautiful face… Each and every single one of her features drew the attention of the class to her. It didn’t matter whether it was a boy or a girl, no one could help but be drawn to her. No one except for one boy.

“–––Would it be alright then, Doneju Sensei?”

Yet though she stood in the middle of the spotlight, she stood there calmly, unfazed, and in full control, as she waited for the response of the teacher. Albeit, waiting might be too weak a word, for her words seemed to hint that she wouldn’t take no for an answer. And the teacher Frire, who looked much like a judge, did not take so kindly to her behavior.

“Well said for someone who knows full well that I have no right to refuse.”

“That goes for both of us… So, will you grant me permission?”

Students of the special class have the obligation of supporting their lower classmen.
This duty was given to them due to the lack of people with knowledge of both worlds.
As a result, teachers can ask students for help in their lecture, and the latter will have no right to refuse. Likewise, a student can offer his or her help, and the teacher will have no right to refuse.

“…Do you mind, Frank Sensei?”

As she was hesitating, she turned to the man wearing a lab coat.
He was playing with his long, purple hair when she asked him.

“It’s fine.
Besides, my job is really just to lend the fosters and explain some things.
You don’t have to mind me, just teach as usual.”

“…So, in other words, you can join the class.
But it’s only been a month since enrollment and there’s also a transfer student, so we’ll have to hold a refresher course as well as an introductory.”

“You can leave the transfer student to me then. I’ll take care of the introductory lesson, and you can take care of the refresher course.”

Frire glared at her for deciding that on her own.
She smiled back as if to run away from that.

“Weren’t you the type to hesitate, Padyuel? Pray, I wonder what has you so eager?”

“Nothing of the sorts. Nothing at all. It just so happens that a certain transfer student has caught my interest.”

What Frire was really asking was “What are you scheming?” And in response she answered with a mere “Interest.”

Frire might not be satisfied with that answer, but there’s nothing she could do.
The first to fold was her.

“Sigh… Nakamura, you ok with that?”

A plain white shirt and a pair of shorts, Shinichi was the only one dressed in a different uniform.

He seemed troubled by the question, but all the same, he gave an uninterested response.

“If there’s no difference in the content of the lesson, then… I don’t mind.”

“You won’t have to worry about that, Nakamura-san.
Padyuel-san is at the top of her class. She is an exceptional student, even in practical class where she still easily places within the Top 3. Teaching a beginner should be no sweat off her back.”

The man in a lab coat known as Frank thought that Shinichi was uncertain of being taught by Padyuel, so he assured him that everything would be ok.
It’s a misunderstanding but since there’s no point in correcting him, Shinichi just nodded.

“Please, Sensei, that’s too much. I’m only the best amongst students. It’s nothing compared to the Sword Saint or the famous Doneju Sensei.”

Flattery left her lips as she turned to the white-haired woman.
There was admiration in those eyes of hers, but there also seemed to be a desire to compete.



Someone had clicked her tongue, but no one else heard that except for Shinichi. Then Frire went to face the class of 1-D that was lined up. As she looked at each and everyone’s faces, she said the same thing she said in her 1st class.

“You’ve all just enrolled to this school, so I don’t know much about any of you.
But in this school, there is a duty that all classes share. A duty to “exterminate”.
This field here wasn’t actually built with sports in mind but for combat training.
I hope you can all show me the results of your training this past month.
Do your warmups, then run around the field. After that get your partner for your skills. Now, go!”



Shinichi was at a loss when he heard that.
The students responded in a loud voice but their eyes were as lifeless as ever.
It was a mystery whether they actually were eager or not, or perhaps, it’s only because the teacher was scary that they responded like that.
Either way, he quietly criticized their behavior.

“Frank Sensei and Padyuel, I’ll leave Nakamura to you two.
After warming up, have him go through the introductory lesson, and then the shooting range.”

As she said that, Frire went to her students, while Shinichi left with Frank and Padyuel.

“Hi, I’m Frank Doneju.
I’m a teacher of the technology class but I also teach normal classes. Let’s get along, ok?
For the meantime, let me congratulate you for making a safe trip back home.”

Unlike the other teachers, it seems he acknowledges him as a returnee.
If not for that, this introduction of his would be just too cruel.
Frank extended a hand to Shinichi, but he was caught off guard, so, it took him a moment before he could receive it.

“…Yes, let’s get along, Sensei.”

He knew nothing of Frank’s situation, so he had to stifle the irritation he felt as he shook his hand.
It was the thin hand of a scholar though for some reason calluses littered it.

“By the way, you said Doneju just now.”

