I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-11: The Border Between Justified and Excessive (2/5)

“Fua, nbu!”

Shinichi’s nose was itchy.

All this time he has been pushing his nose on his shoulders to prevent himself from sneezing.

As for why he was doing this, one reason was because there were a lot of people around him. Another reason was because both of his hands were currently occupied.

What’s more is that what’s occupying his hands is a precious baby.

“Aaa, kyauu?”

“Is everything okay, Shinichi-kun?”

His younger brother, whom he held in his arms, made a surprised face because of his actions.

Meanwhile, his small-statured mother, Rinko, worriedly wiped Shinichi’s shoulders with tissue.

“Thank you very much.

Don’t worry. Shinji didn’t get any on him.”

Shinichi said with a glum face as he thanked his mother. It seems he missed the point, though.

“…Actually, I was asking about you. Do you feel like you’re about to come down with a cold?”

“Huh? Oh… Umm, I’ll be fine. There’s probably just someone somewhere talking about me.”

He tried to smooth things over by laughing, albeit it was a bitter laugh. He really didn’t have a cold, but for some reason, the faces of a certain princess and her maids appeared in his mind.

Though perhaps that was only because he couldn’t think of anyone else who might be gossiping about him.

“Well, alright. Where should we go next?”

“Let’s see…”

As Shinichi moved the conversation along, he felt sorry for the people he knew back in that world.

In the end, he didn’t explain anything to them and just left them to clean things up on their own.

Unfortunately, even though he had the method to travel between worlds, as well as the necessary mana (the Pupils of the Demon King), he didn’t have the time.

With only one night of free time, if he were to travel between worlds and a time lag were to occur again, he wouldn’t be able to explain himself. Even if statistically speaking the chance of any shifts happening was at most a month or less.

“…Shouldn’t you two be discussing that after we get out of this?”

Shinichi and his mother had been walking ahead as they talked among themselves. When Shinichi was wondering what to do about the people in that otherworld, Nobuhiko misunderstood what he was thinking about and interjected with an amazed voice.

The Nakamura Family was using today’s day off to go out. Their objective was to buy the things that Shinichi needed. This was actually something that Rinko really wanted to do.

“Right, but the thing is we’re currently in the middle of this great crowd of people, so we can’t get out.”

Rinko wryly smiled when her husband pointed out their current predicament.

Going out together was good and all, but unfortunately, they just had to happen onto a surprise concert. Because of that they’ve found themselves stuck and are now unable to get out.

They were already at their wits’ end just keeping themselves from straying from the path.

“I think we’ll have to stay like this for a while… Dad, make sure you don’t get pickpocketed, alright?”

“I’ll be careful, but… Why are you reminding only me?”

“Why? Well, that’s because…”


Nobuhiko wasn’t happy that he was the only one being reminded, but Shinichi and his mom just looked at each other before nodding to themselves.

“…You two sure get along well. Like really well.”

Nobuhiko was a little jealous at how well they got along.

When they saw his glum face, they laughed.

But it was then that Shinichi turned to an unexpected direction.

“Huh? A thief?”

“What’s the matter?”

“Someone seems to be crying thief.”

Because of the crowd of people, Shinichi could only turn toward the direction with his face.

Then as if to confirm, mother and son said the same thing.

“Someone cried thief, right?”


“Ahh, Uu.”

For some reason, even Shinji joined them.

“Only dad was left again?”

Nobuhiko felt alienated and dropped his shoulders, but the situation has already started to move.

Rinko and Shinichi were quicker than anyone else to notice the two shadows moving.

“Tch. Get out of the way!”

The blond man running at the front brandished his knife while carrying a small feminine bag with him.

As the knife was brandished madly without any intentions of hitting anyone, screams resounded and a path was opened.

“Ah, that’s dangerous!”

“Please don’t push!”

The thieves were clearly headed this way, so without any opening, the crowd of people pushed toward the Nakamura Family in an attempt to get away.

Shinichi already had his hands full just trying to protect Shinji, so he couldn’t move either.

But when he noticed the stun gun in the hands of the second thief, he clicked his tongue.

“If you don’t want to get hurt, then move!”

Fortunately or unfortunately, without paying heed to whom that is exactly referring to, thanks to the threats of the man running ahead, the path was cleared enough for the Nakamura Family to free themselves from the crowd.

“Move, woman!”

The blonde man thrust out his knife toward Rinko to get her to move.

“You’re in the way, brat!”

While the man that was a few steps behind struck out with his stun gun toward Shinichi.

With a weapon in one hand and their spoils in the other, it was evident who these people were.

Yes. These people were none other than the thieves (the cause of this commotion).


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