I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-19: Science vs Fantasy III (2/3)

“Gu… Was that a gravity wave just now? Talk about antique. Just what kind of concept did the people who made that thing have in mind? It doesn’t make any sense!”

The one thing Shinichi gained from this little experiment of his was that gravity attacks were not unknown to Garestonians.

For a moment, it seemed this Crimson didn’t know what weapon he had used, but it didn’t take long before he started yelling about it and called the idea absurd.

‘Gee, sorry for being outdated,’ Shinichi remarked to himself while also thinking that it was convenient that the enemy mistook his spell for an unknown weapon.

“You could say that it ended on a convenient note for me, but… I’m still a little shocked.”

Shinichi wasn’t wholly satisfied with how things turned out, but nonetheless, he jumped back and returned to his previous position, then without breaking eye contact, he took his mop sword and cut a rectangle out of the floor, allowing it to fall to the second floor with the criminals riding on it.

Before they could complete their descent, Shinichi threw his magic sword (mop) into the floor of the second floor.


Shinichi spoke the command in the Falandian tongue and blew up the ground of the second floor too.

When Shinichi heard that the rectangular cutout had safely fallen to the first floor, he turned back to the unmoving Crimson.

There have been many unexpected events so far, but at least Shinichi was able to get rid of the unneeded criminals.

With this he could finally focus on the enemy before him.

Crimson probably wasn’t moving because he was wary of Shinichi.

Most of the weapons that could be pursued have already been destroyed.

And surely a mysterious black mist that could deflect lasers with a mop would take priority over some hired thugs that needed to be silenced.

Thanks to that the actions that Shinichi could take were narrowed down.

In the first place, he didn’t have many weapons. He had his body, the Magic Raiment Battle Law, Orol’s Crystal Claw, and his spells.

After fighting with Crimson this much, he was probably already being marked as a threat, so as much as possible, he didn’t want to use anything that would draw more attention to him and escalate his threat level in the eyes of these people.

Shinichi honestly hoped that he could minimize his threat level.

“Damn, this is seriously some hot soup I found myself in…”

Wryly smiling to himself, Shinichi quickly picked up the scattered things by his feet.

Some CD cases had fallen off a shelf when the man called Mitsuda was blown away.

Shinichi covered those in mana and then threw them at Crimson like Frisbees.

Crimson may not have been capable of seeing mana, but after having been subjected to Shinichi’s antics, he was not about to assume that the ‘Frisbees’ were harmless.

Unlike before when the bookshelf was thrown at him, this time Crimson did not ignore the Frisbees, and instead assumed stance with his straight sword.

“Good instincts, but…”

Shinichi had used a mere mop to deflect lasers and cut down Crimson’s weapons.

Naturally, Crimson was not about to let his guard down against what seemed to be mere plastic cases.

Crimson calmly cut down the Frisbees, but Shinichi muttered a certain word – Ignition.


Unfortunately for Crimson, he did not see what happened to the mop Shinichi had thrown earlier.

He knew from the sound that the floor of the second floor had collapsed, but he could never have connected that sound with an explosion.

When Crimson cut down the first three CD cases, they exploded, and the resulting fragments rained upon his armor like buckshots while the succeeding cases blew up on him like grenades.


An anguished voice cried out with the explosions, but Shinichi ignored it as he shopped for his next weapon.

Magic Raiment Battle Law could strengthen anything to become a weapon.

This is one of the reasons why he never walked around with a weapon in Falandia.

To him, everything was a weapon; hence, the whole world was basically one giant weapon storage to him.

“Let’s go with this one next.”

That being said, Shinichi’s choice may have been a bit too impish.

He formed a magic weapon out of it and attacked the Crimson who had lost sight of him.

Crimson immediately reacted and received his blade, but when he saw Shinichi’s weapon, he cried out in shock.


It was a different shock from the mop earlier.

In Shinichi’s defense, he only picked it up because he happened to see it, and this thing did have a far greater aptitude for ‘swords’ than the mop, though it should be known that this ‘great aptitude’ was strictly when compared to the mop.

“Can you received my sword of justice?”

Much to Crimson’s dismay, the moment Shinichi got hold of that thing, his bad habits flared up, and while their swords were locked together, he pressed the switch.

(Howl, Sword of Light! Blade Flaaash!!) 〉


In the next moment, the ‘sword’ shone a colorful light and the recorded sound played, leaving poor Crimson gobsmacked.

Unfortunately for him, Shinichi had been aiming for that, and he immediately pushed with his ‘sword’ and broke free.

“Y-You’re kidding!?”

“As expected of a hero’s sword that protects Sunday mornings. It’s a cut above the rest.”

As Shinichi bragged like that, he cut down Crimson’s sword.

To Crimson, it truly felt as if he were in a dream.

Alas, Shinichi wasn’t one to let a dreaming opponent off.

He continued with his sword’s momentum and pushed it against Crimson’s armor, then he released his mana.

Once again, an invisible sword-shaped mana sent Crimson flying.


That was Crimson crying in disbelief at Shinichi’s choice of weapon.

Meanwhile, Shinichi stood with his sword over his shoulder, not a whiff of care for poor Crimson’s sanity.

That sword was none other than Red Blade’s sword from ‘Super Sword Squadron Blade Five’ that occupied that time slot.

Yes. It was a trial product from a kids’ toy store that Shinichi had brought out.


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