I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-15: Something That Can’t Be Forgotten (1/4)

The resurrection of the evil god – or to be more precise, its clone – ended in failure, but it was 90% successful.

After all, the ceremony performed by the religious organization using the ideal vessel (boy) was a success.

The brain of the evil god was sealed in the body of a clueless All E boy.

His body and life was sacrificed by the worshipers of a twisted god without knowing that he would be removed from the world.

Though, even if he did suspect something and resisted, he was so weak that he wouldn’t have been able to do anything.

Perhaps that was also why he deeply yearned for a primordial kind of power.

Regardless, the conditions were met; therefore, it only stood to reason that the resurrection should have succeeded.

The evil god came to possess the body of the boy just as they had schemed.

Unfortunately, there was an uncertain factor that no one noticed.

In possessing the boy, the soul of the evil god came to be contained within the body of a boy protected by the principles of another world, which prevented the evil god from reaching him.

That was the uncertain factor that no one noticed.

The evil god born at Falandia could only fully manifest its power against those of the same world.

Just as humans had a limit, so did gods have a limit.

The small tear that began there gradually spread through the sacrifice of many people, and thanks to the sacrifice of a certain sister, the boy was successfully entrusted a certain power.

After a part of the evil god’s soul that inhabited a clone destroyed a peaceful village, it was killed by the power dwelling within the raging and grieving boy.


That’s why it was only after everything had ended that the boy was able to understand their circumstances.


By the time he held her in his arms after she had used all of her strength (life) and collapsed.


It was already too late.



『—We’ve just received urgent news.

The department store at 〇△ city has been attacked by a group of armed men.

The police and the countermeasure department are currently gathered in front of the department store』

A man sipped his coffee as he watched the news broadcast.

He wore glasses and seemed to be about thirty years-old. He was killing time at a coffee shop that could be found anywhere.

He had black hair but the eyes behind his glasses were eerily muddied with red.

He was not surprised in the slightest to hear the news; he even smiled fearlessly.

“You’re the same as ever, I see.”

The voice of an old man called out to him from behind, and in a rare display, shock appeared on the man’s face.

Those rebuking words were spoken in the Garesto tongue without the aid of a translator device.

Although the man did not foolishly turn around, he steadily tried to calm himself as he forced out his voice – Just loud enough so that he could be heard, but not loud enough that it would penetrate the bustle within the store.

“…Do you need something?” The man asked. “I believe this matter was left to me.”

“It was indeed left to you, but you were never ordered to do anything unnecessary.”

Though the person he was talking to was a part of the elderly, there was a strong pressure behind the old man’s words that wiped away the smile from his face.

When the man imagined this white-haired-white-bearded old man glaring at him with that strong body as a superior officer of his, he shivered.

“It’s a part of the plan. Do you not like it?” The man asked.

“Oh, that’s not why I’m here. I’m just making sure that you haven’t overlooked anything.

You are very brilliant, but you have a bad habit of becoming careless when you let your greed take you.”

“I am aware. I am also fully aware that today’s client is special. In fact, to avoid committing a blunder, they have not connected with us directly… Oh.”

“Sigh… I thought so.”

The man made a bitter face, and the old man seemed to understand everything from those words.

He had forgotten to position an important piece in the final phase.

“…I had my ‘spear’ take position at the back,” the old man said.

“…I am much obliged,” the man gasped as he thanked the old man.

That existence the old man likened to a spear referred to none other than his most trusted person.

The man knew how strong that person was. Because of that there was both a sense of relief and an irritation at having been put in debt.

The man shook his head and asked a question as if to distract himself.

“But why are those two coming here?

Wasn’t that spear permanently stationed at Kutoria?”

“I had them sortie. We needed to gather data for the new model.

We’re only helping because it’s a good opportunity for us to gather data.

Don’t forget that you messed up. Make up for it later on your own.”

“…I understand.”

The man said in a sigh, then after settling his bill, he stood up and left the store.

Not once did the old man look at him; he only drank the black tea he was served.

As he was finishing his black tea, masked men attacked the bank facing the coffee shop and stole some money.

“He works well, but…” The old man remarked.

As the masked men finished the robbery in less than five minutes, the old man, who watched that unfold through the window, left only his mutterings that no one could hear and quietly left the store.




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