“Yes, I’m the older brother of your vice-adviser.
It’d be confusing if we were both called Doneju, so everyone just calls us by our name.
And besides, Frire Sensei is really famous, so I tend to be known as just the “older brother”.”

He was smiling but his eyes weren’t.
Shinichi felt the pressure he exuded grow stronger.
His feelings were clearly different from what he was actually showing.
Then Shinichi turned to the only girl in this place.


He met her gaze.
Those eyes of hers seemed to be looking for something. A confirmation of sort.


“…It’s nothing. Please excuse me.
I am Aristel F. Padyuel.
A student of the special class 3- A, as well as its representative.
I will be in charge of your class today.”

Although she wore a gym uniform, she acted with grace.
It felt like an act but it was masterful nevertheless.
That wasn’t an act an impostor could pull off. She must’ve practiced it her whole life.
In fact, it’s already been drilled into her so hard that it’s already gone past what you would call habit.
“It’s the real thing. Or at the very least, her etiquette is,” he thought.
For someone like him who has actually seen the real thing, her being able to make him think that was indeed praiseworthy.

“Do I also have to be as proper as… you?” (He keeps forgetting to speak formally, if you still recall. So, he’s forcefully adding ~desu and other polite forms at the end of his sentences.)

“Ah, no. It’s fine even if you just talk informally.”

Shinichi heaved a breath of relief.
After that he introduced himself, and then they went on with the warmup.
She did some exercises, and he followed.
They stretched their knees, they stretched their legs, and so on…

“Oh, hey, about what the teacher said a while ago.
What did she mean by extermination? We exterminating something?”(He stops trying to be formal now because she told him that it’s fine.)

“You’re starting from that?
I, did, hear, that you didn’t have any, previous knowledge, but I didn’t expect it to be this much.”

Padyuel wryly smiled. It was amazing that he actually managed to get into the academy.
But although he knew himself that the question was supposed to be common sense, he still asked it anyway.

“Well, it’s not like I ever made contact with the civilization back there.”

“I, understand. But, since we’re, just warming up, it would be a waste. Frank Sensei, can you, show us an image of a ‘Ray Beast’?”

Padyuel asked that while she and Shinichi continued to exercise.
As Frank nodded, he took out his tablet with a screen the size of an A4 paper. And after a few presses here and there, 3D images started popping out.

“Wow, it can also do stuff like that?”

“Mn, mn… I’d rather, you be surprised, about the contents, instead, ahh.”

Shinichi was amazed to see something as small as a tablet project such realistic 3D images.
The images being shown were horrifying. Those images were no different from ones seen in horror movies or monster movies.
Some of the images resembled known beasts or insects, but they were far more horrifying than their known earth counterparts. Their nails were sharper, their fangs were sharper, and their bodies were bigger. And even monsters that appeared in Earth’s fiction were there.

“So these are Raybeasts.
Each one of them dazzle like light. Do they all have photophores?”

“Right. If you were, to translate those, to Garesto’s language, mmn. Monster, or beast, would be appropriate. Fuu. Though, I hear, people mix them up, with fictitious terms.”

Although they come in many forms, all the so-called monsters have photophores, so, they were all beasts that shone. And for that, they were given the official name, Raybeast.

“Ahh, umm… Frank Sensei, please continue the explanations.”

Her body seemed to be stiff as she exhaled hard every time she moved.
So Shinichi decided to ask the teacher that was just standing.
It seems that he was also tired of just standing and listening.

“Umm, I…”

Padyuel argued, but…

“I understand, I’ll do it.”

Whether he understood his intentions or whether it was just more efficient that way, the teacher quickly wrapped up the lesson on the Raybeasts.

“Raybeasts are harmful creatures that exist both on Garesto and on Earth. I’ll leave their origin and history for now as you’ll be studying those in-depth later. But to give a quick explanation of what they are and where they come from, well, when dimensional energy enters into the world through quasi-lifeforms, and enough energy is accumulated, raybeasts are born.”

Frank showed a simple drawing of the Earth, around which arrows pointed in from the outside. And in the direction they pointed, a video of things turning into monsters were shown.

“Outside? Wait, there’re raybeasts on earth too?”

“Is it that shocking? Everyone who’s heard it has reacted the same way. You should’ve heard of them already. Divine beasts, specters, ghosts, UMA. There’re plenty of records of such events, but those are all raybeasts. However, because the chance of meeting one is far less than Garesto’s, it seems earthlings just didn’t acknowledge their existence.”


