I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-18: Science vs Fantasy II (3/3)

“UGU… I-I see. So that’s why you threw the bookshelves…”

This was just a conjecture on his part, but it was likely that the black mist only had energy weapons at his disposal.

That or he didn’t have any physical-based weapons that could puncture his barrier.

So he first threw something heavy at him to estimate the output of his barrier, and then used enough energy to break through it.

It sounds simple in theory, but to actually execute it, you need to be able to accurately calculate your own energy output while also having pure photon and a high-powered weapon at your disposal.

“What a ludicrous product…”

The spear seemed to be at a disadvantage, but for some reason, the black mist didn’t pursue him. The spear looked at the black mist.

All of his equipment including his spears were experimental technology.

The black mist was probably equipped with a pure photon weapon and a stealth-type exoskeleton with an advanced auxiliary system.

It was absurd as a concept, but in a one-on-one battle, nothing could be more dangerous.

He couldn’t read his opponent’s actions and without any way to react properly, he found himself on the receiving end of a powerful blow.

It was as if someone had made an exoskeleton specifically to assassinate exoskeleton specialists like himself.

“Seriously… Just who in the world are you?”


This time the black mist didn’t reply.

It was unthinkable that someone could have made something like this without them noticing.

Moreover, this was a unit capable of competing with them in terms of quality. This was not something that Mumei could overlook.

The crimson spear decided that he had to deal with this enemy while it was still projected as a black mist. He also had to find out who was behind him.

He reactivated the electromagnetic nets and air mines that he had disabled with his executive rights.

There was a chance that the hole he made might be used, but he didn’t have the time for that now.

After taking as many precautions as he could against the possible intervention of a third-party, the crimson spear meant to defeat this foe before him.

It was for that sake that he intentionally let go of his spears which he specialized at and aimed his left hand at this ‘black mist’ that wasn’t moving at all. Perhaps, it was because the black mist felt that he had the advantage that he wasn’t moving, but it didn’t matter.

From the exposed palm of the crimson spear came out a six-gated Gatling gun.

As the spear felt the black mist gulping, he started indiscriminately shooting.

The black mist had already anticipated what was about to happen, so he jumped behind one of the pillars to take cover.

The spear felt it was wasteful to shoot lead balls indiscriminately, but it couldn’t be helped.

The concept behind the development of the spear’s exoskeleton was to test what would happen if they were to create Earth’s weapons with Garesto technology.

The only reason it was referred to as a ‘new model’ was because the developers had tried to combine different technologies with it.

Because of that the weapons installed in this unit were either Garesto-made Earth weapons or weapons that couldn’t be realized due to the lack of technology and were difficult to use.

When the crimson spear was told that, he felt that the developers were letting their hobbies mix in with their work, but even then, there was no doubting that this new model was a level above the old models.

The mechanism behind may not have changed much, but the quality of the materials used and the level of technology was different. Because of that this Gatling gun was much stronger than the old Gatling guns of Earth.

The black mist seemed to have noticed that and jumped out from his hiding place.

It didn’t even take a second for the crimson spear to turn that wall into a bee’s nest.

The crimson spear followed the black mist with his eyes and revealed the weapon hidden in his right hand.

As expected, even the black mist had no choice but to run confused in the face of a Gatling gun that could penetrate even normal barriers.

As usual, that strange black-mist-like human ran around the department store in an inexplicable and ghastly manner.

The crimson spear aimed his right hand at the thugs they hired to try and finish them off, but then the black mist suddenly stopped and took one of the curtains used as a store decoration.

He then spread it open and tried to block the bullets with it.


The crimson spear inadvertently worded that out when he saw that ridiculous scene.

There was no way that something like that could block his Gatling gun.

But then a voice of surprise resounded as if that very unthinkable thing happened.

Against all reason, that blue curtain blocked his Gatling gun as if it were a wall.

Not a single bullet could penetrate it. What’s more is that it did not fall to the ground.

It wasn’t being held up by the force of the bullets. No. The curtain was standing on its own.

At most it bent a little, but it remained standing.

Though confused by what he had witnessed, the crimson spear pulled the trigger on his right hand.

His right hand that had been transformed into a muzzle aimed at the hired thugs and fired a ‘single shot’.

It needn’t be said that that single shot was a killing technique that could turn those hired thugs into mere lumps of meat.


The crimson spear was speechless and confused.

It was true that this weapon was also in the experimental stage, but what he had fired was a miniature laser gun.

It was not like the beam weapons of Garesto that used photon energy. This was a weapon conceptualized on Earth.

Making it in time was one thing. Protecting the hired thugs was a curious matter, but that was fine too.

And considering everything that has happened so far, it wouldn’t have mattered even if he had deflected the laser.

“…You’re kidding… You can do that?”

In the black mist’s hands – or at least what seemed to be his hands – was the cylindrical shaped object that deflected the laser.

With that and the bookshelves from earlier, it was evident that the black mist couldn’t hide the things he held.

But the crimson spear couldn’t be bothered about that right now because that thing in his hands was clearly… A mop.


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