I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-08: A Farce of a War Council (1/5)

By coincidence, a boy had drifted into the otherworld of Falandia.

Its history is said to have been continuing for 6,000 years.

6,000 years since the day Goddess Rimoa, the God of Creation, created the land and birthed the humans.

But of those 6,000 years only the years 3,000 to 3,500 years are recorded in history.

And yet even that history was nothing more than the legends passed on.

Still, it was something, unlike the time before that that did not even have legends to speak of.

It was only 1,000 years ago that a clear history was recorded properly.

Of the many theories behind this, the most accepted explanation was because of the attack of the ‘Evil God’.

───From this time forward.

Approximately 3,000 years ago, the world that had received the divine protection of Rimoa the God of Creation was suddenly attacked by the evil god hostile to her and covered the world in the flames of war.

The humans fought against the evil god, but neither their sword nor magic could hurt him.

In the first place, there were not that many that could fight against the evil god.

The living creatures known as man were intrinsically unable to oppose a god. At most, they could only fear him or revere him.

But try as those brave few might to resist, they could not win.

The humans were slaughtered like pigs, their towns set on fire, and their countries destroyed without a trace.

It was because of that that the civilization and history before then vanished.

The acts of the evil god greatly angered Goddess Rimoa, but grieve as she might, there was nothing she could do.

Because of the laws of the gods, the goddess could not directly interfere with the world.

The evil god himself knew this, so he demoted himself from the position of a god and entered the world.

But the goddess heard the prayers of the slaughtered humans, and bestowed upon some of the brave few an armor that possessed her power.

That was none other than the killing weapon, the Divine Raiment Spirit Machine, that the Knight Order of Rimoa would later possess.

It was both a weapon and an armor. So great was its power that it could harm even the body of the evil god that was impervious to famed swords and defend against attacks that not even magic could block.

After the heroes acquired these things, the humans started to challenge the evil god.

The final battle continued for seven days, but in the end, the heroes won.

But no matter how evil the evil god was, in the end, a god is still a god. The humans could not destroy him completely with a mortal’s body.

So long as the master of the Divine Raiment Spirit Machine was a human, although they could wound the evil god, they could not kill him.

Helpless, they had no choice but to divide the soul and flesh of the evil god and seal it throughout the world, so that the evil god would never again return to the world.

And even if he did return, he would only have a portion of his strength and be weak and feeble.

But the evil god did not quietly allow himself to be sealed either.

As the heroes worked to seal him, he thought up countless plans to allow himself to come back to life. In the end, he managed to trick the human heart and create a religious organization that worshiped him.

But what was really a threat to the humans was something else.

The heroes that had ended the great battle and sealed the parts of the evil god’s body throughout the world was about to make a triumphant return to the sacred land of the Rimoa Faith that had been taken over by the evil god.

But when they came back, they were greeted by something that angered them greatly.

There was a castle with giant towers connected to each other that wasn’t there when the land was under the rule of the humans.

It was as if that sinister structure was built there just to prevent their triumphant return.

Moreover, within the holy land now lived a race that possessed horns.

Yes, the household of the evil god, the demon tribe (mazoku) had taken the holy land for themselves.

The heroes tried to fight them, but after exhausting their strength against the evil god, they could not win.

They tried to take back the holy land countless times, but the power of the demons was terrifying, and they could no longer rely on the Divine Raiment Spirit Machine that they used against the evil god, for most of its power had already been exhausted.

Since then 3,000 years ago the holy land has been under the control of the demon tribe.

Although a lot of details have been omitted, that’s basically the gist of the legend that majority of the Falandians believe in.

But of course.

A boy with a rare black-colored hair had this to say about that legend.

—More like some damned people decided to use a legend to change what actually happened.



The main powers of Falandia formed a great alliance against the demon tribe behind the scenes.

The reason they were keeping things under wraps was because they wanted to take the demons by surprise.

The borders between the territories of the demon tribe and the humans were in a strange state as far as national borders went.

After all, their headquarters, the royal castle that the royal family of the demon tribe lived in was akin to a fortress.

That was the castle where the demon king appeared when he took over the crystal balls to make his announcement to the entire world.

They had built those things in the various borders of their nation. It was a strange place to call a royal castle.

But at the same time, it was these very ‘castle fortresses’ that has literally prevented the invasion of the humans throughout the years.

The holy land that the humans wanted to recover was surrounded by the Azūmu Mountain.


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  1. Common Nighthawk Avatar
    Common Nighthawk

    Well, this is a weird place for an segue into Falandia’s history. I can only guess that this history has something to do with the identity concealing mask and fusion ability the protag got in Falandia.

    1. Drakensji Avatar

      What fusion ability? But this seems more like an explanation of the politics of falandia and what kind of trouble shinchi found himself in

    2. fumungus Avatar

      Maybe it’s a strart of a new falandia arc, mazoku invading the earth?

      1. Riceball Avatar

        I always had the idea that if the tech world could connect to Earth, why can’t Falandia?

    3. cronoslumin Avatar

      They should have called this 00-01 or something like that, instead of 02-08. They could have left it in the same place and everything, but to call it a 02 is wrong, since from beginning to end, it has nothing to do with the time period that Shinichi is living in, or even LIVED in.

  2. Creative Boundaries Avatar
    Creative Boundaries

    Feels like this was a history lesson introduction
    Thanks for the chapter

  3. Countrymage Avatar

    Every time I read a creation myth in an isekai story, I wonder how their beliefs reconcile with humans randomly dropping in from other worlds, or getting summoned. Their all powerful Creation deity made the humans in their image, so why are there identical humans coming in from elsewhere?

    1. mahotsukikonran Avatar

      Maybe all God’s are one race so they all have humanoid appearances.

      1. Countrymage Avatar

        Then there’s the Evil God, and the Demon Race….

  4. Paps Avatar

    Thanks for the chapter, well I am curious what is coming up now, wondering what type of mischieff Mc got involved into and how he went from the crying child seeing the ‘sister’ die at the beguinning to the spy Master and infiltration pro we have seenwhen he returned two years later.

    1. ashikaider Avatar

      I’m kind of surprised that no one has caught on to what the main intention of this chapter is. Doesn’t the divine gear of the order of Rimoa sound familiar here? Just what are the students using during gym class on Shinichi’s first day at the academy?

    2. ashikaider Avatar

      I’m surprised that no one caught on to the true intentions of this chapter. Yes, there’s mention of a creation myth, but doesn’t the gear of Knights of Rimoa sound awfully familiar? Like the stuff that the elite third years were using during gym class on Shinichi’s first day of school.

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Didn’t we get something like this at the beginning with shinchi assassinating the demon king or an influential figure and returning home, starting this whole story?

  6. doombloom101 Avatar


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