Right. It’s not like humans have walked all of the Earth.
Humans didn’t know every single organism out there either.
And even if humans nowadays knew that otherworlders existed, just showing one proof that one is an otherworlder is enough to shock a person.
All the more so when they say that monsters exist.

When Frank saw just how shocked Shinichi, he continued, and this time the projection showed a gate.
That then changed into a drawing with arrows pointing to the Earth.

“The dimension gate in the floating city, Kutoria, gathers dimensional energy, which results in the birthing of raybeasts. So, we’re gathering all that energy to the field isolated from the academy.”

“…And then you use those raybeasts as extermination targets to serve as combat training. By doing so, you also reduce the odds of raybeasts being born elsewhere.” Shinichi said.

Essentially, killing two birds with a stone.
There are complaints outside the floating city about using underage children to fight, but for those who have long lost that Japanese mindset, such thoughts would never arise.
And besides, so long as one considers this academy as a military academy, then it’s easy for one to come to terms with it.
But then Shinichi threw one last question.

“But then wouldn’t it also gather those from Garesto?” He asked.

“…Well, at the very least, it would gather those around Garesto’s gate.”

Frank said with an astonished face.
In response, Shinichi nodded his head as he muttered, “I see.” Then after a while he finally finished warming up.

“Su-ha-… Please don’t misunderstand.
Such few raybeasts won’t even affect Garesto.”

After a light jump, she took a deep breath.
It seems there were also other people who had the same suspicion.
But he never seriously believed they would do something like that. At the very least, if they would, they would do it much better than this.
Although he did suspect them a bit.

“Anyway, you sure move well.” Shinichi said after she finished warming up.

He didn’t know whether it was because their body wasn’t that different from earthling, but the so-called warming up that they did was pretty much the same as on Earth.

“What’s the matter?” She asked.

“They’ve been watching you, you know?”

He pointed to the people running on the track behind them as he said that.
Her gaze followed his finger as he did, and on the other side were other students, who in turn turned away.
The school gym uniform is similar to Shinichi’s, only with differing design and color that made what was underneath appear even more striking.
Padyuel had done her warmups in such clothing.
She reached for her back, she bent forward, then backwards, then she jumped, and then she took a deep breath.
It was an act that seemed to emphasize her voluptuous features, drawing the attention of the young men and women who were still in their puberty.
She didn’t mind the attention.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. I’m used to being watched.
And besides, that just shows how much they’ve fallen for me.
As a woman, there is no greater praise.” Padyuel laughed.

It seemed that on top of knowing she was being watched, she also went out of her way to put on a show.
That was no longer pride but a feeling reminiscent of a work of art being put on display.
After all, the person herself said that it was a given that people would look at her.

“…Well, if you’re fine with it, then it’s cool, I guess.”

Oy vey, Shinichi seemed to say as he uninterestedly shook his head.
His classmates seemed to share his feelings as they trudged on through the tracks.

“Oh, weren’t you also looking intently at me?” She teased.

But the only reason she said that was because she didn’t feel any malice from his gaze.

“Yeah, I couldn’t take my eyes off at all… Who would’ve thought such big things wouldn’t even touch?”

“Eh? What!?”

Which is why when those words came, she was caught off guard. And she quickly covered her chest with her arms as if to hide them.
Apparently, being looked at by others all the time was different from being looked at personally.
Especially, when the person himself hadn’t the slightest hint of shame.

“…Why didn’t they hit the ground? Even though they’re always moving around.”


“I mean isn’t it odd? They’re that long and big, and yet, no matter what you did, they never hit the ground. It’s almost as if they’re alive, and are dodging on purpose!”

“Wait just one moment! What on Earth are you talking about!?”

“Your ringlet curls, of course.” Shinichi said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

When she heard that, her jaws dropped to the floor.
Although she was aware of her special hair style, the fact that he only looked at her hair and nowhere else tugged at her the wrong way.

“Why are you so fixated with my hair!?”

“…Erm… Now that you mention it… Oh, hey. Do you know?”

“I’m the one asking!”

Shinichi himself didn’t know, so he could only incline his head in confusion.
But of course, there’s no way she would know the reason.

“Anyway, don’t mind the minor things, Ringlet Curls Senpai.”

“Please don’t use it as a name! My name is Aristel!”

“Got it, Aris Roll… Oh, that went pretty good.”

“Please don’t mix them! Am I a piece of candy!? Do I look like candy to you!?”

Now, where did all that grace go?
Like this the Ringlet Curls Aristel  kept lunging at Shinichi without a care for those around her.
And Shinichi just kept egging her on because he found it amusing.
Because of that the ringlet curls just kept on going and going…


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