I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 01-04: Rejection (7/8)

Shinichi quietly watched as his parents fell into a loop of a never ending argument. Shinichi’s face was expressionless as he shook his head and observed them.

If one looked closer, one could see that Shinichi was currently keeping a small creature from jumping out and attacking them.

When Rinko saw Shinichi, the heat rushed to her head once more. But this time, the reason was different. She wanted to break down in tears right there and there, but when she thought about it, she decided not to. After all, it wouldn’t be right for her to be the first to cry.

“…I’m sure the both of you have your own opinions, but you’re in front of the children. Also, there are still some papers to be processed, so if you want, I can heart you out over there.

I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Kazama had also noticed Shinichi’s state, so he slyly led the divorced couple to a different room. Perhaps because he was an outsider, they meekly followed him, but their eyes were full of suspicion.





Four people and one animal were left.

“She” couldn’t even eek out a cry because of Shinichi’s orders, but no one else spoke either. Silence filled the room.

Shinichi’s siblings had already grown these past 8 years, but there were still some traces he knew left in their faces. Unfortunately, those siblings who walked unsteadily were nowhere to be found.

But what was most eye catching of all was the great anger on the girl’s (his younger sister) face.

“It’s your fault,” she said with a voice that seemed to crawl from the very depths of the earth.

“…” Shinichi was speechless and frozen.

Then in the next moment, all the emotions the girl had been bottling blew up.

“Why did you have to come back!? Why now!?
Mom was finally able to laugh again, and yet!
You just had to come back! Why!?”

“W-What are you saying!?” Rinko asked.

Those words were no longer mere thorns but a true naked blade. They didn’t just hurt; Shinichi felt like his chest was being gouged out, and he found himself unable to breathe. Unfortunately, try as Rinko might to stop her, Youko wasn’t planning on stopping.

“Do you want to make us suffer that much!?
It’s your fault! Our family falling apart! Mom suffering! Everything!
On top of that, you’re actually a D Rank!?
Not only are you ignorant of our suffering, you actually came back with such an embarrassing rank!!
Don’t you know any shame!?”

Shinichi received countless powerful killing intents throughout his life, but the words his younger sister told him shook his heart more than all of those.

But he did not let the pain show on his face. It was as if he was completely apathetic to her plight. But that was not something he did intentionally. He simply couldn’t help it. After all, if he were to let his equilibrium break, who knew what would happen to him?

Alas, the girl in front of him could not possibly understand that.

“…Say something! W-What’s with that look!?
Don’t screw with me!! Are you ignoring me!?

Someone like you… Someone like you… Would have been better off dead!!”

The words the girl spoke fell heavily upon her defenseless older brother, but still… not a hint of reaction could be seen on his face. Nay, he could not react.

But she did not know that, so she turned away and ran, a twinkle flashing at the corner of her eyes, though perhaps that last part was only someone’s imagination.

“Ah, wait! Nee-chan!”

The boy – the younger brother – was about to give chase instinctively, but he stopped by the entrance and turned to his expressionless older brother. He chose his words before speaking.

“…Br— Everyone… knows you’re not at fault, but… But you know… The day you vanished… Our family ended!”

They couldn’t help but blame that on someone. And when Shinichi’s ‘death’ was undone, something broke.

He left those words behind – almost as if he were talking to himself – before chasing after his sister.

“W-Wait!” Rinko cried out.


Tl Note: Next part should be the last.


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    Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the translation!

    I hate it when people blame someone for something beyond their control.

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    1. thediabolicalgenius Avatar

      You’re telling me you’ve never seen/read a story where you see things playing out in the present, then it tracks back to an earlier time to show how the present state of things came about? Really????

