I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-17: Science vs Fantasy I (4/5)

The trick (seed) behind the fear planted in them was actually very simple.

Magic Raiment Battle Law is an old way of using magic in Falandia.

Although that name is merely the result of forcibly translating from the original tongue to Japanese.

It was developed when mana, a type of bioenergy, was first discovered in Falandia, and is the first ‘method of using mana’, the ultimate strengthening technique.

The Form of Gentleness fills the body with mana and bolsters one’s basic abilities, while the Form of Strength covers a target with mana to increase its defenses without changing its properties.

Magic Raiment Battle Law can either be used in one of the above two ways or used at the same time.

It has gone out of use in present times, but as someone who inherited the knowledge of the evil god, Shinichi knew about it and chose it from the plethora of fighting methods at his disposal.

To be more precise, though, he unconsciously used it when he ran wild.

But there are three reasons why he continued to use it.

One reason was because all of his stats other than his Skill was low, so a technique that could bolster his poor base stats was crucial.

The second reason was because it was the strongest and least known of the techniques.

Using an already known technique would just be a disadvantage for someone like him with low base stats, so he instead opted to use a technique that has already gone out of use. And also because it was convenient since it could deliver better results the more mana was consumed.

Finally, it was because the only requirement to use the technique was just mana. No other extra steps needed to be taken. No tools or equipment or chants needed.

In fact, the only reason he worded the technique’s name out loud earlier was because he was using it for the first time in this world and wasn’t in a situation where he could afford to fail. Basically, it was just a kind of self suggestion.

Generally, Form of Strength is used to block attacks, while Form of Gentleness is used the increase one’s base abilities.

The reason why the beams and the blades couldn’t hit him was because there was a film of mana covering him.

And the reason why he could exhibit impossible speed and strength was because he raised up the rank of his stats.

For someone like him whose actual ability was inferior to other people, he had to rely on his Skill rank to bring out his strength and bolster it with the Magic Raiment Battle Law.

“Something like this, I guess.”

Shinichi tied the fainted men with the rope they had on them.

Of course, Mitsuda, who he had knocked out earlier, was also among them.

To Shinichi, knocking out the other two remaining frightened people was something he could do even with his eyes closed.

Although in his case, perhaps it would be more apt to say that he could do it even while his eyes were still open.

“…So these are the weapons of a world with advanced technology.”

Although this hostage incident that troubled him so much ended abruptly, his thoughts on the matter were unexpectedly grim. As for why that was, that was because the weapons and armor they used were unmistakably first class.

What’s more was that they could be mass produced and anyone could use them.

Of course, beginners would have be trained first, but the training would take a lot shorter compared to Falandia.

The criminals suddenly started moving better after they equipped the protectors.

If the protectors themselves had the ability to correct one’s movements, then the training needed to bring soldiers up to par would be minimal.

Shinichi was able to easily stop the knife that one of the men brandished, but if it would normally take him 10 points of mana to stop a knife, that weapon forced him to use over 30 points just to stop it.

That’s three times the mana consumption. Depending on the user, situation, and equipment the degree of mana consumption could become even worse.

The beams were a bit hard to judge since there was nothing to compare them with, but if he were to convert them the same way he did for the knife, the consumption would be about 45 points of mana.

If so, then it’s not much different from the attacks of your common knight or mage.

A bunch of no-name thugs were that strong.

Also, considering that he had originally intended to send the man flying and not just knock him down, the protectors were probably harder and had more shock absorption capacity than they looked.

To make things worse, these things were practically just spare equipment.

When Shinichi thought of how strong the equipment of the official army was, he couldn’t help but find his head aching.

And when he imagined over 6 billion Earth soldiers equipped with that, his spine chilled.

These weapons may not have been able to threaten him, but that was only because it was him.

You could say that it was only due to his strangeness and affinity with the Magic Raiment Battle Law that they couldn’t threaten him, but even then, were 100,000 to 200,000 of these things to attack him, even he would eventually run out of gas.

Of course, it’s actually noteworthy that he could fight so many, but he himself didn’t realize that.

“It’s sad how I always end up thinking the worst case situation…”

He was the one who imagined that scenery, but it actually only wore him out.

The worst case situation he was thinking about was already on a level that could collapse the world.

But he didn’t have the information that would allow him to take the optimistic stand and say that such a thing was impossible.

This was always the case whenever he lacked information; he always assumed the worst.

But that was only a given for someone like him who had been entrusted with a duty and yet had no one to rely on.

Regardless, if the events in the world were to reach such a point or seem to reach that point, what would he do then?

After all, this was not Falandia where he had a license of some sort.

As he thought that to himself, he unconsciously covered his face with his hand.

“…Why did you have to pass this to me?”

That object that wasn’t there caused his emotions to become complicated.

The duty of the mask was to stop wars and calamities from the shadows of the world.

It was a duty too heavy to bear, though he couldn’t deny either that it was one of the things that kept him alive.

Still, however, he wanted to complain.

Why him?


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