I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 1: The First Day of Transfer – 03-13: Written as Technology, Read as Crazy (3/4)

That was a weapon that formed its blade out of energy just like the ones he saw during recess.

Shinichi figured it was probably a simpler version of it as he thought back to Falandia.

“They had weapons like these back there too, weapons that made its blade out of mana.”

Such weapons had the advantage when it came to portability and durability, but having to use mana as fuel made them unpopular in Falandia. Molding mana into a weapon might have been possible, but no one really wanted to do it. After all, wasn’t Earth the same? Hardening gasoline and shaping it into a weapon might be possible, but no one would actually bother.

If a weapon was needed, then it was better to just use mana the proper way. Of course, sometimes the mana cost was too high, but that’s another story.

“Icchi, you can’t just go around touching things.
That thing’s probably under repair, so don’t go breaking it, ok?” Myuhi said.

“Hmm, alri—”

Shinichi turned to reply to Myuhi, but as soon as he did, the pile of documents behind her collapsed, revealing another grasshopper drone.

This time Myuhi reacted, but her position and timing was really unfortunate.

The grasshopper drone was faster.


Seeing that Myuhi probably wouldn’t make it in time, Shinichi drew the foster sword he had on hand, and slashed at the grasshopper drone in midair.

The foster sword was way sharper than Shinichi expected, and as a result, the grasshopper drone was cleanly cut in two as it fell into the ground.

It was a grotesque sight seeing the cut parts still trying to move, but Shinichi had no time to bother with that, as the weapon he had on hand was sparking.

“Hina, open the windows!”
“Eh… R-Right!”

Though still shocked, Myuhi immediately responded to Shinichi’s orders and ran to open a nearby window.

Shinichi threw the handle through it, and as soon as he did…

“That was close…”

A small explosion erupted in the airspace outside the window, and the foster sword scattered into pieces.

Fortunately, it was thrown from the highest floor and the explosion itself was small, so there were no shock waves.

Myuhi heaved a breath or relief, but Shinichi continued to glare at the drone he’d just cut.

He regretted not noticing it despite being so close.

Shinichi could sense living things easily, but robots like that grasshopper drone weren’t. If Shinichi doesn’t find a way to sense them, they might become a bigger problem than other humans.

Shinichi needed to find a solution as soon as possible.

“Oh, thank you so much for saving me,” a voice said.

While Shinichi was caught up in his thoughts, the sound of a door opening reached his ears.

When he turned toward its direction, he saw a woman wearing a jumpsuit enter from the reference room next door.

She was not glamorous by any means, what with her hair sloppily tied up and the pair of plain black glasses that she wore.

“Shironacchi! You were there all this time?” Myuhi asked.

Apparently, this was the teacher they were looking for.

Shinichi thought she looked more like a mechanic than a teacher, but it didn’t really matter.

“You know, Ruona-san, isn’t it about time you started calling me Professor Shiroda already?” The teacher said.

“Do something befitting a professor first. Hey, what happened here?” Myuhi replied.

“Well, the usual.
The drone I was repairing went wild all of the sudden.
I couldn’t stop it, so I just hid in the other room.”

“Ehh!? Again!?”

The teacher laughed as she admitted messing up. There wasn’t the slightest hint of guilt in her. Because of that she ended being on the receiving end of Shinichi’s scorn and glare.


Tl Note: Sorry it’s really late, so I couldn’t make the chapter longer. Don’t worry, though, the next part will definitely be the last.

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  1. Don’t worry about the length of the parts. Speaking for myself, after that month-long drought for this story I will be satisfied as long as there are updates. Any updates, really.

  2. In the movies of killer robots, the professor that builds the great killer machine is usually the 1st victim.
    This girl learned something about those movies. Sadly she only used what she learned to not be the 1st victim, but not to prevent the problem.

    1. Not being the first victim might be enough, because it can lead to perfecting the skill of not being its victim at all.
      And that is enough for basically anyone, heck one can then make a killer robot that will get rid of the previous one!
      Thus providing both survival and an occupation!

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