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    I think that’s why he remains gloomy in school, because of how he was treated by his family when he returned. Wonder what’d the world think if they found out about skill…

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      I knew lots of readers were going to be hating on the mother and sister after this part was done. I can understand that. I felt pretty similar when I read the prior, less well done translation of this chapter. But looking at it in hindsight and reading it again knowing what was coming, I can understand their reaction. I don’t approve of or agree with it of course, but I can at least understand.
      People are only human. When bad things happen to your life, you need a way to vent. And finding something or someone to blame, fair or not, makes it much easier to cope. When your watching your whole family collapse around you and seeing your mother have a mental breakdown, you need to find some way to vent all that stress and grief and resentment before it breaks you. And if there is a clear and obvious target for your blame, someone you can definitely say is the reason it all happened, even if they are completely blameless and may even be the biggest victim, even if it’s your own brother, then it’s hard not to turn those feelings on them. Especially when they aren’t around to defend themselves or make you feel any guilt over seeing what it does to them.
      It’s not like the sister would have just hated him overnight, it starts out small. Just saying something bad about him once, then feeling guilty about it afterwards. But letting the anger out still made her feel better and it was far too easy to do it again the next time it all got too much for her. After doing it over and over again, the guilt fades and it becomes normal to casually vent her anger on the absent figure. It becomes a habit. She knows it’s not right and she shouldn’t do it, but it’s become a coping mechanism she can’t do without anymore. Until the point she can’t stop even when he’s right in front of her.
      Divorce does terrible things to everyone involved, especially the children. I know. I’m from a broken home myself. And I can tell you that it has a profound effect on you at the time and marks you for life.
      The sister isn’t the devil. She’s just a little girl who watched everything she loved turn to ruins before her eyes and needed someone to blame. And so an innocent guy is suffering the consequences. She could use some counselling.

      Still, I’m sure many of you will violently disagree and feel that they’re both terrible, terrible people who deserve to burn for this. I understand you’re feeling very angry on behalf of Shinichi. I’m sure you need to vent………

      1. sethark2136 Avatar

        This is a plausible scenario, but the thing that bugs is status. Even if there is a conspiracy from the other world over it, status doesn’t affect ability in the workplace, why is that focused on? I’d understand if enemies appeared on Earth that happened to be immune to everything except melee weapons, but in this case it’s a best a novelty.

        1. Drakensji Avatar

          I think its similar to how after ww2 american culture spread out in other countries as a dream to strive for. Probably Garesto, having to constantly battle against Ray-beasts and having scarce resources, has a strict hierarchy society where status determines everything. High status? You are living the dream and have huge success. Low status? You are nothing but dirt to be discarded and dumped in the nature reserve as food.
          This mentality probably is pushed onto earthlings because Garesto is in the much higher position in the relationship between the two worlds. So all propaganda and interactions between the two worlds forces the same mentality on earthlings, “because Garesto is stronger we must be like them, think like them, to survive.” is what the mother and many other Earthlings are thinking probably. Of course many people do not agree with this mentality, some like Rinko and Shinchi’s dad are probably on the moderate end of the scale and simply refuse to change their mentality and argue against people with similar thoughts. While the terrorists mentioned previously are on the extreme end of the spectrum and try to destroy society in order to force it to change (hoping stupidly it would go as they like)

      2. Drakensji Avatar

        I greatly admire your wisdom, and find myself in agreement. They are both children, Shinchi could have resolved some of their hatred by showing his strength, but that could have had grave consequences if he did it poorly, so of course him not knowing anything forced him to hide his cards.

        I am angry at the sister for blaming Shinchi for something he had no control over. But i understand that emotions don’t follow rational logic.

        I would like to know the reasons behind the mothers breakdown before making accusations, but I cant see why she crumbled so much while the father remained so positive? Did the status thing affect the mother much more than the father? It seems to me that the mother is much more fixated on status than the father, and i can only assume from this that she has low status and struggles to cope while the father is much better off, and thus is more relaxed and can afford to not care that his son is an all D. From how the mother is seen by her twin children it seems she is much more harsh and focused on improving their status, struggling desperately. Either her competitive nature forced her on this path and she found herself lacking compared to Garesto, and she cant live with not being a leading figure(?) like before, and instead the father doesnt care about his status and can live happily with his station, but in this case i would be greatly dissapointed in the Mother. So i really want to know what her reasons are

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