I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-10: The True Intentions of the Demon Tribe and the Mission of the Mask (6/6)


“That’s because I’m the only researcher there is! So of course I’m the best magic research from the demon tribe!”

After all, there was no one else among them researching the subject. But that’s also the reason why although he enjoyed doing it, he had no confidence in his abilities.

And because he had no one to compare himself with, he couldn’t tell just how far he could actually go.

“But you did manage to find out where Masquerade went, right? I’m your older sister, and I’m telling you that I believe in you… That’s why, ok?”

Just how much did this older sister of his understand as she innocently told him that ‘if it’s you, you can surely do it’ line?

“Ah, sheesh! When I say this, you say that! You’re just so!”

Reben was actually very happy that this older sister of his was relying on him, but he would sooner die than admit that.

He originally just wanted to try and see if he could find a way to get to where Masquerade went, but now that he had someone wanting to follow Masquerade, who just so happened to be none other than Ymir herself, then that makes the job a lot easier.

“You should know that with the method I have in mind, you’ll have to use over 60% of your mana.” [Ryouma]

The amount of mana Ymir possessed was ridiculous, even when compared to her fellow demon tribe members.

If Reben could use that mana pool however he wished, then he’ll have cleared the most annoying condition, which was the mana required.

Sure enough, Ymir nodded without so much as a care or a thought.

“Sigh… Alright. I’ll get to it ‘right away’,” Reben said. “I’ll make preparations while keeping it a secret from dad, so you make sure not to say anything either.”

“Yeah, I’ll leave it to you, Reben! Ufufu. I’m looking forward to it. Masquerade and the hero. Which one should I start with?”

The older sister was talking as if she could already go whenever she wished. That made the younger brother’s head hurt.

After dealing with the biggest hurdle, which was the mana, what was left now was to deal with the more specific details.

Given how tough his older sister was, even if they failed, she should be able to come back on her own, Reben thought.

But after thinking over it again, he realized that she was more likely to try and swim through the rest of the dimensional space to get to her destination instead.

“…Ugh. I can actually see her doing that…”

Either way, Reben had no way of stopping this older sister of his now that she’s gotten into the mood.

And besides, this was a chance for him to confirm the results of his experiment safely.

After all, when all is said and done, nothing could be more reliable than Ymir’s great powers even when compared to the other members of the demon tribe.

And although it was still just a one-way trip, Reben did have some ideas how to make the return possible.

It certainly wasn’t a problem that couldn’t be solved with a hundred years of research.

That’s why the only problem now was what kind of punishment he would end up receiving.

“…Maybe my punishment this time will just be a trip to the punishment room.”

As he thought of that, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Meanwhile, the older sister’s eyes were twinkling. She was completely caught up in her delusions of fighting a powerful foe.

“What clothes should I wear? It wouldn’t do to be too gaudy, and I need to make sure to pick something that’s easy to move in. Ah! And of course, I mustn’t forget to pick something resembling that of a demon tribe member.

Right. Let’s go with my favorite!”

She wore an expression that was very much like a maiden in love picking out her clothes.


—Ymir would be taking a trip to another world immediately, but this ‘immediately’ was according to the sense of time of the demon tribe.

In truth it would take more than a month for the trip to happen, but even then, the trip would – in some sense – end up in a strange sort of failure.


Tl Note: Slightly shorter than the usual releases, so it will be made up for in the next release.


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    thanks for the chapter… wow even Ryoua is gave a hand to help the demon girl encouter the love

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    Thanks for the relese, so how would the trip be a failure???

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      Maybe getting teleported to the human princess country and joined hand to chase MC?

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    Thanks 4 the translation!

    Immediately for an gnat is in microseconds. For a long lived/near immortal being it could be years or centuries.

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    “You should know that with the method I have in mind, you’ll have to use over 60% of your mana.” [Ryouma]

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    The humans really don’t have a chance against the demons if one demon princess is enough to destroy a country nearly twice over.

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    “You should know that with the method I have in mind, you’ll have to use over 60% of your mana.” [Ryouma]

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