I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 1: The First Day of Transfer – 03-19: Fear of Death (1/2)

Author’s Note (Paraphrased):
Don’t think too much about the skill attribute beacuse there are other reasons why the protagonist is so strong. Also, the Falandia-version of the status window is a translation, and it’s main focus is ease of understanding.


03-19: The Fear of Death (1/2)

The student council president, Amamiya, was at the center of the student council, busied with work.
His job was to talk with the transfer student, as well as to monitor the committee members and carry out the tasks handed by the school administration, making the student council a middle management of sort just as Shinichi had guessed.

That was the truth about the work of this student council president.

“Already? This transfer student sure is famous.
This must be the first time that so many people have sent a report for just one student.”

Wryly smiling, he looked through the reports handed to him by various students and teachers as he held his head.

The reports coming from Shinichi’s classmates were fairly emotional and critical, but Teacher Frank’s report wasn’t something that could be overlooked.

“Him, huh.
I don’t know about his personality, but he definitely doesn’t look very strong to me.”

Though his personality was bold and eye-catching, he didn’t have the aura that high-ranker students had.
He had a slender figure, but there was nothing special to it. It was just average.
Amamiya knew better than to judge people by their looks, but the transfer student just didn’t seem strong at all.
Of course, that didn’t mean he could just let him off.
After all, both the school administration and the Japanese government have ordered that he be monitored.
The order from the Japanese government even specifically asked for Amamiya.

“I know it’s work— No, it’s precisely because it’s work, but…
Watching him sleep so happily like sure feels bad.”

Even though he had so much work piled up, the person he was monitoring was sleeping so soundly.
Of course, he knew this was an invasion of privacy, but he still couldn’t help but be bitter.
On the monitor was reflected the image of the problem transfer student.

“You didn’t have to watch him yourself, you know.
You could have just asked someone else to do it. Here, coffee.”

A female student council member indirectly scolded him as she handed him a hot cup of coffee.
She was telling him that he was working too hard.

“Hmm, thank you, Tina-kun.
I’m happy you’re worried about me, but it’s an order from the upper brass, so…”

But even if it weren’t, there weren’t a lot of people he could ask to monitor the transfer student.
Although there weren’t much decisions to be made when the transfer student was inside his room, the person observing wasn’t allowed to sleep. In the end, Amamiya figured he might as well be the one watch him while doing the rest of his other work.

“…I know, but get some rest, ok?”

The vice-president of the student council, Riltina Bergman, nodded reluctantly as she reminded him.
She was also an alumnus of the academy from the third batch. Her orange hair showed that she was not an Earthling but a Garestonian.
Although they were of different races, they had a long standing senpai-kouhai relationship, so Amamiya understood what she was getting at.

Amamiya nodded but continued to observe the target.

“I wonder if there really is something to him.”

“Who knows? But that’s exactly why we have to monitor him.
There are some things off about him, and there’s also the report from Teacher Frank.”

At first, they too were troubled since they were being asked to observe a low-ranked student, but after finding out that he was a returnee, his special standing, and the odd things that had happened around him, they eventually came to terms with it.

Professionals have lost track of him several times, and when they found him again, it was somewhere unexpected.

It was unknown whether it was merely a coincidence, but the incidents he were caught up with were always solved mysteriously.

Illegal organizations that have targeted him have quickly fallen to ruin.

The unnatural and sudden changes in the policies of the prevention office’s administrator… There were all sorts.

If it were just one thing, it wouldn’t have mattered much, but with so many strange things going on around him, it was hard to say he was wholly unrelated.

Because of that an order was given to investigate and monitor him.

And after something that should have been indestructible was so easily destroyed, no one thought they were going too far anymore.

“Anyway, it looks like that’s about it for tod—”

“Amamiya, are you there!?”

Just when he thought the day would end just like that, a monitor suddenly oppened in front of him. As soon as it did, he immediately cut the feed from the camera to avoid leaking the fact that he was current monitoring a student.

It was illegal, after all. It wouldn’t do if a member outside the student council were to catch wind of it.

Reflected on the new monitor was Frire Doneju.

He had an idea why she was calling, and his head was already starting to hurt because of it.

“…I’m here. What happened?”

He did not ask if something happened. No, instead he asked what happened, as if he’d already guessed that something had in fact happened.
But that was only natural. After all, Teacher Frire was the person in charge of the public order of both the academy and the city.

An urgent call from her could only mean that something had happened.

“We have an emergency! Withdraw the patrolling students ASAP! And dispatch any student council member available to search the city for suspicious objects!”

No explanation was given, but that only showed how grave the situation was.

The student council president nodded with Frire, and then the student council vice president went around to pass the message.

“On it. But what’s going on?
If you could give us more information, our search should be more fruitful.”

“I’m sure you received the report about it this morning too. It’s about the armed group that appeared on the boat.”

“Ah, you mean those people armed with old earth weapons that were for some reason found knocked out and bound tightly.”

It sounded so stupid, but both Frire and Amamiya were serious.

For the people unhappy with the changes resulting from the cultural exchange between the two worlds, the City of Kutoria was a popular target. As a result, the city had to distribute resources to strongly limit what people could bring in and out, as well as heavy inspections of tourists and immigrants. Unfortunately, that came with the price of not having enough men to spare for the raybeasts, which is why the students had to make up for that role.

The aforementioned people in the report from this morning were somehow able to find a hole in the system and enter the ship with dangerous weapons. They were just one step away from causing a terrorist incident.

Finding a countermeasure for that was one of Amamiya’s tasks tonight.

“They kept talking about incomprehensible things even after they regained consciousness and were taken custody by the Safety Agency.
Stuff like a white mask attacked them, or a black monster was coming, or an evil god was going to eat them.
It was hard getting anything out of them, but we finally got something just a while ago.
It turns out they’ve sent bombs disguised as cleaning robots running throughout the city!”

“What!? Bombs disguised as cleaning robots!?”

Naturally, such dangerous things couldn’t be brought to this city without permission.
There were several layers of checks preventing such things from being brought in.
In fact, travelers couldn’t even ride if there was something suspicious in their luggage.
Yet somehow they still found a way in.

“Apparently, they bought the parts here while the highly combustible liquid was brought in with their belongings.
Just one person’s portion wouldn’t have been enough, but when everyone’s was put together, it was enough to make a bomb.
A good number of them had come to this town as travelers.”

“Damn it! Can’t they use their heads for something else!?”

They were getting cleverer by the year and it was getting that much more troublesome to deal with them.

Because of that he spat out curses, but no one reprimanded him.

Everyone shared his sentiments.

“How strong are these bombs and how many are there?”

“I haven’t heard that much from the safety agency, but from how they’re talking, it seems to be a bunch of powerful time bombs.”

Even though they’d already been caught, they still continued to run their mouths.

They must be fairly confident that the bombs would do damage.

I’ve already given orders to the students. The student council will coope—!?”

Just when he was about to move out, a powerful tremor accompanied by a roaring sound suddenly erupted.

“…Are we too late!?”


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