I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Transition Chapters – 03-22: The Student Not Suited to Be a Student (4/4)

He took a look at his foster, and found out who sent the message.

“From Rinko-san, huh.”

Presently, the only ones who knew his Foster’s address was the Nakamura family and the caretaker girl.

Other than them, at most there’s the school administration and the people monitoring him.

It’s not hard to imagine that they would probably also be reading his messages, so naturally, Shinichi couldn’t just leave his messages be.

As such, he’s used his magic to modify the messages sent to them, and right now, they should be reading another emotionless report, leaving them wondering ‘again?’, but in truth—

“Shinichi-kun, are you studying hard?

  Shinji was holding onto something but he finally managed to stand up for the first time today! (o^∇^o)ノ

I took a picture so do take a look!

My son is so adorable! I’m sure he’s number one when it comes to cuteness!

Also, Nobuhiko-san says he also wants to receives messages.

He looked kind of like this (´・з・).

Anything is fine, so be sure to send him a message!


By the way, have you found a girl you like in school?

  Don’t be shy and do ask this big sister of yours for advice, okay?”

—It was a really friendly message even though she was his stepmother.

The promise to keep in touch after moving to school was kept in this way.

Rinko probably knew that Shinichi was as bad at writing as his dad was, so she was being considerate.

She’d sent him quite a lot of messages, so the number of times Shinichi had to tamper with the messages also piled up.

“Oh, he really is standing up. Heh, dad…”

Shinichi’s cheeks slackened upon seeing the attached picture of the baby unsteadily keeping himself up while holding on to the desk.

He could also easily imagine his dad’s sulking face, causing him to smile again.

But while there was a soothing and happy scene in front of him that brought him peace, at the same time, it also brought him pain.

Just how selfish was he? She was just giving him updates about her family, and yet here he was thinking about unnecessary things, and getting hurt on his own.

“…And then there’s that guy behind me. Seriously, what am I supposed to do with this guy?”

A strong gaze that seemed to be asking something has been pouring at Shinichi since he entered the male dormitory.

But whenever he turned around, the owner of that gaze would hide himself, making it impossible for him to see him directly.

Did he want to be noticed or not? Maybe both?

Either way, since Shinichi knew about him and even knew who he was, he was at a loss on how to deal with him.

“Should I eliminate him, Master?”

She said with a fed-up voice from his shoulders while narrowing her eyes that held a dangerous glint.

“Don’t. Why do you think like that anyway?”

“Well, I am your servant, Master.”

“…Yikes, what a persuasive answer.”

Their mutterings headed toward a dangerous direction.

But of course… Neither of them would actually do something like that and were merely making light talk.

“Sigh… But it would be a pain if he kept tailing me like this all the time too… Alright, I’ll go fish him up this evening.”

“Are you sure?”

Even if it was just one of the twins, it was still really proactive of him considering how much he’d been trying to avoid his siblings.

She asked him that question with a half-doubtful-half-worried tone, and he said it was fine. Although, his response felt like he was wryly smiling behind it.

“If he looks at me like that, I can’t help but hear him out, right? Besides, I can more or less guess what he wants to talk about.”

Hasn’t changed one bit, Shinichi sadly muttered to no one in particular as he went back to his own room.

As he heard the disappointed breath of his pursuer, the boy, Nakamura Shinichi, vanished from Kutoria.

—They need to get over it already—

Even if their decision is correct, their methods are too violent.


Tl Note:

I didn’t notice this chapter was this short, but don’t worry, there’s another release.


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