I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-13: It is a Simple Thing to Destroy One’s Everyday Life (4/6)

Shinichi was looking at it the wrong way, but alas, it was all he could do to consider his lack of restraint and the bloodshed (wounds) like in the previous incident.

He just couldn’t think of any other reason why the people here would look at him so strangely.

“Shinichi-kun, you’ve got it wrong…”

A lone boy fearlessly took down a group of armed men unarmed.

Unfortunately, Shinichi couldn’t imagine just how scary that was. It was simply impossible for him.

Because as far as he was concerned, it was natural to take down the armed criminals that wanted to wreak havoc.

After all, they would end up fighting no matter what since they were here to cause trouble. If so, then it only made sense to take the initiative and take them down quickly.

It was the most efficient method considering the safety of his family, but most of the people tried to run away and couldn’t see what had transpired.

The crowd of customers that had gathered into a gallery and was petrified did not even catch the amaryllis.

Because of that they couldn’t help but be taken by a fear for the unknown – ‘just what did the kid do?’

If Shinichi had a foster with him, then even if it were a general-purpose unit, the people here would just assume that he used the self-defense function.

But the crux of the matter was that he was indeed unarmed. He didn’t look like he was hiding any weapons either.

Of the many people gathered, only a few of them called security.

This was just like the incident earlier. Only, this time Rinko was looking up above as if there were something stuck on the ceiling.

No one praised Shinichi for taking down the criminals. Instead, they looked at him with even greater wariness and fear.

Nobuhiko’s face was even worse than before.

Although in his case it was because he saw the whole thing.

“Ahahaha… Damn, I really don’t know anymore.

…Just what did I do wrong?”

“Kyu, kyui?”

Even if Shinichi could tell what the people were feeling, he couldn’t understand why when he had only done ‘this much’.

All he could do was chuckle dryly and scratch his cheeks like a mischievous child that had done wrong.

Another way of looking at it was that to Shinichi, taking out a group of armed men in less than 30 seconds could only be classified as ‘this much’.

Nobuhiko tried to come to terms with the fact that his son could fight, but even he couldn’t help but let fear show on his face when Shinichi treated such one-sided suppression so calmly.

In the first place, just how did Shinichi notice them?

Nobuhiko may have shared a disposition with his son, but even then, it was too much for him to comprehend the common sense of a boy who has survived a world torn by conflict.

“Ahh, this is bad…”

She should have noticed it earlier and explained it properly to the two.

There was a difference of 2 years and 8 years between the two.

Shinichi was a reasonable child and was considerate of others, so Rinko failed to notice it.

She even forgot that Shinichi spent his days in another world constantly fighting for his life.

She could understand too why Shinichi was so confused at the reaction of the crowd.

But at the same time, she was a human who has lived here her whole life.

As such, she could also understand the fear of the crowd and what her husband was feeling.

—The place he lived in was simply too different. She should have taught that to him earlier.

“Umm, you two, can we go somewhere else fir—”

“—Excuse me, Customer. We’d like to hear what happened.”

Rinko knew they had to sit somewhere and talk this out properly, but the security called by the other customers blocked them.

Rinko held down the urge to click her tongue and explained the situation.

Naturally, as someone from the countermeasure department and the guardian of the person that gave the beat down to those men, Rinko wasn’t brazen enough to act ignorant.


Rinko explained the situation to the security, while some of their personnel confiscated the weapons and carried them away.

Finally, the customers could heave a breath of relief.

‘I don’t really get it, but it seems to be finally over.’

There were minor differences, but that was what most of the customers were thinking as they involuntarily averted their eyes away from Shinichi – also from how things could become so terrifying when something was just a little bit different.

‘The rest is up to these guys.’

‘It’s got nothing to do with me.’

The criminals up to no good have been caught. That was all.

The incident that could have happened… The boy that moved strangely…

None of that was their concern; hence, they could simply pretend it didn’t happen.

Merely another incident that ended without any relation to them. When put that way, they could finally put their hearts at ease.

