I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 1: The First Day of Transfer – 03-16: The Worries and Pranks Under the Mask (1/4)

“It’ll be fine as long as I don’t get caught!”

In the end, after worrying over it for some 20 or 30 minutes, he decided to just forget the issue.
Besides, this new skill was very convenient.
He didn’t really have any other choice but to use it, so all he could really do was to take care not to get found out.
He had a face that looked like he was about to piss his pants as he said that out loud though.

After having a grand supper comparable to his lunch this afternoon, Shinichi returned to his room.
He laid on his bed and fiddled with his foster with one hand as he gathered information.
From an outsider’s perspective, Shinichi looked like an innocent kid playing with his mobile terminal, but in truth, he was actually hacking.
All forms of countermeasures were powerless before his magical lock picking and trap disarming skills.
Shinichi didn’t know the slightest thing about netsec, but somehow someway he’s suddenly become an expert hacker.
Shinichi has always made it a policy to use what he could, so while he was scared of the consequences of being found out, he still decided to take full advantage of this newfound skill anyway.

“It seems the things I’ve heard today have been recorded in the academy as fact.”

The information he got from various people aligned with the records he saw.
At the very least, there was nothing amiss with the information according to the school’s own records.
Shinichi was always being dragged to schemes, so he’d already considered the possibility that even the school officials were being manipulated.

“Anything about the relationship with the other side?”

“Nothing much.
It seems it’s mostly been earthlings who’ve become otherworlders. There’s also a considerable number of them.”

According to the Garesto government about 10 people get drifted in a year.
It’s a lot better now compared to the time before Earth and Garesto started talks thanks to the new prediction techniques and the protection system.
Currently, ‘being spirited away’ is being treated as a naturally occurring calamity. There’s even an insurance plan for it.

“With how frequent people are being drifted, I find it hard to believe that only earthlings have become otherworlders. All we can really say now is that we don’t know if there’s a Falandian who drifted over in the past.”

It was normal to assume such people would have left some trace of their existence.
Of course, Shinichi didn’t have any proof and was only giving the most likely explanation.

“Sensitive information that could cause problems were it to go out also wouldn’t appear in the net, so even with all these info on our hands, we still can’t paint a perfect picture of the situation.”

Even this techniques of his had its limits.
He couldn’t reach places he didn’t know of and were completely cut off.
The reason he was able to access that certain country’s dangerous secrets was because he knew the location of that country.
What was scary about his technique was that he could do so much with just that little knowledge.
He didn’t have any knowledge on hacking, so all he could do was connect using his intuition.

“That face you’re making… I take it you’ve found some isolated areas?”

Shinichi had been staring at his foster’s screen with a serious face until now, but then, all of the sudden, he jolted up and made a triumphant expression.

When Youko pointed that out, Shinichi got down the bed and started warming up.


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