I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-11: The Border Between Justified and Excessive (6/7)

Although the crowd was shocked by the turn of events, Shinichi himself was also shocked.

He had held back so much on that kick, but the arms of the man still caved in, his face still twisted, and his nose was still crushed.

Shinichi had looked down too much on the difference between a world where one’s life was at constant threat and a peaceful country.

“I did have my suspicions when I found out that they didn’t have that in their status, but they’re still way too weak. Your stepmother is fine, though,” she said.

“If the only reason they can’t level it up is because they don’t know about it, then it’s still fine, but…

That being said, this whole thing didn’t turn out all that bad for us. At least now we know that we have to hold back really hard or things will become ugly real quick,” Shinichi said.

As far as Shinichi was concerned, the amount of strength he had demonstrated was perfectly suitable for silencing a town delinquent (read: brat).

Not once did he think that that third kick would be capable of sending that man flying so far away.

Knocking him unconscious was also because he was a lot more fragile and lighter than expected.

Shinichi even thought that he might have held back too much with the first and second kick, but who would’ve thought that a kick that ‘drew’ only 20% power would send a man flying through the air?

Continuing to look at status with the same standards as in Falandia would probably be dangerous.

“…I’ll take extra caution when attacking,” she said.

“It would be great if we didn’t have to fight in the first place, though… Hide yourself,” Shinichi said.

As they concluded their secret conversation, Shinichi stood before the girl that was most likely to be the victim of the earlier thieves.

Shinichi himself hadn’t actually seen her being mugged, but he was still able to infer based on where the voices had come from and the presence of the people here to find her.

Such senses were truly supernatural. A remark that even Shinichi would agree with.

Shinichi was able to calm down a little thanks to the short walk until here, but he still couldn’t help but remark to himself how ridiculous he was.

‘Even by Falandia’s standards, my level is really messed up’, he thought.

“These seem to be yours… Do you speak Japanese?”

Shinichi didn’t let any of his thoughts show on his face as he handed the girl her bag and terminal.

The reason he wondered if she could understand Japanese was because of how she looked.

“Yes, I have a translator device with me! Thank you so much!”

The girl wore a beret and a hoodie so large it seemed hard to move in.

Her eyes were hidden by the large lenses of her glasses that was facing down slightly, but some of her blue hair was sticking out of her hat. That was enough to tell that she was a Garestonian.

This should be their first time meeting but the way she looked at him was strange.

Shinichi had handed her her stolen items, but rather than look at those, she was more interested in looking at him. Her face was even beaming.

But before Shinichi could even be troubled by that, the girl’s feelings overcame her and she started talking.

“U-Umm… You were amazing! I can’t believe you managed to do all that while holding a baby!

You sent one sharp kick after another so smoothly that the purse snatchers didn’t even have the time to run away or fight back! You completely dominated them!”


What is this?

The angle and the light on the lenses hid the girl’s eyes, but somehow, Shinichi could easily imagine them sparkling right now.

It was the same kind of eyes that the people from Falandia looked at him with.

It was at this point that Shinichi realized it. That mixed in with those gazes of fear and rejection earlier was a different gaze.

The kind of gaze that could only belong to a Garestonian. It turns out that was none other than this girl.

“…I don’t think it was that amazing.”

“Oh, but it was! There are so many people who train but can’t move when it counts.

I myself couldn’t react at all… That’s why you’re amazing! After all, you were actually able to make a move and defeat them!”

Shinichi said what he said because he wanted to probe her intentions, but it turns she really had nothing but pure admiration for him. That made his heart ache.

‘Those at Garesto’ did think like that, after all.

Shinichi only knew as much as the documents told him, but supposedly, Garestonians too faced a threat that threatened their daily lives.

As such, they were a lot closer to Falandia in terms of feelings and they held strong admiration toward people who could vanquish enemies.

But then again, this was only Shinichi’s opinion based on this girl in front of him.

“I’m sure you must be someone strong and famous.

May I know your— I mean could you tell me your name?”

Shinichi found it a bit odd how the girl suddenly rephrased her question, but regardless, Shinichi shook his head.

Although this girl was a completely stranger, it would be problematic for him if someone who thought him ‘strong’ were to know his name.

Shinichi wanted to correct her perception of him.

“I’m not strong.

A really strong person would have ended everything in one blow. Do you know how many times I kicked that guy?”

“Umm… four times?”


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