“Dang! There are more at a different floor!”

“Huh? There’s more of them!?”

But it quickly dawned on them that that sense of relief could be so easily broken.

The heartless sound of a gunshot’s cry resounded sporadically.

It was a sound that betrayed reality and seemed more akin to a scene from a movie.

But after seeing the real thing, those sounds were enough to dye the people in fear.

Unfortunately, most of the people could not tell where the sounds were coming from, causing many confused voices to cry out.

Perhaps it’s something else. Perhaps they were just shooting a move right from the start.

The people ran from reality in search of comfort, but that only lasted a few seconds before a sound that shook the building resounded, sending the crowd of people into a panic.


“Run, run!”

“Get out of the way!”

“Gunman! Run!!”

The crowd of people rushed through the first floor screaming and yelling.


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  1. jakexx2 Avatar

    i know japan is said to be a peaceful place but this is just stupid

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    Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the translation!

    I know people fear the unknown, but I still feel angry when people are afraid of those that saved them just because they don’t know how it was done.

    1. Owl Avatar

      Worse, they know that there are “magic” and “magic users” in existence so by right their first thought should have been “Oh he used a skill!” or even “Dang he got one dangerous pet!”. The outright ignoring of it all at the most convenient times is probably one of the weakest part of the writing since it is contrived drama.

      1. God hole Avatar
        God hole

        Seems like you didn’t read the chapter properly. In falandia there is mages, but here on earth and in garesto people aren’t able to use magic without a foster. They even mention in this very chapter that people would take it better if he had a foster, since he would then be able to use magic. But since he doesn’t, he can’t use magic and thus they don’t understand how a kid took them out so easily.

        1. ishira Avatar

          But MC didn’t use magic, and back at chapters before, there’s this thug that can do bad things because higher status rank, so I think this time it’s just a plot hole to make it more dramatic.

          1. God hole Avatar
            God hole

            Did you also not read? They didn’t see what happened, so it doesn’t matter if he used magic or not.

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        Youko not big enough to people can see it in that situation, and people in earth and garesto only can ude mahic with foster plus dont know that human have mana

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          I really don’t think the average person would really even notice that Shinichi doesn’t have a foster. The experts in the crowd might be rubbing their heads wondering where he was hiding it or how he was so seemingly strong without it, but I think most would just assume he’s using one anyway, if they even think about it at all.

          I highly doubt the people in that situation would actually get scared of the person who is CLEARLY helping them. People don’t get terrified of a police officer that shoots a criminal until that police officer starts waving their gun around too. The MEDIA might hype of the danger of someone like Shinichi engaging in vigilante justice afterwards, but the people who witnessed it wouldn’t be scared of him. At least not right away. Afterall, he was careful not to engage in excessive violence this time, unlike with the purse snatcher, and these guys actually waved guns around before Shinichi knocked them out.

          It was abundantly clear to the crowd who the good guy was, and that Shinichi wasn’t threatening them.

          I’ve seen this trope in other Japanese novels before, and it’s usually as poorly implemented as here.

          1. God hole Avatar
            God hole

            That would be true if the people we were talking about were someone other than japanese people. Even if it sounds ridiculous, japanese people can actually react like this even in real life, because of how much they value their peace. A lot of times people that are on the right end up getting otracized in japan for not following what society tells them to do, even if they are obviously on the right.

          2. Taku Avatar

            I think the crowd just saw people collapsing and a boy appear in front/back of the perpetrator and the hand of one of the bad guy frozen. That being said I agree with you that normally people wouldn’t be scared of the boy especially if the boy is of native descent. You’d only get this feeling if the person looks different from the crowd. (Sounds racist but it’s true, people tend to be scared of thing they dont know or things that are different from them).

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      Shinichi you rescue them too early, let them hurt people give people fear and crisis then you fight that terorist and you become hero you wont sees as threat

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    this chapter is not posted on your TOC sir, and on the previous chapter there is no link to this one as well.

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    Thanks for the translations. I look forward to more!

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