I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-12: The Hardworking Man’s Luck With People (5/5)

Shinichi froze up as he understandably didn’t expect to see his childhood friend here.

As such it was the girl who explained their circumstance.

Daigo sent Shinichi a disapproving glance as he apologetically explained the truth on his behalf.

“Huh? So that ‘say ahh’ thing isn’t a part of Japan’s culture but something that couples do to be affectionate with each other? Something that’s really embarrassing to do in public?

Huh, ah, then, just now, I!?”

“Ahaha, sorry.”

“At least be a little apologetic!”

Daigo couldn’t hit Shinichi since they were in the store, but he did poke Shinichi’s shoulder with his elbows a little.

Shinichi did apologize, but he did so while wearing an indifferent face and laughing.

The girl turned beet red upon realizing that she was being teased.

In fact, it was actually Daigo himself who landed the finishing blow, but he didn’t seem to realize that; hence, another reason for Shinichi’s laughter.

“Haa… I don’t know how you guys became acquainted, but you shouldn’t be fooled by this guy’s innocent face.

He’s always had a wicked imagination when it comes to teasing people,” Daigo said.

But of course, in the past, he could only think of them and was always wise enough not to put them into action.

Daigo would tremble in fear every time he would say ‘wouldn’t it be fun if we did 〇〇?’

The biggest problem was actually Takeshi, as he would actually make it happen, but that wasn’t really relevant right now.

“I-I understand. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“That’s pretty harsh of you. I was a good kid before, you know? Of course, that may not be so anymore.

…But enough of that. You work here, Daigo?

Sorry for just getting drinks.”

Shinichi said while drinking his juice from a straw.

The only thing he’s gotten since coming here was this juice.

If he’s aware of that, then he should go and spend more money.

“Then why don’t— I mean how about ordering something else then, customer?”

For a moment, Daigo spoke normally, but he was currently working, so he immediately corrected that.

He spoke in an orderly manner while displaying his customer service smile. But…

“…If you’re going to laugh, then order something, darn it!”

“Hii, fuhaha, but I mean that Daigo is!

Talking in a strange voice while making that McDonald’s free smile face!”

Shinichi held his voice since they were in the store, but he still nearly fell over as he held his belly laughing.

For a moment, Daigo forgot about his customer service and went glum.

“Fufu, sorry, sorry.

I just didn’t expect it. That’s all. No ill will or anything.

As an apology I’ll order somet— Oh, looks like I’m out of time.”

Shinichi knew he was being rude, so he was going to order something as an apology, but he suddenly shook his head, stood up, and looked toward a distance, drawing the attention of the people.

“I came with my family. I guess they’re looking for me now.”

When Shinichi pointed toward the couple carrying a baby, Daigo froze.

“Is that… uncle?

Hey, Shinichi. You’re not saying that that person beside him is his wife, right!?

Dang, that’s one fine woman right there. And she’s young too. Just what did your dad do to get her!?”

“Tell me about it,” Shinichi replied as he turned to the girl. “Anyway, don’t think too much about the unnecessary things and just enjoy yourself here.

There are a lot of stores here that sell delicious stuff.”

She was yet to finish her parfait, but the look on her face said that she still had plenty of room for deserts.

‘There’s a different stomach for deserts.’ Looks like even that little bit of common sense transcends worlds.

Although it might be limited to just this girl.

“Dear customer please don’t recommend other stores inside our restaurant,” Daigo said.

“Oops, my bad. Anyway, get her the mango pudding with this,” Shinichi said.

“Oh? I-I mean alright.”

Daigo was surprised to see the change match the post-tax price perfectly. The girl glanced at him wondering what was up, but he laughed and said it wasn’t anything important.

“You don’t have to treat me,” the girl said.

“It’s fine. You did help me kill time, and if I don’t use my allowance even a little, my guardians will get mad.

Just think of it as you helping me,” Shinichi replied.

Once upon a time Shinichi was asked ‘Do you have enough money?’ and when he replied ‘I still haven’t spent the money you gave me last time’ he got a really terrifying glare in response.

Although it wasn’t as if he was actually being scolded, there was a strong sense of ‘I told you to use it as you like’ behind that glare. It’s kind of strange to have someone get mad at you for not wasting your allowance, but that’s how it was for Shinichi.

“Ah, O-Okay… I’ll accept it then.”

Shinichi couldn’t explain that to her, but this girl wanted to eat the pudding anyway, so she accepted his offer.

“See you later, Daigo. I’ll contact you again when I buy a phone.”

“Yeah… Thank you very much!”

Shinichi said as he left the store and went back to his family.

Daigo saw him off as he left.

When Daigo came back, a harsh reality suddenly dawned on him.

“Huh? That guy hasn’t paid for his drink yet?”

“I-It’s my treat!

I wanted to thank him, but he said the drink was enough.

Wait. Huh? He treated me too, so doesn’t this mean I won out?”

It seemed like Shinichi was about to be thought of as a dine and dasher, so the girl corrected Daigo in a panic.

Shinichi and her had that sort of exchange between them the moment Shinichi sat at the same table.

In the end, though, she ended up receiving the bigger treat.

‘Oh no’, she thought as she drooped her shoulders.

“I-I lost to my gluttony again…”

“Is… that so?”

Daigo thought it would be best not to pursue the topic, so he went back to talking as a waiter.

They might have shared a common friend, but he would still be acting too friendly.

In the end, though, he decided to politely ask a simple question.

“Umm, excuse me, if you don’t my asking, but did he do something?”

Shinichi has always been a good-natured person, but the girl was a Garestonian. She mentioned wanting to thank him, so something must’ve happened.

Daigo imagined it must’ve been something peaceful like showing her the way or picking up something she dropped.

But when the girl happily replied what had happened, he found out that the truth couldn’t be further from his expectations.

“Yes, he beat up the purse snatchers and brought me back my things!”


Was this girl really talking about Shinichi?

The answer was so unexpected that it left Daigo in a state of disbelief.


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