I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-01: Don’t Look down on a Mother (2/4)

Name: Amaryllis Fox

Gender: Female

Overall Length: 47cm

Height: 32cm

Weight: 3.2kg

Strength: AA+

Stamina: AAA

Mind: A+

Resistance: AA

Agility: AAA+

On top of those stats, there was also the mana stat of AAA and the skill stat of C+ that they didn’t know about. A skill with a rank of C+ might seem low, but in Falandia, a warrior with that level in skill was already considered a first-rate warrior.

Which is why given her stats, she was more than strong enough to smash a baby with one whip of her tails.

Nobuhiko and Rinko had already forgotten how dangerous ‘she’ was because she always stuck so closely to Shinichi and acted so docile, but right now, she looked no different from a giant three-headed dragon.

And their little baby was stepping right on that giant dragon’s tail with all of his strength. [1]

Of course, the person in question didn’t actually have any question of hurting the baby.

“Aii, kyaa ha!”


“Please stop, younger brother!
You’re going to pull my tail off! Please let go!”
She seemed to say.

Although this child’s mother was different from her beloved master’s, she still accepted him as her master’s younger brother.

Moreover, it wasn’t really right to hit a baby who didn’t have any idea what it was doing.

As she quietly received the brunt of the younger brother’s playfulness and the two parents watched petrified, Shinichi naturally lifted up the baby that fearlessly toyed with her.

“Mn, ya, ahh!!”


“No, Shinji… She’s saying it hurts, it hurts, so let’s stoppy stop, okay?”

“Mn, stoppy, stahp,”

“Kyu, kyu~”

“Who’s a good boy? Shinji is! …Sorry about that.”

It was curious whether Shinji actually understood what Shinichi said or he simply imitated him, but he let go of the tail and Shinichi praised him.

Shinichi let him down away from her, then he wryly smiled and apologized to her.

In response, she rapidly shook her head as if saying it wasn’t a big deal.

“DA-U-, YA-!”

“Oh, aren’t you a lively one.
Just how did you manage to get out of bed?”

Shinji rapidly moved his hands toward his half-brother as if he wanted to play with him.

Shinichi glanced at his mother, and when he saw her nod, he started playing with his younger half-brother.

The amaryllis watched the two siblings playing with a warm expression. Of course, she did so after distancing herself.

“…Although he was shocked when he met him for the first time, Shinji actually took to him that much.

I guess he could tell… That he’s his older brother…”

Knowing just how shy her child was, it was impressive that he would get so close to someone he’d just met. Seeing that, she couldn’t help but smile happily at the two brothers. She was glad. After all, it was in that very moment that Shinichi met this younger brother of his that he made the gentlest expression he’s shown so far.

“There’s probably that too, but Shinichi has always been good at comforting babies.

He really showed me how to take care of younger children… Seriously.”

The way he looked from the side as he reminisced was truly that of a father.

But there was also a hint of melancholy in his expression, as he couldn’t help but wonder if it was his fault that Shinichi had to be separated from his two younger siblings whom he shared a close bond with. Perhaps, if he had taken her advice, Shinichi’s reunion with them would’ve been more joyous.

Such thoughts flashed through his mind for a moment, but only for a moment. If he were to embrace such thoughts, it would be the same as denying the current happiness he had.


It was a painful thing for her as his wife to see that sad visage of his as he remained silent.

“…So that’s why he looks so happy. Look,” she said.

Which is why although she could sense what he was feeling, she purposely ignored it and pointed to his sons happily playing together.

The younger brother yelled as he swung about his toys, and his older brother watched him with a smile and played with him.

Although they couldn’t communicate with words, they happily played together just like in those old memories their father so fondly reminisced.

Although his son spent the last 8 years in such a cruel environment, he hadn’t changed.

When he thought of that as he watched the sight before him, his eyes grew hot.

“Ahh, yes. I’m glad… Shinichi has truly returned.”

Tears started pouring out of his eyes, but Rinko intentionally ignored that and continued with a smile.

“I’m also glad to have given birth to Shinichi-kun’s younger brother.
I was able to give birth to your child’s sibling.”

She was the one who suggested to name their child ‘Shinji (真治) (True Peace/Healing)’ after his child, Shinichi, who went missing and whom he often spoke of.

He was elated at her suggestion and agreed. After all, it was too much to make it too blunt and name him ‘Shinji (信二) (Second faith)’.

She was actually fine even with that, but he said it was too much and named his son ‘Shinji (True Peace/Healing)’.

“Thank you. I owe you so much,” he said.

“Isn’t that what it means to be married? Please depend on me more!”

Seeing his much younger wife beat her chest as she said that, Nobuhiko couldn’t help but wryly smile. After all, he couldn’t match her in anything even in things beyond emotions.

“A-As a man, I’m not so sure about that…
At least I should be more dependable financially.”

“Sure, sure… This wife here will wait patiently~”

There was just too much of a difference in the salary of a normal salary man and an elite like her, so she only gave that half-hearted response as she ignored his crestfallen expression and turned to her sons.


[1] – This is figurative, I believe.


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