I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-14: Shame on You! (4/6)

The boy called everyone out except the girl for being shameless.

He had truly arrived just now, but he could still infer what happened.

The girl who pushed the child out of the way to protect him. The armed criminals. The fleeing customers.

The ugly faces of the terrorists that wielding weapons and acted as if they were right.

The customers fearing the wrong person, their eyes, expression, and their distance.

All of those were enough to figure out happened here.

After all, something similar has happened before in a similar situation.

“What are you…” A customer argued.

“T-They had guns. W-We—” Another customer said.

His words criticized the customers more than the criminals, and the customers made a face that said it wasn’t their fault.

Among them, however, was a voice that muttered something different from the rest.

“—Mom, you’re scary.”


“Those people and mom are scary!”

That child’s voice was the impetus that led other children to begin crying out something similar.

“You said violence is bad, so why didn’t you stop them!”

“Don’t be like the bad guys!”

“This place is scary. I don’t want to be here.”

“Mom, you’re scary. Those people are scary too.”

The desperate cries of their children reminded the adults that they shouldn’t be here.

But until the children started desperately talking, none of them realized it.

“At least the kids know what’s up!”

Shinichi scooped the slime on the floor and threw it with an underhand throw.

“BUBEH!? Gross! What is this thing!?”

That slime landed itself accurately on the face of the woman who had aimed her gun at the customers that were getting rowdy.

Grossed out by the thing that hit her face, the girl panicked and tumbled over herself.

“It’s not over yet!” Shinichi said.




Shinichi kicked the pole that had been dropped and sent it toward the shin of the men lined up.

They cried out in pain and tumbled over as they held their legs.

“Now run! You can get away through those stairs!” Shinichi said.

“Y-Yes!” A customer replied.

The giant man still couldn’t stand. The same was true for the man that had been crushed.

There were people that tried to help him up, but they had their hands full from their friends who were tumbling around in pain.

It was just some dozen seconds, but that was enough to help the people get away.

After seeing them off, Shinichi once again turned toward the criminals. But…

“Onee-chan, what’s the problem!?”

“U, ah, I’ll follow right after, so go ahead…”

Shinichi noticed that the aura of people behind him wasn’t moving.

When he turned around he saw that the girl was still sitting on the floor.

It was only then that he noticed that it was the same girl from before, but he didn’t have the time to be surprised.

“You can’t move?” Shinichi asked.

“Y-Yes, so please take this kid and get away,” the girl replied.

“Shut up! Kid, what did they to her?” Shinichi said.

“They hit her a lot with that pole you kicked earlier…” The kid replied.

While they were talking, the girl shifted into a half-sitting posture, and then Shinichi pulled her arms and lightly touched her back.


She didn’t react much from her arms, but she groaned when he touched her back.

“Tch. That’s a bad place to get hit.

You won’t be able to move until the pain r—!”

Out of time. Those words flashed through Shinichi’s head as he felt someone standing behind him and heard the sound of a gun.

“How long are you going to do as you please, bra— Huh, gyaah!?”

But whether he would give up resisting or not was another story.

Without even turning back, he swept the legs of the person standing behind him, and then he turned around and stomped on the man’s face while the man was still surprised.


But that was the end. Resisting any further could make things dangerous, as they were now thoroughly out of time. They were completely surrounded by the criminals.

There were still criminals who couldn’t move, but with guns aimed at them from every direction, there was now nothing that they could do.

If the criminals were all within an arm’s reach, then Shinichi might have still been able to do something, but they were too wary of Shinichi’s martial prowess and have already distanced themselves.

But even then if Shinichi just knew of the weapon known as ‘gun’, he would’ve still been able to do something, unfortunately, he didn’t know ‘the weapon known as gun’.

Of course, as someone who lived in modern Japan, he knew what a gun was.

But knowing what a gun was was different from understanding how to shoot, its recoil, power, bullet speed, and different types.

Those were things that only gun maniacs or military otakus or people with experience shooting guns would know.

As such, since Shinichi had never even seen a gun in person before, they were very much like mythical things to him.

Now that he was currently surrounded by such mythical weapons, his movements were further restricted.

There were also two people behind him, which made things even worse.


I’m sorry, I—”

“Shut up. If you talk anymore, I’ll throw you out first.”

Shinichi yelled as he glared at the criminals surrounding him; especially, at the three men equipped with automatic rifles.

At the same time, he used the map he memorized and considered if he could drop the girl and the boy from the glass-sided part of the building, but he clicked his tongue upon deciding it was impossible.

He could do something about their descent with wind magic and he should be able to fool them somehow, but it’s too far, and even if he used a violent method, they still wouldn’t make it.

All the more so when the people in question was a wounded girl and a child. That kind of method should be left as a last resort.

“…Does… that mean you intend to throw us out first?”

The suited man who was likely their leader said in a provoking manner.


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